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Acquana Art Thread -- Thread Implosion 06/10/2007


First Post
A bit of a falling out with Rangerwickett (more like a bitter divorce--he got custody of the kids to boot) has left me a little disenchanted with this thread. I may stop by now and again ... but so far I'm much happier with having my stuff on Deviant Art. There will be more finished pieces there, and the scrap section will have my random gaming sketches.

I really appreciate those of you who have stuck with me the last couple of years, but I'm just not seeing any real benefits from rpg illustration. With my LJ and DA sites, I can relax a good deal more.

So, for those of you who really like to follow my work, I haven't stopped drawing. I'll never stop drawing, really, but EN World just doesn't thrill me like it used to. Thanks for stickin' around, peeps. Hope you drop by on my DA or LJ.


Hi, I'm Acquana. At the end of January of 2005 I decided to start a thread to showcase my sketches. I've been at this for over a year now, and kept up the Drawing a Day for nearly six months. Fortunately and unfortunately, things changed in my life since about mid-March of 2005, which made it increasingly harder to keep up the Drawing a Day thread.

And so instead I have the "Acquana Art Thread." I post, roughly every week or so, concepts from various things I'm working on, characters from the games I'm in, all that kinda cool stuff that I give permission for others to use in games (and games alone unless otherwise given permission) ... But I won't really be taking requests so if you're here for free requests I can't really do that. As always, I am open for commissions! I am a struggling artist with difficulty paying my bills and a lot of projects on my plate that I can only pray will pan out, and seeing someone willing to actually help me out for my trouble is ... well, it feels really darn good. So if you care to get that special something drawn, drop me a line, lemme know what you want, I'll be happy to help ya out!

And with the introductions out of the way, here are the reposts of the drawings from January 2005:

Drawings of the Elemental Mages from Rangerwickett's setting.

For the first time, this here is Dozer, my Mutants and Masterminds character in a game that Wellstar runs.

In the last game I was in ran by Rangerwickett. I played a half-Minotaur barbarian/cleric by the name of Sabri Zeldathane. Here she is with her half-sister Haben. It's rare that one sees female minotaurs drawn, and usually when they are ... for some reason people are at a loss as to how to draw the bodies. Answer: the less sexy to a human you make them, the better they look.

This is Quilathe, one of Rangerwickett's NPCs. This one come out soley when I started drawing the hair. mmmmmmmm hair

Sabri with her whoopin' stick. It's a redo of the first drawing I did of her.

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First Post
February 2005

As a slightly different pace, here's a modern man. Or at least one who's been around long enough to be in modern times. This is Compte de St. Germain, one of the handful aside from dear Mr. Flammel who is credited as discovering the elixir of life, from a comic my boyfriend and I are working on.

This is Jon and Leno from Brave Fencer Musashi. Just suddenly started thinking about it the other day, love the game. Perhaps at one point I'll redo this. I mean it's okay ... but I'm so tired ...

But anyhoo, weird mood, weird mood ... So here's Rainbow Brite!

Noticing that the little dog Leno above somehow moves like a cat, I decided to take it as a challenge to draw something dog-like correctly. And so I give you Louis Lokya with his construct, Hela. Those of you who followed the Route 66 storyhour at all may note that this is the uncle of Twilight Lokya. Twilight's player has a fantastically imaginative mind, and comes up with the most amazing plots and backstories for her characters. Louis is a maker of constructs, including a replacement for his own eye and his pet, which is based off of a creature in Egpytian mythology of the same name.

So this is a gift for Millicent. She was very happy when she saw it.

Bobitron said:
I'm really impressed! I hope this is a great outlet for you, sounds like you might really enjoy getting back into drawing everyday.

I have a request, if you like. I play a gnoll in a PBP adventure here, and I'd love to see what you could do. He is a ranger in the Eberron setting. Have fun!

Here's the appearance section form my character sheet.

Appearance: Luthal is a powerful creature, towering over most he meets, and is built of 300 pounds of muscle and sinew. His broad frame is covered with short reddish brown hair, lengthening on his back, and forming a mane on his head and neck. Darker spots begin on his neck and continue down to his shoulders. He wears leather armor that has seen much use, and bears a pair of axes, a larger on in his primary hand, and small throwing axe in his left. Luthal’s voice is rather high considering his bulk, and he breaks into gnoll to curse or when trying to describe complex thoughts. He is quick to laugh and speak, but has learned to stay quiet when needed, especially among strangers.
A gnoll? Sounds fun! Here he is!

Suddenly coming up with an idea before losing conciousness can create odd results. I'm giving myself a theme this week: Well-known video game characters put into fantasy settings! So today and for the rest of this week I'll be doing this assignment, and I hope it will be as fun for those watching the thread as it is for me.

Today we follow the aberration hunter, Samus Aran, after her victory over the monstrous dragon, Ripley.

Our hero, Mario, is a dwarven artisan who gets tangled in the affairs of the royal house of Toadstool. The princess, Peach, is a sorceress and is allied with a peaceful Myconid kingdom. When Peach is kidnapped, Mario and his brother must valiently save her, using their trusty ring of fireballs!

For today the assignment continues with the Tomb Raider. Lara Croft is an adventurer extraordinare, a ranger/rogue who searches the dungeon crawls, slaying random animals along the way.

Ferret said:
I love the interpretations of the characters! Brilliant. I've just started playing half-life two, and chance of seeing Gorden freeman? With crowbar, if possible?
What a brilliant idea!

This is Gordon Freeman, the last of an order of mages dedicated to the art of planeshifting. The symbol of his order rests on the breastplate of the ceremonial armor he was forced to don when a portal to dark worlds opened; he has dedicated himself to fighting the aberrations that entered his world, constantly shadowed by a mysterious fatespinner--a man in black robes.

David Pliskin is a rogue/fighter known simply as "Snake." He's specialty is throwing knives, and for some years has been on the trail of guilds who have been making war machines that threaten the military power of nations all over his world. Beside him is his partner, Hal "Otto" Emmerich--always handy for dropping magical barriers or an "improved invisibility."

It's now time to introduce an NPC. The infamous Red Bandit, the Crimson Witch, the slipperiest of the splippery, Carmen Sandiego. She is a wizardress/rogue, most of her levels piled into the perfection of teleportation. Devoting most of her life to magic, she grew bored and began using her increadible prowress with teleportation for greater and greater challenges--specifically theft. As her power grew, she took over a large thieves guild and now has a small army of henchmen, each of them well-trained in her art.

Rock the inevitable fights for everlasting peace--along with his human ally Dr. Light and his sister Roll, in order to stop the evil construct/golem maker, Dr. Wily!

Last of my weekly assignment! A Boy and His Gelatinous Cube!

So yeah, that there's Lion-O. Or however you spelled it, since this was done pretty much from memory. Save the pants. I gave him pants because briefs dont' count as outer-wear.

This is Chyo, Osaka, and Sakaki from Azumanga Daioh.

Ah, I love LOVE! And because the love of my life gave me a brand new sketchbook for Valentines Day, I gave him a special drawing!

Knightfall1972 said:
Ok, here's an important NPC from my World of Kulan Campaign Setting. Let me know if you need any clarifications. - KF72

Stats: dm (torin) / 8th level fighter, 8th level trader / lawful neutral
Homeland: The City-state of Xcellian
Personality: Stubborn, knowledgeable, and auspicious.

Appearance: Anders is a tall, stocky, dwarven man with a confident, stern smile and unshakeable set of values. While most Torin dwarves are known for their wild, unkempt nature, Anders isn't most Torin. He keeps his face clean shaven except for his neatly-trimmed, braided goatee. His hair is dark brown, cut medium in length with six thick braids spaced evenly around his head.

As a powerful and wealthy merchant, Anders is often draped in the finest garments to be had, in the lands of the Far South, which tend to be muted in color and style. He is not one to be seen as garish, ever. This, strangely, has made the dwarven man a trend maker in the latest fashions in the City-state of Xcellian, which he abhores. Anders only wears rings and other jewelry when such items are magical and he is never without his ring of protection.

As the Merchant Lord of Xcellian, Anders has access to almost any weapon or armor he would ever need. However, he is never without his specially forged magical longsword, which has a blade one and half times as wide as a normal longsword. It is said the sword never dulls and glows a deep green when in the presence of shapechangers. When he does wear armor, it is usually light or piecemail, as the Far South is known for its extreme temperatures during the daylight hours.

Description/Background: Anders Carrin is the fourth son of, the now deceased, Brejan Carrin of the Carrin-Austil Mercantile House of Xcellian. Cam House as it often referred to, is the largest and most powerful trading house in Xcellian and it seemed unlikely that Anders would ever have inherited the Carrin family side of the business. (The other family is called the Austils, who have a different leader. The two families are aligned by bloodline.)

However, his three older brothers were drawn into the adventuring life at a young age. His two oldest brothers never came back, while his other elder brother came back completely mad. This left only Anders to inherit the Carrin side of the business. However, he too caught the adventuring bug and sailed off to ‘find his fate’ against the wishes of Lord Brejan.

Unlike his brothers, luck seemed to follow Anders on his travels and he soon amassed a great fortune. He sailed home to fill the coffers of Cam House, turning it into the powerhouse it is today. He put his name in for civic duty and soon rose to prominence as the de facto head of the Mercantile Collegiate.

Less than four years after returning home, the dwarven man was named Merchant Lord of Xcellian by his peers and has held that title for another 10 consecutive years. Many wish to name him Merchant King for life but he balks at such a title. He hopes to pass on the rule of Cam House to his son, Finn, as soon as the boy is old enough. Then, he will go on one last great adventure with his old traveling colleagues.
*whew* Well, why don't we see what I can make out of that?

And for my next one ... This is Yumi Nguyen, another character from the same story as the Compte De St. Germain I drew a while back.

Palskane said:
Well, if you're taking requests (or commissions, just let me know), then I have an NPC I'd love to have rendered.

His name is simply Dimidius. He is an auvathyrri. The production of a dark elf and an avariel. This warrants some backstory.

His mother was of the warrior caste of the avariels. Though he has never known her, she was a very respected warrior, and a member of a royal bloodline. His father? A dark elf mercenary named Baasik. His mother and father met on the battlefield, both intent upon the slaughter of the other. His mother was brought to ground, and his father, caught up in the moment, decided to teach her a more prolonged lesson. So he raped her, repeatedly. She never saw him again, but soon found out she was with child. Though she contemplated suicide many times she could not bring herself to do so. Instead she tried on many occasions to fetch the unborn out of her with a stick. She never succeeded. She did, however, manage to deform her son.

Upon his birth she was horrified at what she'd done. The right side of the babe's face was terribly scarred. She'd managed to fetch out one eye and horribly maim the right side of his face. Knowing that there was no way she could raise him as her own she made tatters of his jet-black wings. Then she took him to a nearby human monastery.

There Dimidius was given his name, derived from "demi", meaning "half". He was never able to become a true monk, but still he studied the martial arts. His mixed heritage giving him a "white" and a "black" side, a perfect yin-yang. He had a perfect balance that astounded his teachers.

His skin is a perfect alabaster white. His hair and wings jet-black, though his wings are ruined and he keeps his head completely shaved. His white skin is covered in tattoos of elven design, in blood-red ink. These are to act as physical protection for his body, and hardly any of him is not marked by the blood-red markings. He always wears black gloves, his hands not so white after years of hard work, and terribly calloused. He also wears a stark white featureless mask to hide his deformed features. The right side of the mask which covers his empty eye socket has no eyehole. It has a simple indention where the eye would be, with a single blood-red tear running down the "cheek" of the mask.

Most of the time he wears a simple black cloak to hide himself. He has went adventuring to see what good might be left in the world since he seems to meet rejection almost every place he goes except the monastery.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me here.

Height: 5'2"
Weight: 105
Build: slender, but years of martial training have made his musculature quite sculpted
Eye: his one good eye is violet
My. How painfully Goth. Looks like I'm gonna have to draw it!

And now, today's. Michael Morris sent out the call for a fey-ish race, the Oyasini, and I answered.

dpmcalister said:
A request if you will...

Kalgonard is a muscular dwarven barbarian with a dwarven waraxe in one hand and a tankard of ale in the other. His style of dress brings him lots of strange looks as he wears a rough, cotton shirt, half tucked into a kilt. Attached to his belt is a sporran, while his feet are bare. The wild look in his eyes, combined with his unkempt beard and hair, makes him seem to be a bit of a mad-man, which he is sometimes...

I hope you can create something with that short description. Thanks.

Another player from the Mutants and Masterminds group, the Guardian Sphynx.

This is my first D&D character, during her time as a performer.

And this is Hera again, without her harlequin costume.

And another friend's character from Mutants and Masterminds, obviously based off of Sly Cooper, known as the Bantam.

For those of you who haven't read Rangerwickett's Mother of Dreams preview, shame on you! It's really awesome stuff, really.

And for him, I give this, one of the main characters. This is Allar.



First Post
February 22-28 2005

To give Rangerwickett another ego boost, I present ...



A spoiler!!

I like to call it: How Hunter Won the Hardcore Award.

I wasn't wholly in the mood to draw, but I did anyway. Turning around to figure out what I was doing to draw, I saw my cat sitting perfectly still. Naturally this didn't last long, but Remy was kind enough to allow me the less than a minute it takes to get down basic form. This is one of the skills one learns in life drawing classes.

High Rollin Rob 'Nautte.

punkorange said:
There are a set of elven twins, an elven cleric, and a wood elf fighter.
The male has silvery white hair with a dual wields a long swords and a short sword. He also wears mithril banded mail. His long swords is an ancestrial sword with elven runes along the blade and the ability to flame. He is a fighter with one level of sorcerer. His familiar is a hawk.
His sister has white hair as well, she wears a white cloak with mithril chain under it. Her primary weapon is a bow, the ancestrial sister weapon to her brother's sword, except it can shock rather than flame. She also has a short sword. She is a rogue, with one level in sorceress. Her familiar is a serpent that is normally wrapped around her arm, shoulder, or neck.
They both have red dragon blood in them, but if it is apparent at all, it is only vaguely in the sister.

This is none other than Samantha the Red! Her adventures are epic and adorable. Beside her are her allies, the Rainbow Cat, and the Egg Wizard.

And the last one is another of the Mutants and Masterminds group I'm in: David Ray Lightfoot; an unmasked superhero speedster.

Hey, hey, hey! Guess what time it is? Time for another semi-weekly assignment! This time it's webcomics I like!

Girly follows the saying that a friend of mine during college would say: Lesbians make everything better. Pretty much every comic this guy draws has got lesbians in it. But anyway, Girly is great. I can't hate it despite it being some dude's chance to draw a lot of cheescake. It's got some really great, likable characters, and you really do wanna find out what's next. BTW, probably not for young readers. You know. I'd call it PG-13.

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First Post
March 2005

It's a little cheap to do this, but my sister Goergia and her husband Scott do a webcomic. I love it, and I've never done any fan art for them, so here it is!

Scooter and Ferret is the continuing adventures of Ferret the ferret and a lazy dog named Scooter who share a house together. Ferret aspires to become an animator, but the industry is in terrible shape, and most of his friends are happy doing nothing at all. The strip is hilarious and suitable for all ages. The girl is Maridee, and I know some of you might look at this strip (a hot chick hanging out with animals and not really noticing this) as a rip-off of Liberty Meadows, but thankfully Scooter and Ferret isn't some dude's cheap rip-off of Bloom County as an excuse to draw cheesecake.

Rangerwickett said:
Jess, I have a game master, Tom Jones, whom I want to get a gift for March Fo(u)rth for GMs Day. I'd like to commission you to illustrate his character from my last game. I need it done by March 2nd, and it doesn't need to be colored or inked, just very cleanly penciled. Pencil fits the guy's style better, since he always tended to make things up as he went along.

The character is named Rantle, or more appropriately now Lord Rantle of Innenotdar. He's a human warrior, but most people think he's a bard because he sings. Yes, Tom Jones played a singing character. Great, huh?

Rantle is one of those classic Aragorn-esque heroes at first glance -- tall, commanding, strong but not beefy, a little sneaky, dates a beautiful Elfwoman who eventually became his wife. But he actually is quite the charming rogue, and before he fell in love with the lady Shalosha, he was renowned for playing the field. In combat he'll shout commands and encouragement, but he's just as likely to spit out an insult at something stupid his foe is doing. Imagine if Gambit played Aragorn.

Mid-length hair, a short mustache-goatee that shows off his smile, charming eyes. This is a glamour shot, so he should be wearing light armor with a dramatic cloak -- the armor should be visible just enough that you know it's there, but not so much that it looks like he's ready to fight. Of course, his most signature item is his sword, the Dream Sword of Innenotdar. It is a wooden greatsword, and though the edges of the blade are smooth and sharp, the flat of the blade has that wonderful rough wood-carving look to it. The blade is flaming, providing dramatic lighting.

But that's not all. Rantle needs to be accompanied by the woman he loves, the beautiful, Shalosha. She is beautiful in the classical Elvish way, thin with a large chest, silver blonde hair that cascades across her shoulders, and blue, magical eyes. Her face is angular but still enchanting. She is a warrior and a mage, and so she should have a slender longsword that glows halfway to being a light saber, and long robes like a well-endowed, better color-coordinated Lina Inverse.

Two poses are possible. The first would be a simple standing side by side, perhaps posing, Rantle with his arm around Shalosha. The other, more fun, would be their first kiss. She's stabbing him through the belly with her longsword, and he is leaning in close for a kiss before he passes out. Though she wanted to kill him at the time, Shalosha admired his dedication, and later began to fall for him. Romantic, huh?

Anyhoo. I was looking through the web comics I read and discovered that only two of them are suitable for younger readers. I am slightly dismayed by this fact, but not enough to do anything about it. Lord knows I read enough webcomics as is.

Today is a not-suitable for those younger than 17. I knew the guy who writes and illustrates Dead Man's Party, and he's a seriously funny guy. The strip is pretty funny too, though not nearly as funny as he is. Dead Man's Party follows the unlife of a ghost, Mike, as he struggles to find his place in the aftermath of death. He's the one in the chains, just so ya know. Beside him is an acquaintance, Abby, who haunts the same appartment complex as him.

Sexy Losers ... eyeah, don't even think about lookin at this one unless you're over 17. Then again ... There's fewer things that'll turn one off of sex faster than Sexy Losers. But that's hardly the point. The point is sex is funny and gross and so is Sexy Losers. There are a about five or six different storylines that Sexy Losers follows, the ones in the drawing are Madame X the hentai comic artist and her roommate Chie Sakamachi. If you don't know what hentai is, please don't ask me.

And why is Chie wearing a raincoat to the beach? I suppose you'd have to read the strip the know.

Last one of the assignment. Mostly because I don't think Sluggy, Penny Arcade, 8-Bit Theater, or VG Cats need my help to get readers.

Plus, I can't really draw the ones I'd like to pimp like Dinosaur Comics, Last Kiss Comics, or Acid Zen Wonder Paint.

So here's Niego. Niego follows John Niego, the smoker (please take note that he smokes, it's apparently integral to the plot or something), who just doesn't care. He wanders around, putting up with his roomie Leland and his rather forceful friend Libby. It's funny. Read it.

punkorange said:
The elven cleric of corellion has chain armor, a mercifull long sword named soullerioun. He has a tower shield. He is well kept, but not arrogant.

The wood elf fighter has a bit of fiend blood in his line, but it is barely even vaguely apparent. He wields an oversided great-sword and wears half plate. He has a magical ring on one of his hands. His long black hair is wild and unkept.

The last couple of days have been a bit strange. I hung out with friends of Marlon ...


God I'm so depressed. All I can say is ... I don't need anyone making me feel better about my work ... I need consistant work. That's what I need, but I can't make money off of this. No one wants my style for illustration.

Why do I bother?

A few compliments on this board isn't the same as making a living. I was hoping for more, I guess. For publishers to notice I have a sense of form, an eye for composition, a love for expression ... But aparently no one is willing to pay for that.

Honestly ... I don't need praise right now, so don't feel like you need to give me advice or say that I don't suck or something.

What I need is work doing what I love. And it's not happening.

Wow. I am so sorry. I totally went LiveJournal up in here. Not take my meds for one day and I'm about to keel over.

But hey, thanks guys. I really appreciate it. I'm really sorry for doing whining, but everyone's responses was a big help. I'm still here, still drawing. I owe you guys what, five?

X-Men's Marrow as she first appeared in the early 90's.

And when she joined the X-Men around '98 or so.

The Bantam's NPC's, Bently and Murray.

Pat Alex, another character in the Mutants and Masterminds game I'm in.

And a cute couple from High Fantasy (my campaign setting.)

This is Blue Aurora, one of my Mutants and Mastermind's character's NPCs.

The Feline request!

The sidekick of one of the other Mutant and Masterminds players (his name is Pulse, and I have yet to draw him), Street Ninja. Those of you who've seen Black Mask may see what the DM was going for.

And here's yet another NPC, Yukino, a tanuki, along with what he looks like disguised as a human. Those of you who played Super Mario 3 may remember the "tanooki" suit--yeah, that's what they look like.

Clueless said:
His personal 'toy' in the game is Shylara the Manged. A psychoticly hateful wizardress arcanaloth. (Seeing a theme here? He earned the nickname 'Loth Boy' for a reason.) Her normal mode of dress consists of strategically placed blue ribbons. She has 'issues'.
Yeah, I know. Seriously.

Hey, how could I pass up a semi-human woman in only ribbons? Plus, it's for some of my favorite posters! ^_^

Partial update tonight, more coming soon. Just had to get something up. So I'm gonna pimp the online RPG I'm a part of: Chaotic. It's an email-based rpg based off of the Sonic the Hedgehog comics.

This is Ruby, the princess of a tiny rainforest tribe.

Surya-Ne, an echinda and the sister of my character, Moore

The character of the DM, Kern, who was partially "robiticized." Those familiar with the setting knows what that means, the rest of you might be able to guess.

The perky, 12 year-old hedgehog Kitomi

And all these heroes should have at least one villian, Aleron, who was wholly roboticized.

This is Sarda of the grand Acorn lineage, descendant of none other than Sonic the Hedgehog himself.

And this is my villian character, Glitch, once known as MechaSonic, now a walking malfunction. If you notice he has different proportions than the other characters, that's on purpose. He's freakishly long and tall for the setting.

Well, I got some great responses for the Chaotic stuff! I honestly didn't know what you guys would think. Seeing how well that worked out, I may as well pimp my own game! Almost two years ago I tried to start up an email-based rpg, but absolutely no one applied! ;__;

Since most email rpgs I've tried to apply to are based off of the Sailor Moon theme (which is characters who tranform into someone with superpowers on a basic theme, like elements or something, to fight evil--the Power Rangers are a similar idea) ... I came up with one of my own. Four Color Senshi, the tales of the Super Senshi!

The basic idea is that characters are normal, everyday people until they are needed, then use their powers to transform into "senshi" based off of superheroes!

To show an example, here's my good character, Kenna Raven.

When evil appears, she uses her powers to tranform into Sailor Marrow!

And here's my villain character, Beor Izaak.

Who transforms into the villain, Jokers Wild!

The characters aren't who they transform into, they just gain a little of the power of their namesakes.

And thus, this dude:

Charles Lynch, is dedicated to finding all those with such powers, to gather the ones who aren't dangerous together to help stop the ones that are.

Now come on ... Tell me that doesn't sound cool! It's not something one would have to devote crap tons of time to ... Just something to try out. I'm makin a call to those who might be interested, just check out the site and apply if you feel like paying tribute to your favorite superheroes and supervillains!


First Post
April 1st - 29th 2005

This is the Bantam again, as Tawny Cooper, with her two NPCs, Bently Royls and Murray Ford. A band of thieves, if you will.

Frukathka said:
Ryleah Tylemea - Star Wars character

Ryleah is six foot tall and slender. She has long red hair that comes down to her waist. She has blue eyes and has a battle scar on her right cheek.

She commonly wears a flowing brown gown over her body and wears a thick black welt at her waist, where her lightsaber rests.

Ryleah commonly walks with her arms crossed in front of her hidden by the robe she wears.
I know it's not particularly dramatic ... But for some reason a relaxed pose just ... I dunno ... I just wanted to do the lines for it. ^_^;;

Another character from the comic Wellstar and I are working on. This is Marionette. For the record, yes that is duct tape. And no, she's not a slut. She just doesn't like the feel of most clothes on her shoulders.

This is the last PC from the Mutants and Masterminds game, Pulse. He's a quasi Iron Man type who can manipulate sound waves.

So hey yeah ... This is for Greegan

He and I are working out the details for a webcomic! This will hopefully be posted on his website, the Kobold Company, and all will rejoice.

These are the designs for all the main characters and the characters they each play in their rpg.

The main character, Chris, with his half-elven chaos mage, Phyllandrefel ... more commonly known as "Phyl."

The chick of the gaming group, Shanon, and her fighter, Rori Vaun.

Will, one of those who always ends up gender bending in games. His character is an elf that is that perfect blend of total hottie and girl-next-door so many men are disappionted don't actually exist, Satyn Darklight.

The highschooler who answered an add in the local gaming store after the group lost a player, Jason. He is full of highschool-type rage and plays a kobold barbarian, Xatol.

The group's resident uber-twink, Mike. He plays a dwarven mountain druid, Kraig Caleigh.

And what group is complete without a GM? This is Liam, who stands a good half a head taller than everyone else, and has been a GM consistently only because everyone forces him to not be lazy.

Frukathka said:
Thaddeus Graishel - D20 Modern character

Thaddeus stands at five foot eight inches and is half American half Indian. He is very broad and quite muscular. His skin is light brown. He wears a black vest over his chest that he commonly wears open, leaving the middle of his chest exposed. He wears light blue jean shorts.

T his waist he has a belt where he has a gun holder on his left, where he keeps his 9MM pistol.

He never smiles and always seems to have a bad attitude because his face appears to be scrunched. He has narrow brown eyes and has a thick nose. His lips are thick and are quite wide.

Thaddeus always carries an AK 47 at ready in his right hand.
Well, why not? The basis for the face is a friend of mine. Though seeing him not smiling (and built for that matter) is odd. Bonus: Acquana tries to draw AK-47 with mixed results.

Knightfall1972 said:
Ok, how's this for a "slightly" simpler description?

Garth Tigerstorm
Classes: 10th level ranger, 6th level justiciar

Description: Garth Tigerstorm is an imposing man for his age (58), He stands 6 feet 3 inches tall and is stronger than most men half his age. He is never without his arms and armor, as well as anything else he considers essentials. He always keeps his gear immaculately clean and well organized. Everything has its place, whether it is his magical longsword, at his side, or his elixir of truth, carefully wrapped and stowed within his backpack. His less essential gear is stored in the saddlebags of holding on his mount. He can be obsessive about it, but when combat erupts, all such thoughts empty from his mind. He is too focused for his slight obsession to become pathological. Garth prefers natural earth tones for his garments but does have less martial attire for the annual events he is forced to endure, in order to keep his title as the Justiciar of the Eastern Shores.

Signature Equipment: +1 disarming dagger, +3 axiomatic orcbane longsword, +3 chain shirt, amulet of mighty fists (+2), bracers of armor (+2), candle of truth, dimensional shackles, elixir of truth, gloves of swimming and climbing, periapt of wound closure, ring of protection (+3), and his mount/animal companion, Hindle -- heavy warhorse w/ +2 padded barding, feed bag, horseshoes of speed, saddlebags of holding, bit & bridle, and military saddle.
Well, minus the horse ^_^;; Here he is!

Just because I felt like, last night I came up with four superpowered asassins based on the Guardians of the Compass in Asian mythology. Keep in mind with the designs, this group is from the mid-80's.

Their leader, Tatsu, based off of the dragon of the east. Odd thing, the dragon is based off of water element, not fire. So this dude uses hand to hand combat, and controls electricity and storms.

Firebird, of the phoenix of the south. Fairly self-explanitory. Yes, she is Native American, and behold! She has the only hair style that mainstream comics artists could think of to give Native Americans.

Tiger Blade; tiger of the west. The tiger's element is metal, and thus this albino has the ability to turn any metal he can hold on to into a gun.

Black Shell is the last one, and is by far the creepiest. The Guardian of the North is the turtle and snake. So this fellow is eerily thin, and can stretch his limbs ala Dhalsim (only a good twenty feet or so). If in danger, he can shape rock or earth into a shell; an opening in it only big enough to allow him to still throw his limbs out. To put him in perspective, while the others are fairly average height, Black Shell is just above seven feet tall.

My NPC in an upcoming campaign, Alex. He's trainin' and I just realized that this is the second drawing of him I've done of him shirtless. *blush*

gabrion said:
Wow, I've never looked at this thread before, but you do a great job!

I'm playing a character right now that is a monk with divine casting abilities. He has levels in Sacred Fist if you are familiar with the class. I was wondering if you could make a sketch of him. He doesn't wear a shirt and is very muscular and his pants are loose and flowing. His hands should be clenched in fists with fire coming off them. He is human with shoulder length hair. Thanks.
Well, thanks for stoppin by! Here's your dude.

The plans for the webcomic is coming along nicely, within the next week or so I'll be handing off the first two updates for my producer, Greegan. He's also asked me to make a new banner for Kobold Company, showing off the kobold from the comic. This will soon be all colored and shiny, but I decided to go ahead and post the sketch of Xatol here:

I've been working on the comic tonight, and so you guys get to see some more drawing! w007!

This is Phyllandrefel and Satyn, chaos mage and defensive sorceress.

It's been a while since I've actually run anything, and this Sunday I got to. I ran a High Fantasy one-shot with all the characters being either constructs or otherwise magically altered animals. The dude in the middle is the NPC Joshua Walton ... who died a horrible death by getting his soul devoured about halfway through the session ... but whatever. The animals are an electricly charged hawk named Tonnere, a goblin-ish little guy called Sneep (the one with the giant lollipop), a tiny, rather innocent slime name Xenny, and the grey construct Xylo.

This is an NPC in the game I'll be running in two weeks. *checks to make sure players aren't looking* This is Gio.

Decided what the heck and cranked out near a week's worth of an assignment: Famous Faeries

These are all interepretations of fey within my setting, High Fantasy.

Perhaps one of the greatest known fey in lore, the lady of Avalon herself, the Lady of the Lake. Since humans only see her arm, I decided to give all of you the rest of her.

The lord of one of the greatest fey courts, Lord Oberron of A Midsummer Night's Dream. I decided from my reading of the play that he's only a few steps of dark faerie away from eating human flesh, so I gave him some horns and some dark dripping off him. The armor is wooden.

Still as promiscuous as ever, the animal spirit Coyote as he looks in modern times.

And Oberron's most famous son, Robin Goodfellow, or simply Puck. About halfway through this drawing he suddenly took on the likeness of a lot of the characters my friend Elbonie would draw, so I decided to run with it.

A modern fey of my own creation: a Faceless Joe. They are nondescript in every fashion, and blend in to large crowds in cities. A Faceless Joe will feed off of the energy of hurrying people, often making them forget important things they had to do that day. This one has removed his mask only long enough to show us where he got his name.

This one is modern, more so than any of the others. Though they've been known to have appeared only the last two hundred years, and unlike other fey they keep track of things like inflation! Behold, a tooth fairy. In parts of Europe they're known to turn into field mice, hence the tail and mouse ears.

However, in my setting our well-known tooth faeries not nearly as seelie as they seem. The reason they collect teeth is that it contains a tiny bit of the childhood of the owner, and the innocence of a child is what they feed on. Each time they exchange money for a tooth, they whisper a tiny secret in the child's ear--a little secret that makes the child just a little bit older, more likely to drop their next tooth, and little less of a child.

Ok, *now* I have to beg - it's the fey theme, the fey made me do it...

Clueless said:
Can I get one of Clueless, my half-fey blade singer? Blond, blue-green eyes, male, average height, very lithe build. For a real life model, look towards Heath Ledger. He has black dragonfly wings (refecting his unseelie bloodlines), with a celtic tattoo across his back. He tends to not wear a shirt (gets in the way of the wings and all), wears leather style pants, boots, and those so nifty but utterly useless arm wrappings that you see in martial arts comics. The blade he carries is a relatively light sword, think something just a little heavier in build than a rapier, as fits the bladesinger style of fighting. His fey nature shows up often in this wild little smirk of good humor, and bad jokes, and well - he *is* easy and a minor lech. On the one hand he's inclined towards whimsy, and on the other towards machivellian sneakiness. He tends to do things at apparent 'random' that were very well planned. As good as you are at conveying emotion/personality, I figured I'd give you more than just the physical description.
Okay, since it's Clueless, for Clueless, I must draw it. ^_^

I can see that he came out more like Liquid Snake than Heath Ledger, but since you seem to enjoy a good pretty man now and again I hope you can find it in your heart to forgive me.



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April 30th - May 11th 2005 -- Wherein Acquana Enjoys Even Longer Descriptions

HOLY CRAP. That was one heck of a game last night ... You have those? Sessions so amazing that you spend the next week riding the high and gritting your teeth to play again? Well I had one last night in Wellstar's Mutants and Masterminds campaign. Our superhero team up until now has been ... disjointed at best. But their lack of organization and constant near-distrust of each other cost them big time last night. Now the Century City mayor has even more ammo for super power registration, one of the team members nearly quit ...

But then the roleplaying REALLY got under way. The quiestest member of the group was the one who managed to pull the speedster away from his moping, and the session ended on quite a bombshell: my character revealed its identity to the group. Dozer had been decided to be the leader, and so far it hadn't really figured out how to do that. But after the disaterous beginning of the session, Dozer suddenly realized there was only way to pull everyone together, and that was to show them how much it trusted them.

Now ... you may be wondering why I keep referring to Dozer as 'it'. Well, that's what it is.

My earlier post from here ...

Is Pat Alex, but also the Dozer!

The proof is the tatoo on its chest. So, yes. It is both sexes, and transforms from a masculine, normal woman to a rather effeminate, superpowered man. Don't ask it which sex it started out as, it doesn't remember. Seriously.

Those of you who remember the Four Corners from April 13 - 16th ... I decided to draw them as they look in a more modern setting. Tatsu, Firebird, Tiger Blade, and Black Shell as of now. Ah, not a mullet to be found, and now all four proudly wear their symbols as tatoos. Black Shell is still creepy, and somehow looks even creepier when completely covered as opposed to his ... strange ... jumpsuit thingy from the 80's. And yes, Tatsu is indeed wearing leather pants and a see-through shirt. Half because he wants to show off his tatoos ... the rest because he is as bi as he looks. The cane the Tiger Blade is holding is because he hurt his legs in his last super-powered battle, but it also makes a handy shotgun (if you recall what his power is). I love the pixie haircut on women, and so I gave it to Firebird. Totally hot. rrrraow

Wellstar asked me to do this one since I seem to have an uncanny knack for coming up with superhero/villian costumes in the spirit of the era they would've been made. This one is a villian from the round about late 60's - early 70's, during the Silver age (the Silver age is the time period from when the Comics Code Authority came into effect until the mid-80's or so). He's the Kangaroo (admittedly I got the base idea from a Silver Age Spider-Man villian), and what's his thing? He jumps. He can jump really well.

The Silver Age was very often a wasteland.

But anyhoo, here he is! The only way he could be any more cheesy is if he had an Austrailian accent, which thankfully he does not.

fnork de sporg said:
One of my players has this very strange templated character it's a little outside your usual realm but I thought I'd throw him out there anyways.

He is a half-dragon drider, a humanoid torso atop a giant spider body. Huge batwings spread from his torso's back and hid skin is covered with a fine layer of tough and pointy red and black scales. Hid two humanoid forearms end in cruel reptillian claws that he move swith incredible speed. Unlike a "normal" half-dragon drider he has three dragon like heads, small for his frame, each perched atop a sinuous snake-like neck. Each head has a pair of long fangs that perpetually leak venom and wears a crystaline amulet on a small chain collar (a matching set of three).

Known to the public as The Abomination, he is an up and coming gladiator in the arenas of the planar city of Sigil. Though he plays the part of a monstrous beast for the crowds he is actually quite cultured, and can sing in a beautiful three part harmony.

His amulets infuse his claws with mystical energy, making them powerful magic weapons and enchanting them with inhuman Speed. He can fire three simulataneous firey breath attacks in three different directions. He prefers to attack from above, opening with a volley of fire and then closing to make use of his many attacks per round rippping at his oppenents flesh with all his many heads and limbs.
Wow. Definately weird. I gave it my best shot, but I was getting a little frustrated ... After all, this is only going to look as cool as it is with someone who loves drawing detail/will do it for free. I am neither, sadly ... But I think for a general thing it came out ok.

Hunter said:
These are great drawings Acquana! It is a pleasure to see these new pics everyday.
I am an anime fan, I just finished renting Cowboy Bebop: the Movie, Armitage, Vampire Hunter D and Orphen.
Are these drawings warm-ups for an animated series your working on?
Animated series? Not that I haven't been asked if cartoons is what I want to do, and earlier in the thread I addressed my then distaste and eventual acceptance of so many saying they see anime when they look at my work ... but honestly, animation would bore the ever loving crap out of me.

I love comic books. In 8th grade I decided what I want to do with my life, and aside from bouts of depression I've stuck with it.

I'm currently trying to make it over a particularly low point ... So forgive me for my absence. And forgive me for not being eager to follow your advice, Rangerwickett, but I know I will try eventually.

To try and help lift my spirits a little, I thought, "hey, why not tell at least someone about the ideas sitting on the backburner?" You guys get it first, so enjoy.

Admittedly not the best image I've ever done of them, but this is the one I'll be preparing years to tell. I owe it to the main character, really. This is Sny, Acquana, and MacKenzie "Muscles" Davis, and they are On the Run.

Sny is the rather rodent-looking one in the front, Acquana (ah, sound familiar?) is the woman, and the very, very large black dude is Muscles. Their story takes place in a vaguely sci-fi setting, in that way that I can't stomach hard sci-fi so I'd certainly never write it ... Sny and Mac are former hitmen/bodyguards from an organized crime ring; when Sny makes a very big mistake, his first impulse is to take his partner Mac with him and run. Their former boss would've preferred to make amends, but Sny simply knows too much about the organization, and dared to steal his boss's "property" (Mac) and thus ends up with organized crime, bounty hunters, and the law against him. Acquana runs into the two mostly by accident, but stays with them. The story is less about guns and tech (which are very cool) and more about three people who have been betrayed and hurt many times in their lives learning to need others again.

It's gonna be a long time before I get to them, because I know I need to be better at what I do to ever do their story justice. Wellstar I've allowed into the inner sanctum of this story, a rare and precious gift on my part, and he'll, when the time comes, be helping me with the tech, ships, and backdrops for On the Run.

This one is more of a seedling of an idea. A place, a character, but not necessarily a story. Reaver is still searching for his story, though so far I've pinned him down as a very interesting character. The elf on the left is who I'm actually trying to draw, the human beside him is only to show just how freakish elves look in this setting. It came to me in a dream, as did a version of Reaver. Most of the setting is still trying to settle itself into some concrete form, somehow I just have the feeling the story will come when I know more about the setting.

The second one is from a book my boyfriend feels he has some growing up to do before he can tell it (similar to how On the Run is for me). The story is Small Town Hero.

The man on the left is Joe, a bum who travels from town to town. Thing is, he's a former superhero. Seeing that only the big cities have heroes to defend them, he's taken to the road and rights wrongs along the way. Beside him is Rebecca Rush, one of the three who take to Joe's ideals and become friends along the way.

More on that one can be found on this page: http://www.shellcatstudio.com/Publications.html

I've gotten it bad over the last month or so. I've gained 10 pounds, I don't get out of the house much, I sleep too often, I work too rarely ... The webcomic's progress has been at a halt for weeks now ... I just don't know when things are really going to start looking up. I also have been depending on my parents' insurance for any kind of therapy, and the insurance seems desperate to find ways to make sure I don't use it.

All in all ... things are not well. I'm trying to pick myself back up, I'm exercising again, and once Wellstar handed me some inking to get done I'm suddenly drawing again.

To anyone who's been waiting on me for something ... I'm very sorry. I rarely get in slumps like these since starting medication ... but lately things have been so depressing I can't even fight it with the dosage I've got. Thus everything else has fallen behind and Wellstar is trying his hardest to make me feel good so I can get back to work ... It's a slow process and I'm trying.

And I know no one really wants to hear that, so I'll move on.

This is a sketch of the main characters of a story that's been in my mind for a while: DP, Gecko, and Coyote of Bad Shape. It's autobiographical too. I'd be that parrot on the left. When doing comics about myself, I find it very unnerving to draw myself and those close to me accurately for some reason. So I draw cartoon animals instead. The same theory applies as Maus (if you haven't read it, DO IT NOW DO IT NOW GET IT READ IT WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!). I keep getting people calling this "furry," which it is not. Furries are more human proportioned. The only character who is even slightly furry is Coyote. Mostly because if I didn't give her some kind of figure ... with that short hair she looks like a dude. No real way around it with that one. But anyway, Bad Shape chronicles the misadventures of DP as she falls in love with Gecko. However, DP is betrayed when, as soon as she finds out DP's plan, snatches up Gecko for herself. The story is very real, very true, and I plan to put it on paper someday.

The next one is a different pairing for a different setting. These are two as yet unnamed characters, who have a very simple story of "boy meets girl." Only both happen to be corporate asassins in a cyberpunk setting.

The main point of this story is a love story. A normal relationship that turns out to have a few more eccentricies than either previously thought. The two of them discover their main source of income, and rather than feeling betrayed or threatened, simply see it as another step in their relationship. The violence is a backdrop to the story, and the man is the main character. He finds very little exciting in his work, as exciting as it would seem, and his story becomes much darker later. He eventually becomes a villian for another character in the setting, but today I've decided you all should see him in his youthful days of lust and life.

This next is my Mutants and Masterminds character going up against one of the villians, Walker. Wellstar did a dang good job making sure that the previous times we've seen this guy, he's REALLY FREAKING CREEPY. He's easily as tall as Dozer (which is like ... over eight feet tall), speaks through a voicebox ... And being at the superhero biz for a while, Dozer is aware of Walker's reputation around organized crime; a sort of boogieman asassin who fights with nuerotoxins and can scare a lot of lower-ranking mafiosos by being named. The PCs also found out he ain't anything even remotely human.

Damn I love my DM. I was surprised just how intimidated my normaly in-command character was. We finally confronted Walker a couple of weeks ago, and that was one heck of a fight. The drawing is Dozer trying to break the guy's arm, and getting a very inhuman stinger to the chest in the process. I mostly drew this because I wanted to draw the "oh god, I'm going to die" expression on my character's face. It ended up spending most of the rest of combat in a corner panicking as the toxins kicked in. A couple of the other players were rather shocked that Dozer could be knocked down so many pegs. Frankly I love it when that kind of thing happens to my characters.

Okay, next one, from the same game. Our characters met the more established heroes, the Crusaders. Their strategist, Stryker, bears an uncanny resemblance to our theif, the Bantam. All the PC's were a bit surprised when the two said they'd previously met, when the Bantam actually tried to sneak into Crusader Hall. The two simply left it at that, but our speedster, being a speedster, simply couldn't resist hinting "something" must have happened.

And well ...

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June through August 10th 2005

This is the way Dozer looked when it first started its superhero gig in the late 50's. At that time it was "The Bulldozer." Ah, the Silver Age.

I'll show you some inked work! I'm working on a portfolio piece/gift for all my gaming buddies. I'm doing each of the figures seperately and going to composite them all in Photoshop to look like a George Perez cover or something. All like ... dynamic and stuff.

So here we go ... I've gotten three of the six figures done, but only two of 'em are scanned right now.

This is Kato/Street Ninja/Ninja Boy ... Eyeah ... No one in our group has really decided what to call Wes here. He's the NPC sidekick of our armored dude.

And for like the millionth time in this thread, here's Dozer. I'm going to be happy to have him in scale with everyone else for one, just so I can see more clearly in my head just how tall this 'dude' is.

So hey, remember I said I was working on a piece for my group? I'm all done! Wooo! This is the Mutants and Masterminds team, in its entirety! Everybody cheer!

This is stuff for the game I'm running for my friends. It's a world hoppng campaign that follows just about anything so long as it can be run off of d20 rules. I ran it a couple of times when there was nothing better to do sometime around Christmas, then tried to go into a more "worthwhile" campaign. But my group insisted that even a silly concept wasn't downright stupid, and all of them wanted to play their characters, and for me to play mine, again.

Well, I'm glad I relented, because I've been having a blast ever since I started running it again. The references in this alternate reality shifting campaign are so numerous I can't name 'em all ... So instead I'll show my gratitude to my players by drawing the main PCs and NPCs.

The main reason I'd started up this campaign to begin with was so that everyone would have a chance to play characters that they loved whose own campaigns had bit the dust for one reason or another. This is Virgil Ambrose, the main NPC. I had played him in a game that Wellstar had run nearly three years ago, when he had gotten the great idea to run a Castlevania game using Aberrant. So I made a priest who'd be there solely for healing and force feilds. Well, the campaign died after two sessions or so and by now over half the people who were in it have moved on. But I'd been wanting to play Virgil again ever since, and this was my oppurtunity.

And yes, I know a priest from 1476 (even one from Castlevania) wouldn't be wearing Converses. The sneakers were a gift from another character, who saw just how horrible Virgil's shoes were. Even though they're a horrid shade of lemon yellow, they're the best pair of shoes Virgil's ever had!

Let's see ... The next is on the left: Hiro Yuki, the first roleplaying character of my friend Ralph who was brought in for this game. Ralph's a really big anime fan, and this plays a 13-year old demon hunter with swords bigger than him, purple eyes, and a cat that keeps around. The woman beside him is Ammut, the human avatar of the devourer of evil souls in Egyptian myth of the same name. She's a hottie.

And hey, Ankh-Morpork Guard! Here's one for you! Among all these fantasy characters ... Here's a Jedi, Silas! The Jedi and the priest have had the most culture shock through this campaign, and I love to see Silas' reactions to things like undead. ("W-what?! That thing is completely seperate from the Force! That's unnatural!") Great story involving Silas: A couple of sessions ago the group pissed of a red dragon from a d20 Modern-esque setting. Seeing no other way around it, Silas jumped into battle, lightsaber in hand. I smiled and silenced the group. "Dudes, dudes. Respect. A lightsaber is about to hit a dragon. Let's have some respect." A moment of silence passed. "Okay, now roll for it."

Oh, real quick note on culture shock. The priest and the D&D character ended up bumping heads a lot due to Hiro's D&D take on morality: If it seems evil, a sword can take of it. I never, ever expected Virgil to get mad at anyone before, but Hiro's total lack of self-preservation finally got to him, and I suddenly realized that Virgil would never be the same character ever again when he got seethingly mad. Funny how that kind of thing can happen.

The character who gave Virgil his new pair of shoes is Pojo, a superhero from another dimension (another former Abberant character who was converted to Mutants and Masterminds for this game). Hideous yes, but quite the charmer. And despite being the beefiest member of the party (hitpoints-wise anyway), he always ends up standing behind Virgil for shield and healing during fights. The healer has been hit by things and fallen into Pojo's arms multiple times. Anyway, Pojo's big power is matter creation. The only real limits to it are his knowledge of the item in question, and it must fit through the hat he carries. Magician motif, much?

The other NPC currently hanging around them is Gaiavein, an orphaned, young green dragon from the last dimension the PC's visited. Gaia's taken to Silas, and is the jewel of the party, whether or not she's polymorphed into a human at the moment. Everyone loves her to death, to the point that they'll go for blood if anything looks at her the wrong way. I'm so proud of my little darling.

Unagi the Mystic, another NPC from the Mutants and Masterminds game. Dozer and Unagi have known each other since the 70's or so, Dozer goes to Unagi whenever he needs someone to talk to or help with anything magical since that's not his thing. I love Wellstar's portrayal of him. Wellstar insists there's something rather inhuman under all those robes. So long as whatever it is is nothing like Walker, then I don't think either myself or Dozer will mind too much.



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Make her no, strongly encourage with chocolates and goodies yes...try to pay her some for it with money I don't have, yes....


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It was from when Rangerwickett and I first met in high school. He tried to impress me by getting me a Snickers Bar. I'm allergic to both chocolate and nuts, and tried to tell him. For some reason he thought I was lying just to get him away from me or something.

You're an odd duck, Rangerwickett.


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This was prompted by something in the "Post your picture" thread: Acquana and RW, did you guys used to be friends with a young lady named Holly back in Texas? A young lady with LOOOONG hair? If so the we share a mutual acquaintence. I work with her occasionally and GMed her last Sunday at the local game store.

Yes! Whoa. Holly was a great girl. Haven't seen her in almost two years now.

Ask her how to pronounce "Hraedlgeu."

Can you get me her contact info?


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I just nearly had a fit in the "Post Your Photo" thread and ran over here to tell RW! But it looks like I'm a little late.

Dude, can you believe she still games?! We freakin rock!

See if you can get her to post, Rel!


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RangerWickett said:
Yes! Whoa. Holly was a great girl. Haven't seen her in almost two years now.

Ask her how to pronounce "Hraedlgeu."

Can you get me her contact info?
I've also sent her an e-mail mentioning that I know you guys through this site. I'll try and see if I can put you guys in touch with each other. So here's a brief synopsis of how I know Holly:

I own my own company doing legal videography. I'm pretty strongly tied to a particular court reporting service and, about a year ago, Holly started working there. We have since done a dozen or so jobs together and struck up many a conversation that made me think she might be made of proper RPG cloth. A couple of months ago I flat out asked her if she'd ever played any RPG's and whether she might want to participate in one at a local game store (NCSUCodeMonkey was running one of his Grimm Faerie Tales games).

She replied that she had played (and I may not be remembering this precisely) "a few times with friends in Texas". At my urging, she played with us in that Grimm game and said she had a fun time. Fast forward a month or so and I needed some extra players for my Sky Galleons of Mars game to be played at that same game store. I asked if she would be interested and she said yes again. So this past Sunday she played in my game.

She followed up by asking about getting in on the next NC Game Day and I sent her the info for our website and I also sent her the link to the NC Game Day thread here at ENWorld. I urged her to check site out as it is hands down the best place on the internet for info about roleplaying games. Her last e-mail seemed enthusiastic about the prospect for participating in more games and I'm hoping that she'll come to the next NC Game Day and possibly even find a regular gaming group.

If you guys are the ones that introduced her to gaming then you did a good job. In my Sky Galleons game she got the feel of things very quickly and was attempting to use her skills to the best of her ability and (bless her sweet, peaceful heart) always trying to interject "Should we try and talk to these guys rather than just shooting first?" ;)

For what it's worth, it might be a few days before I'm able to get up with her because my understanding is that she's having some computer problems and can only check e-mail at work. If that office is the same way it was when last I was there then they've only got dial up. :eek:

Anyhow, like I said before, small world huh? To be honest, I'm looking forward to seeing the look on her face when I tell her that the art of an old friend is the background on my computer's desktop! ;)

No, Holly was very well behaved.

Rel, see if you can drum up an "Austin Powers Theme Song" ringtone for your cel phone. Then play it around Holly and report back.