Pathfinder 2E AD&D 2nd Edition Character Sheet - Basic Custom AND Spell Sheets!

Citan Uzuki

I have just uploaded AD&D 2nd Edition Character Sheet - Basic Custom to the downloads area.

This character sheet contains many basics and gives plenty of room for writing (in my opinion).
While it does not have the usual information where one would write undead turning, thieving skills, etc, it does have a rather large "Notes" section at the back for such information or other classes to put whatever they might want! This could include permanent abilities they can through the campaign, their original stats, important story info.. pretty much anything the player wishes to write down. :3

I tried to make sure enough room was given for most standard 2nd edition characters and that virtually everything was included for the basics. For the sake of aesthetics, I included a watermark on each page. Enjoy!

You can find the file here in the downloads section. Please use this thread for comments.

Edit: Now with spell sheets! :D
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Citan Uzuki

If anyone who has downloaded this has any suggestions and/or if you really like these, let me know! :3 Or, if you want to see more 2nd Edition stuff from me, let me know. :3

DM Howard

My favorite sheet for my favorite edition. My only suggestion would be to use some of the inventory space for a supplies section based on tick boxes for water and food. I've always liked that approach rather than adjusting a line in my actual inventory.

Thanks for all the hard work! :)

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