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D&D 1E AD&D two weapon fighting


I find the OD&D elven switching rules hard to parse. Switching from one to another on a day seems to make sense on its own, choose to be a fighter on one day and be a fighter and not a magic-user that day, or choose to be a magic-user that day and not a fighter, but then that seems contradicted by the next line of gaining both benefits including specifically wearing armor and casting spells which seems to be at the same time. The best I can come up with is that you can do both classes' stuff at any time but only gain experience and levels in one class on any one adventuring day. Would HD stack? Would they start out single class, day two switch and gain a new HD and class features for being 1/1?
This is how we ran it in an OD&D campaign I played in last year. Each adventure I had to choose which class my xp would go toward.

I could use all of my abilities but not cast spells while wearing nonmagical armor. I rolled hit dice separately each time I gained a level, but only changed my HP if the new total was higher. I made it to 3rd/3rd, IIRC, before the DM had to put the game on hiatus, and hadn't found magic armor yet. Usually on a given adventure where I has chosen M-U I would enter the dungeon unarmored but with a hireling carrying my plate in a pack, and once my spells were cast we'd hole up in a room and I'd spend a turn donning my armor.

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Snarf Zagyg

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An interesting question if you go with the bard from fighter level 1 unified theory interpretation is whether they are limited by the bard armor, shield, and weapon restrictions (page 118 Bade Table 3) when they start as fighters, and can they use the non thief allowed bard weapons (scimitar, spear, bastard sword) and bard allowed magical chain armor when they are thieves.

An even better question is this-

Since the Bard uses a "scimiter" [sic], whereas Druids use a "scimitar," does that mean that Bards can use imaginary weapons?

Snarf Zagyg

Notorious Liquefactionist
So, I did a little canvassing to find out what the typical "solution" was for the Bard and Half-Elf conundrum, and seeing as we are now somewhat far afield from attacks with two weapons, I thought I'd create a thread-starter with a poll and let people answer their own Rules question in the way that they want! I will edit this and add a link when I am done.


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