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The following advanced classes are designed specifically for the Prime Directive universe and should be the primary advanced classes chosen by the characters. However, other advanced classes from other d20 Modern sourcebooks may be used at the discretion of the Gamemaster.

While each advanced class does have a basic class from which it is easiest to achieve, the advanced class may be chosen as an option by any character who fulfills the prerequisites. The relationship between basic class and advanced class is summarized below and that is also the order in which the advanced classes are presented.

[modsrd]The Strong Hero[/modsrd][modsrd]Marine[/modsrd]
[modsrd]The Fast Hero[/modsrd][modsrd]Orion Pirate[/modsrd], [modsrd]Pilot[/modsrd], [modsrd]Rogue[/modsrd], [modsrd]Security Specialist[/modsrd]
[modsrd]The Tough Hero[/modsrd]-
[modsrd]The Smart Hero[/modsrd][modsrd]Engineering Specialist[/modsrd], [modsrd]Bridge Specialist[/modsrd]
[modsrd]The Dedicated Hero[/modsrd][modsrd]Bridge Operations Specialist[/modsrd], [modsrd]Galactic Intelligence Agent[/modsrd], [modsrd]Medical Specialist[/modsrd]
[modsrd]The Charismatic Hero[/modsrd][modsrd]Ambassador[/modsrd]1, [modsrd]Merchant[/modsrd]
1This is the same Ambassador class from the core rules.

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