4E [Adventure] Hysteria's Ascendency (Judge: Stonegod)


[sblock= OOC]
>No real preference for the split. Rikka doesn't need to buy any items right now, but curing the filth fever is a very high priority for her. Splitting it now might be easier for bookkeeping, but I don't care too much, either way.


GM: Don't worry about filth fever. Wait until the new adventure starts.
Also hang on to the sword for now (hint, hint).
Don't forget the pooled treasure from the previous encounters (listed on page 1)

Voda Vosa

I prefer the split too, Muzdum will probably rely on his ridiculous high endurance to overcome the filth fever. 1 more roll and he's cured.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
[sblock=Lots of stuff]
GM: End of the Encounter & Adventure!
I included a hook for a further adventure (I have the frame work for it, but haven’t submitted it yet). If you want to continue, I’d be more than willing to run another. You guys have been fun playing with!

[sblock=LOOT!][sblock=Everyone]Among the rats corpses, and atop the dais, 600gp, a large topaz (500gp), a finely wrought sword, clearly meant for show and engraved with the symbol of the Silver Flame (1000gp) lay in a heap.[/sblock]
[sblock=Braddock]From one of the golem’s arms, Braddock finds a pair of Bracers of Mighty Striking*.[/sblock]
[sblock=Quan]The golem was wearing Iron Armbands of Power* as a brassard on its other arm. Quan claims these as his own.[/sblock]
[sblock=Orsik]A great banner is found amidst the ruins that was the golem. Unfurled Orsik sees that it is actually a Battle Standard of Might*.[/sblock]
[sblock=Rikka]Around the golem’s head shines an amulet. An Amulet of Physical Resolve +2*[/sblock]
[sblock=Muzdum]Muzdum swings his axe removing the golem’s feet. After some adjusting, he places the spiked soles - Rushing Cleats* - onto his own boots.[/sblock]
*NOTE: These items were taken from your wiki page.[/sblock]
[sblock=EXPERIENCE AWARDS]498xp wererat minionx6
500xp wererat brutex2
500xp Baldwin
500xp Jessup
400xp weapons golem
2,398xp sub-total
4,796xp doubled
959xp each

Braddock: 5635*+505+483+362(last encounter)+959= 7854XP Gain 1 Level!
Quan: 3750*+505+483+362(last encounter)+959= 6059XP Gain 1 Level!
Orsik: 9337*+505+483+362(last encounter)+959= 11646XP
Rikka: 10305*+483+959=11747XP
Muzdum: 8952*+483+362(last encounter)+959=10756XP Gain 1 Level!

*Original XP totals were taken from your Wiki pages
[sblock=Reward Points] Issued 2 RP (except Muzdum) July 25, 2011
Started: July 26, 2011 > September 8, 2011 (end)

1 month: +1RP[/sblock][/sblock]
[sblock=Player Stats]Braddock: 36/52 hp; HS 6/11; AP 1; Dwarven Resilience; Status:
Quan: 12+5thp/37; HS 0/7; AP 1; Second Wind; Elven Accuracy; Status: Filth Fever; BLOODIED
Orsik: 39/53 hp; HS 2/10; AP 1; Second Wind; Stone’s Endurance; Rune of Mending [1], [2]; Status:
Muzdum: 20/62; HS 5/12; AP 1; Dwarven Resilience; Status: Filth Fever (Stage 2) -2 to AC, Fort, and Ref; BLOODIED
Rikka: 49/50 hp; HS 5/8; AP 1; Second Wind; Elven Accuracy; Status: Filth Fever (Stage 2) -2 to AC, Fort, and Ref[/sblock]
[sblock=Filth Fever]
At the end of the encounter, those afflicted by Filth Fever must make a check to see if the disease stabilizes (or improve)
Stabilizes: Endurance check DC 14
Improves: Endurance check DC 21

Stage 0: cured
Initial Stage: target loses 1 healing surge
Stage 2: target takes a -2 penalty to AC, Fortitude and Reflex
Stage 3: target takes an additional -2 penalty to AC, Fortitude, and Reflex and loses all healing surges and cannot regain hit points.[/sblock]
GM: Summary:
Braddock: -
Quan: contracted Filth Fever; BLOODIED
Orsik: -
Muzdum:Filth Fever (Stage 2); BLOODIED
Rikka: Filth Fever (Stage 2)
GM: [MENTION=73730]johnmeier1[/MENTION]: total of 3 RP (2 awarded previously and 1 for the most recent encounters).
OOC: Approved. jsb420 gets 6 RP for DMing 3months.


GM: Now that we've gotten XP approval, if you guys can take a quick second to check out each others wiki pages we can start the next adventure.


So it looks like there is an delay in getting character approvals. There are two things we can do. Either continue with the next adventure and get approvals as we go OR we can wait until approvals. It's your decision


I believe there is a rule (in L4W though) that approvals are needed only at the end of the adventures. Since you're continuing with yours I say you check everyone for obvious errors and we get checked at the end for real...even if LEB has no similar rule as far as I know.


OOC: Well, Braddock did level up to 6, but I haven't updated his wiki page because I was waiting for his level 5 approvals. If you want me to update the wiki for level six, I can do so.


Working on Rikka's update now. Did we decide to split the monetary treasure now? And if so, does anyone have a total value for shares?