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[Adventure] Invasion of the Einherjar (DM: CrimsonFlameWielder, Judge: Covaithe )

Welcome all to the

Invasion of the Einherjar

The following players/characters are a part of this adventure:

jbear's Leather
WEContact's Haaku
Son of Meepo's Fhangrim (and let's not forget about Ursa Major and Ursa Minor)
ANGRYxPIRATE's Gneil (This character retired from the adventure)
Wife of Meepo's Ilex (and Luna...and Noctua Ursa...)

Before we get to the fun stuff, let's go over the basic rules of engagement for this adventure.

I will be using the Malenkirk battle system, which means I will roll initiative for everyone and all monsters/bad-guys will go on the same initiative.

Battles will follow this pattern:

1) If monsters roll highest initiative, then they will go first, followed by all of the PCs.
2) If the PCs roll highest initiative, they will go first, followed by all of the PCs.
3) If some of the PCs roll higher than the monsters, those PCs will go first, followed by the monsters. After that, ALL PCs will take a turn, followed by the monsters next turn. Rinse & repeat until combat is over.

When we get to our first battle, I will be using Google Docs to handle the mapping.

I will be using this post to track some things below, such as XP earned, treasure allocated, etc.

[sblock=XP earned]

*Chasing Boomer: Level 3, Complexity 5 (12 before 3) Skill Challenge: SUCCESS!! Budget XP: 750; L4W Rewarded XP: 1500
*First Wave: Level 2 encounter (8 lvl 1 minions @ 25xp each, 4 lvl 1 brutes @ 100 xp each, 1 lvl 2 skirmisher (leader) @ 125 xp); Budget XP: 725; L4W Rewarded XP: 1450
*Second Wave: Level 3 encounter (4 lvl 1 minions @ 25 xp each, 5 lvl 1 brutes @ 100 xp each, 1 lvl 2 elite brute @ 250 xp); Budget XP: 850; L4W Rewarded XP: 1700
*Final Wave: level 4 encounter (12 lvl 1 minions @ 25 xp each, 3 lvl 1 brutes @ 100 xp each, 1 lvl 2 solo @ 625 xp); Budget XP: 1225; L4W Rewarded XP: 2450

SUB TOTAL: 7,100/4 = 1,775 xp per character!

Time XP:

* Start of adventure: June 11th 2012.
* End of adventure: August 31st 2012.

June 11th to August 11th is a full 2 months.
August 11th through August 31st is 20 days, or 2/3rds of a month.

Lvl 1's (Leather, Fhangrim): 167 * 2 = 334. 167 * 2/3 = 111. 334 + 111 = 445 time XP
Lvl 2's (Haaku): 209 * 2 = 418. 209 * 2/3 = 139. 418 + 139 = 557 time XP
Lvl 3's (Ilex): 250 * 2 = 500. 250 * 2/3 = 167. 500 + 167 = 667 time XP


For awesome role playing, gruesome battle descriptions, and all around player awesomeness, I hereby award everyone in the group 100 bonus XP!

TOTAL XP EARNED (by player):

NAME..........XP at start of Invasion.....XP Earned from Invasion.....BONUS XP.....Total XP Earned
Leather:......0 XP..............................2,220 XP...........................100 XP..........2,320 XP WELCOME TO LEVEL 3!
Fhangrim:...0 XP..............................2,220 XP...........................100 XP..........2,320 XP WELCOME TO LEVEL 3!
Haaku:.......1,135 XP........................2,332 XP...........................100 XP..........3,567 XP WELCOME TO LEVEL 3!
Ilex:..........2,592 XP.........................2,442 XP...........................100 XP..........5,134 XP WELCOME TO LEVEL 4!


[sblock=Treasure Given & Wealth Levels]

This section will be used to track each of the character's wealth levels (so I know how much treasure I can and will give out). It will also be used to track who acquired what magic item(s) and when/where.

Gold Earned:

Each player earned 100 gp HERE.

Wealth Levels:

At start of Adventure:

Target Wealth Levels for wealth earned by END of listed level
Lvl... Wealth Level (in gp)
1..... 756
2..... 1,824
3..... 3,348
4..... 5,448
5..... 8,244
6..... 12,000

Wealth at start of adventure:

Leather (lvl 1): 100 gp / 756 gp
Haaku (lvl 2): 720 gp / 1,824 gp
Fhangrim (lvl 1): 100 / 756 gp
Ilex (lvl 3): 4,405 gp / 3,348 gp

Wealth during adventure:

Leather (lvl 1): 200 gp / 756 gp
Haaku (lvl 2): 820 gp / 1,824 gp
Fhangrim (lvl 1): 200 gp / 756 gp
Ilex (lvl 3): 4,505 gp / 3,348 gp


Lvl 1's (Leather, Fhangrim): 2 * 126 = 252 gp. 126 * 2/3 = 84 gp. 252 + 84 gp = 336 time gp.
Lvl 2's (Haaku): 2 * 178 = 356 gp. 178 * 2/3 = 119 gp. 356 + 119 = 475 time gp.
lvl 3's (Ilex): 2 * 254 = 508 gp. 254 * 2/3 = 169 gp. 508 + 169 = 677 time gp.


Leather: 1,288 gp
Fhangrim: 1,288 gp
Haaku: 2,053 gp (Although you, too, are only lvl 3, I'm squaring you up to the wealth level you should have at the end of level 3, since you're just about to hit level 4)
Ilex: 266 gp (Sorry for the very low amount, Ilex! You were quite a bit over your expected wealth level already, so I'm squaring you up to the wealth level you should have at the end of level 4, since you're just about to hit level 5)


Leather: 336 + 1,288 = 1,624 gp
Fhangrim: 336 + 1,288 = 1,624 gp
Haaku: 475 + 2,053 = 2,528 gp
Ilex: 677 + 266 = 943 gp

TOTAL WEALTH (per character)
NAME..........Starting Wealth.....Advanced GP.....TIME GP.....GP Earned from completing Invasion.....Total Wealth
Leather:......100 gp..................100 gp.............336 gp.......1,288 gp...........................................1,824 gp
Fhangrim:...100 gp..................100 gp.............336 gp........1,288 gp..........................................1,824 gp
Haaku:.......720 gp..................100 gp.............475 gp........2,053 gp..........................................3,348 gp
Ilex:..........4,405 gp................100 gp............677 gp.........266 gp.............................................5,448 gp


Now on to the fun stuff!!!


As you leave the Hanged Man Inn through its front door, you take note of the building facade's rather shabby appearance. For a place that gets as much business from wealthy adventurers as the Hanged Man, you'd think they could afford some touch-up paint once in a while, or better, have one of the many adventuring mages cast some kind of "pretty-me-up" illusion spell on it.

In any case, you find the Lieutenant standing outside and across the street from the Hanged Man, waiting for his Volunteers. As each of you approach the Lieutenant, he gives you a nod of appreciation.

"For my records, please state your name (so that I know who to requisition funds for), and any talents you possess so that I can assess your possible usefulness in this endeavor. Once you have all arrived, I will inform you of the situation and get you on your way. Time is of the essence, so please no dallying."

In the distance, a rumble of thunder portends of an incoming storm, but it won't be here for another few hours unless the winds pick up drastically.
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First Post
"Name's Haaku," the dusty mercenary says. He sounds a little more sure of himself now that the things happening around him are making more sense. "I tear things apart that'd rather stay in one piece, and I keep things simple and short. Any reason we can't have this chat while we're moving?"

[sblock=Statblock, for easy reference]Haaku - Male Human Ranger|Fighter 2

Initiative: +4, Passive perception: 20, Passive Insight: 13
AC:19 Fort:17 Ref:17 Will:14
HP: 30/30 Bloodied: 15 Surge value: 7 Surges/day: 8 Speed: 6 squares
AP: 1, Second Wind: unused, Temporary HP: 0

Melee Basic Attack: +10 vs AC, 1d8+8 (off-hand)
Powers:Twin Strike, Footwork Lure, Hunter's Quarry, Heroic Effort, Sohei Flurry, Off-hand Strike, Invigorating Stride, Jaws of the Wolf[/sblock]

Lieutenant Proudman writes something on a notebook and mumbles something about a desert mercenary, and writes Haaku's name down.

"We're not going anywhere until everyone has arrived, and I will actually not be going with you. I'll explain more once everyone gets here so that I do not have to repeat myself. "


First Post
Haaku makes a face* and says, "Pretty good reasons." He crosses his arms and looks toward the tavern, waiting for the others to step up.

[sblock=*This face]

Of course, with Haaku's face covered, it was hard for the Lieutenant to see much of the expression, other than the general elongation of the face, and the crinkles in the warrior's eyes.


LOL! Good one! I'll have to get you back for that! Don't make me pull out the troll face! =P


Son of Meepo

First Post
The gnoll and his two owlbears approach the waiting soldier.

"Greetings my good man, allow me to introduce myself. I am the Amazing Fhangrim, that is capital F, lowercase H, A, N, GRIM! And what I have for you is a colossal, stupendous, and downright MARVELOUS menagerie of the some of the most exotic creatures from the Isle of Laughing Gallows.

At this time I would like to draw your attention to not one, but TWO of the amazing pygmy owlbears, a mother and cub pair! Ursa Major is a veritable veteran of the traveling circus. She is the protective mother to a rambunctious little girl, the apple of her eye whom I have aptly named Ursa Minor.

I give you my patented 110 percent iron-clad no money back guarantee that these two lovely ladies can handle any task. No job too small, no reward too large in return for what they are capable of.

So what do you say chief, do we have ourselves a bargain?"

The Lieutenant eyes the bears with a bit of suspicion, but since it did look as though they were well trained, he kept from doing something stupid (like trying to pet one and losing an arm in the process). While Daunton was primarily a human settlement, seeing a gnoll wasn't all that uncommon. What WAS uncommon, however, was seeing a gnoll as well versed in the common languages, and capable of using words greater than 2 syllables with not just apt pronunciation, but downright delivering them with a panache and a certain... je ne sais quoi!

Although he tried his best to hide it, he was downright impressed with the Gnoll.

"Thank you, Fhangrim! Your...ladies...will be a welcome addition to the fight, I'm sure. Of course, since they are only trained animals, and not fully sentient beings capable of performing autonomous tasks without the supervision and direction of yourself, they can only be treated as additional tools in your repertoire, and will not garner you extra wages for this task. As long as that is understood and accepted, welcome aboard!"

While writting the Gnoll's name down on his chart, he mumbles something to himself.

[sblock=Perception (listening) DC 15]

"Well... I don't think they'll have a problem convincing one of them as long as his pets don't attack first..."



First Post
Haaku furrows his brow. "Who do we have to convince, now? And what, exactly, do they need convincing about?"

OOC: Passive Perception is 20

Proudman is caught off guard by the perceptive desert dweller.

"Oh...um...well, yes, I-I'll be getting to that in a moment here. Um... just as soon as the others arrive, but, um, yes...your task will involve speaking with someone...if you can find them. Now where are the rest of you... time is wasting, and we haven't got that time to waste!"

Walking back to the entrance of the Inn, the Lieutenant shouts inside.

"Now don't tell me that only two of you fine adventurer's are worthy of defending Daunton! In case I forgot to mention it earlier... pay is forthcoming for this task, and it is no meager sum, either!"

Satisfied that his assertion would capture, better, the attention of the folks inside, he walks back across the street to wait for any who would join the desert warrior, the gnoll, and the two owl bears.

Another boom of thunder rumbles in the distance, yet another reminder that time was slipping away.


First Post
Leather walks out of the tavern as the Lieutenant says the word 'pay'.

"You must have been talking about me. Leather's the name. Marcus Leather. Did I hear you say right you want to know what we can do?"

He rests his hands easy on his array of sheathed weaponry. "I can swing a sword. I can swing an axe. Spear, halberd ..."

He shrugs as if to say 'why go on ... you get the idea'.

[sblock=Marcus Leather]
Marcus Leather
Human Fighter (Brawler) 1
Passive Perception/Insight 11
AC:19, Fort:19, Reflex:14, Will:12, Speed:5
HP: 31/31, Bloodied:15, Surge Value:7, Surges left:12/12
Initiative +2
Action Points: 1 (encounter):


MBA: Longsword, +7 vs AC, 1d8+4 damage
RBA: Handaxe, +6 vs AC, 1d6+4
Combat Challenge
Cleave, Grappling Strike, Weaponmaster's Strike

Steel Serpent Strike:
Inevitable Strike:
Second Wind

Comeback Strike:

Combat notes:
Deft Hurler Style: Leather can forgo dealing damage to the adjacent enemy to instead make a basic ranged attack with a heavy thrown weapon against one creature other than the target of your cleave. This ranged basic attack does not provoke opportunity attacks.
Brawler Style: Leather can use Grappling Strike for OAtks
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Proudman smiles as leather walks outside and sees the veritable armory strapped to the dark man in front of him.

"Not that I am at all questioning your ability to use what looks to be the entire contents of my weapons locker at the headquarters... but I would love to see a demonstration of what you can do with all of those weapons. One or two weapons I can see being used viably, but how do you use all of those in battle?"


First Post
Leather cocks an eyebrow. "One at a time."

He folds his arms. No demonstration seems forthcoming.


First Post
High above, the silhouette of a leathery-winged creature passes before the sun. The air feels chill for a moment, and then the feeling is gone.

OOC: I can judge.

Son of Meepo

First Post
OOC: Maybe someone should contact [MENTION=68900]ANGRYxPIRATE[/MENTION] to make sure they are aware of the start of the game.

My wife has a level 3 witch that is not adventuring if we need another player and her level isn't too high. She is also a Fey Beast Tamer, so it would mean MOAR OWLBEAR!


First Post
Tore himself away just as his piping hot tea arrived with nostrils flared at the sweet earthy scent as well as eyes lightly closed with his last deep breath of the aroma. Hopping from his stool the gnome donned his pack and used a cantrip to keep that scent from the tea about him an extended time as he found it most relaxing as tensions built towards this invasion. Once outside the gnome found the gathering and his acquaintance Leather gathered around the guard whom had requested the assistance. With a fanfare from a distant horn the gnome gave a small bow of his head, "My apologies for holding this operation but you see there was a matter of an amazingly hot tea I had to will myself away from... I'm sure you understand. Gneil Cobbmottin is my name and I am here to offer my arcane aid to this militia party.", his voice was well spoken and rolled smoothly off his tongue furrowing his bushy brow at the explanation about the tea. Standing stalwart next to the tall dark human the gnome ran his fingerless gloved hand over his hair wishing he would have had time for a simple bath. Deciding it was nothing a little Prestidigitation couldn't fix as the locks untangled and even shown a little in the dim light.

OOC: Tough luck because after recovering from my most resent mission I found this had kicked off rather faster than the pace of the tavern. I will try to check in daily from now on.
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Lieutenant Proudman nods to Gneil and writes his name down.

"Thank you for joining the cause. I will wait just a moment longer to see if anyone else will be volunteering, then I will explain everything to you all."

OOC: @Son-of-Meepo: If you would like to have your wife join with her Witch character, I'm all for it (means more badguys for the battles, muahaha). Please have her announce her presence in the adventure ASAP so we can get this moving along!


Wife Of Meepo

First Post
You think your eyes deceive you. Walking down the avenue with what appears to be a puff of glowing light and an Owl Bear is a dryad. No not a dryad but their kin, a hamadryad. Seeing the assembled group, the hamadryad walks toward you. “I heard whispers of an invasion on the wind.” states the newly arrived adventurer. “Is this true?" The beautiful creature inquires without waiting for an answer. "Though I just got back from a mission, I may be of assistance. I am a wielder of the arcane arts and Noctua Ursus here," she point to her owlbear companion, "throws a mean left swipe.” She pauses for a breath. “Oh, and my name is Ilex Cassine and this,” now pointing to the puff of light, "is Luna."
[sblock=OOC]Updating character now. Will link to it asap. Witch level 3, Feybeast Tamer. [/sblock]
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OOC: Welcome to the Invasion of the Einherjar, Wife Of Meepo! Thanks for joining! Now with Ilex and Noctua Ursus, I can be confident that my encounters won't crush you guys (in fact... depending on how you do in the first encounter... I may up the stakes just a smidge... And if the Son of Meepo + WEContact combo also = death incarnate with their two characters... then I may have to up the stakes a lot! (*mumbles something about taking out a lvl 3 elite in a single round between the two of them*)...

Anyway! Welcome aboard WoM! Feel free to get cozy and RP with the group, and get ready for the invasion!

Lieutenant Proudman's eyes light up when he sees the dryad hamadryad. Having heard the rumors about the deadly splendor and beauty of the dryad (but having never seen one for himself), the militiaman averts his eyes slightly, but bows low before the wielder of magic.

"Thank you for coming. We are indeed in grave danger, and I believe now, that we have enough to halt their advance...with a little help." Standing erect once again, the Lieutenant clears his throat.

"As I stated a few moments ago, an invasion is immanent. This is partly speculation on my part, but I have received reports from our naval scouts that there have been unlawful activities from a large fleet of boats just beyond Daunton's naval borders, but are heading in our direction. We can't stop them while they're beyond those borders (because that could cause a dispute with other islands...the last thing Daunton needs, frankly), so we will have to wait until they get here and then pounce on them. My sources tell me that these ships are in the Valhyr style.

Putting one and one together, this tells me that warriors inflicted with the Einherjar are coming. Unfortunately, from my reports, the number of boats coming in is far more numerous than the ships we have at our disposal, so it is very likely that a majority of those ships will reach Daunton's harbors. This is where you come in. I have evaluated where I believe the most likely point of berth will be for these ships, and that is where I will be placing you. You will need to control three docks, while my men and I focus our attention on any ship that tries to outsmart us and use a different dock.

However, before I assign you to your station...I need you to accomplish one other thing for us. I think we're going to want every advantage possible against the incoming horde of psychotic murdering barbarians that we can get, so I tried to think of anyone local who could potentially help us with this fight and came up with three names. These people are somewhat famous within Daunton and know their way around a fight, and they each specialize in different areas, any of which could help you out in your upcoming fight."

Proudman flips up some pages on his clipboard and hands you a slip of paper with three names on it:

Barnaby Rockbeard (AKA Boomer): Ex-pirate demolitions specialist.
Samuel Blackwell: Architect; Served in the militia for 6 years; defense specialist.
Eldeth Shierantil: Old Imperium soldier. Master tactician.

"I need you to seek out one of those people, if possible, in the next few hours for assistance with our fight. I would love to have all of them work together on this, but there is no time for that. So please quickly decide who you will look for and get to it as quickly as possible. If you cannot find one of them in the next 3 hours, come to the docks and ask for me. We can't spare more than the next three hours, as the Einherjar will be upon us by then. Now hurry, please! You will be well compensated for your efforts, my volunteer heroes, but unfortunately now is not the time to squabble over pay. If we survive this, I will make sure you receive at least 6 months pay...and if things are as rough as I think they're going to be, you can be assured I will push for much more than that. You'll get your pay, even if it has to come out of my own pockets.

Now hurry, please, and come back to me ready for the biggest fight of your lives!"
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Son of Meepo

First Post
OOC: And if the Son of Meepo + WEContact combo also = death incarnate with their two characters... then I may have to up the stakes a lot! (*mumbles something about

OOC: I doubt you'll have to worry about that this time around. You had the unique experience of an optimized barbarian and lazylord in the same party. When the barbarian gets two turns every round, things tend to die quickly. Fhangrim is not nearly as optimized.

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