[Adventure] Marna is Missing (DM: pacdidj, Judge: renau1g)

OOC: Yes, my mistake about the light, I confused it with The Paper Chase in LEB - THERE my group lighted sunrod almost immediately. Sorry. Ignore cyr+s actions from above as I see Alnar got the light out and I'm not before baddies...

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Shoot to kill! Alnar shouts commanding two of the skeletons to fire of the shadowy tendrils. But, the brittle bony hands of the archers prove too clumsy to draw a good bead on the constantly writhing shadows, and their arrows fall short.

The enemy is quick to retaliate. Hekthesh leaps down off the dias to get a clear line of sight, then hurls his razor sharp boomerang in a sinister arc and hisses, "When the first seal breaks the primal well will overflow with All-Consuming Darkness. You will be the first to feed its insatiable hunger!" The boomerang flies true, gashing the exposed woody fibers between the plates of Sir Exsixten's armor and snapping the spine of one of the skeletons, causing it to collapse in an explosion of bones and dust.

Meanwhile the tendrils dart forward, lashing out at living and unliving alike, though they seem to give the regal wraith a wide berth. The shadowy horrors spew noxious fumes all over the party, causing Ferris and Alnar to double over and gag, Exsixten's plating to corrode, and one of the skeletons to fall apart as its joints are rent asunder by the blast of tainted air. Only the Deva appears unfazed and unhindered by the necrotic vapors.

The skin-covered skeleton staunchly takes a blow from one of the tendrils as it lashes out like a whip, but one of its bony comrades-in-arms is not so fortunate as a shadowy coil strikes its skull and it falls to the ground unmoving.

Suddenly the light dims and the stench of death intensifies. You hear a savage growl as the hound appears next to the skinwalker. The beast clamps its jaws around the skeleton's arm and shakes it like a rag doll. The sturdy undead soldier holds its ground however, albeit looking much worse for the wear.

Eyeless thralls close in on you from both sides, two must have been hiding behind the statues in the corridor. They hurl a volley of daggers one of which scratches Cyr's face, leaving the Deva more shaken than physically injured. The skinwalker also takes another hit from the flying blades.

One of the eyeless dark ones manages to step inside Jezebel's guard. "Give yourself up to true darkness tiefling! Your oni masters can't protect you here," it jeers as it slides a dagger between a crack in her armor opening a festering wound in her side.

[sblock=Enemy Actions]Hekthesh - Move to AP63;
:ranged:Dark Arc vs Sir X610, ES 6, and ES5 roll (minus 2 for long range)
hits Sir X610 for 10 Damage
hits ES 5, who goes down
misses ES 6
Shadow Hound - teleport to AH59; :bmelee:Bite vs. Skinwalker = hit for 14 damage

Dark Servant Eyeless Thrall 1 - double move to AJ60
Dark Servant Eyeless Thrall 2 - Move to AA59; :branged:Throw Dagger at Cyr = hit for 3 damage
Dark Servant Eyeless Thrall 3 - Darkstep to Y56 gaining CA vs. Jezebel; :melee:Shadow's Wrath vs. Jezebel = hit (after CA bonus) for 5 damage, and Jezebel takes 5 ongoing necrotic (save ends)
Dark Servant Eyeless Thrall 4 - move to AK56; :branged:Throw Dagger at Skinwalker = crit for 6 damage

Rotshadow Tendril 1 - Fly to AD56 (2 up), :close:Fetid Breath aimed north and down = hits Alnar, hits Ferris, misses Cyr (roll). Alnar and Ferris take 5 damage and are exposed to filth fever.
Rotshadow Tendril 2 - Fly to AH59 (1 up), :bmelee:Tendril Caress vs. Skinwalker = miss
Rotshadow Tendril 3 - Fly to AH58, :bmelee:Tendril Caress vs. Skinwalker = hit for 5 damage
Rotshadow Tendril 4 - Fly to AJ56
Rotshadow Tendril 5 - Fly to AC56 (2 up), :close:Fetid Breath aimed down = hits Ferris, misses Cyr, hits Sir X610 (roll). Ferris and X610 take 5 damage and are exposed to Filth Fever.
Rotshadow Tendril 6 - Fly to AH56 (1 up), :bmelee:Tendril Caress vs. ES 1 = hit, ES 1 goes down.
Rotshadow Tendril 7 - Fly to AD57 (2 up), :close:Fetid Breath aimed west and down = misses Cyr and Sir X610, hits ES 3. ES 3 goes down.[/sblock]

[sblock=Combatant stats and tracking]Alnar - AA56; 26/31 HP
Cyr - AC56; 21/26 HP
Ferris - AB56; 19/29 HP; exposed to filth fever
Jezebel - Z56; 25/37 HP; 5 ongoing necrotic (save ends)
Sir Exsixten - AD56; 17/33 HP; exposed to filth fever

Paerlanthas - AF58
54 Max HP, insubstatial; AC: 18; Fort 15, Ref 18, Will 17; Speed 6 fly (hover)
[sblock=Paerlanthas' attacks]Touch of Madness = +8 vs. Will; 1d6+5 psychic dmg; target takes -2 to Will (save ends)
Touch of Chaos (Rchg 5 or 6) = +9 vs. Will; 2d6+4 psychic dmg and the target moves up to its speed and makes a basic attack against its nearest ally as a free action.[/sblock]

Skinwalker Skeleton - AG59; 25 damage taken, bloodied
45 Max HP; AC: 16; Fort, 15, Ref 14, Will 13; Speed 5
MBA: Putrefying Pummel = +5 vs. AC; 1d8+7 dmg and the target contracts skinrot

Eladrin Skeleton 1 - dead
Eladrin Skeleton 2 - AF56
Eladrin Skeleton 3 - dead
Eladrin Skeleton 4 - AF59
Eladrin Skeleton 5 - dead
Eladrin Skeleton 6 - AD59
Eladrin Skeleton: Minion; AC: 16; Fort 13, Ref 14, Will 13; Speed: 6.
MBA: Longsword = +6 vs. AC; 4 damage
RBA: Shortbow = +6 vs. AC; 3 damage; Range 15/30

Hekthesh - AP63
? Max HP; AC: 20; Fort: 15, Ref: 19, Will: 17

Shadow Hound - AH59
70 Max HP; AC: 19; Fort: 20, Ref: 18, Will: 17

Dark Servant Eyeless Thrall 1 - AJ60
Dark Servant Eyeless Thrall 2 - AA59
Dark Servant Eyeless Thrall 3 - Y56; Shadow's Wrath used
Dark Servant Eyeless Thrall 4 - AK56
38 Max HP; AC: 17; Fort 14, Ref 16, Will 14

Rotshadow Tendril 1 - AD56 2 squares up; Fetid Breath used
Rotshadow Tendril 2 - AH59 1 square up
Rotshadow Tendril 3 - AH58
Rotshadow Tendril 4 - AJ56
Rotshadow Tendril 5 - AC56 2 squares up; Fetid Breath used
Rotshadow Tendril 6 - AH56 1 square up
Rotshadow Tendril 7 - AD57 2 squares up; Fetid Breath used
Minion; AC: 16; Fort 13, Ref 14, Will 13[/sblock]

GM: Special Rules for this Combat:
On your turn, you can as a minor action command one of the undead you've enlisted to help you to take a move, minor, or standard action. Each undead NPC may only perform one of each action type in any given round, however. Available attacks for each NPC are listed under their respective stat lines.

Any character who falls or is pushed into the canal will be immediately pushed 2 squares downstream and take 1d6 damage from being slammed about by the rapidly-moving water. On your turn you may use a move action to attempt to escape the canal by making an Acrobatics or Athletics check vs. DC14 to pull yourself up out of the water. Any character ending their turn in the canal will be pushed 2 squares downstream and take 1d6 damage from being slammed about by the rapidly-moving water.

All bright light within 5 squares of the Shadow Hound is reduced to dim light, and dim light is reduced to darkness by its Shroud of Night aura. Character's with normal vision will take the according penalties to attack rolls against enemies within the aura.

OOC: PC's are up


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At the rear of the group, Jezebel lets out a sharp cry as the thrall bypasses her shield with his surprise dagger attack. She quickly recovers herself and closes up the hole in her defense. She retorts to the thrall, "Fool! It's not their protection I need - it's their strength!" Right on cue, the pain from her wound completely numbs. She lets her fear, her anger, her wrath build up and transmute into a scorching flame that engulfs her attacker.

[sblock=Stat block/Actions][sblock=Actions]Start of turn: Jezebel takes 5 damage from ongoing necrotic, dropping to 20/37 hp.

Free: Infernal Wrath vs DSET3 deals 6 fire damage.
Minor: Virtue. Jezebel gains 9 THP and drops to 7/12 surges.
Minor: Divine Challenge vs DSET3. It is marked and takes 7 damage for not including Jezebel in its attacks.
Standard: Enfeebling Strike vs DSET3 misses.

End of turn: Saving throw vs ongoing necrotic succeeds.[/sblock]PC:Jezebel (Dekana) - L4W Wiki - Female Tiefling Paladin 2
Initiative +3, Senses: Insight +7, Perception +1; low-light vision
HP 20/37 + 9 THP; Bloodied 18, Surge Value 9, Surges 7/12
AC 21; Fortitude 16, Reflex 17, Will 17
Resist 5 fire
Speed 5
Action Points 2

Infected with Filth Fever (initial stage).

Ardent Strike, Divine Challenge, Enfeebling Strike
Divine Mettle, Divine Strength, Infernal Wrath, Second Wind, Valorous Smite, Virtue
Majestic Halo, Virtue's Touch

Other notes
Bloodhunt: +1 racial bonus to attack rolls against bloodied foes.
Whip Training: 1 / round when hitting target with whip, target takes a -2 penalty to attack rolls to a target of Jezebel's choice until the end of her next turn.
OOC: I'm glad Metavoid suggested I stay in the rear! This is a decent marching order we have right now, aside from a bit of vulnerability to area attacks.

DM: Which way is downstream?

Iron Sky

Procedurally Generated
OOC: It says a character that falls or is pushed into the canal gets pushed 2 and takes damage - what if you enter it willingly? Same thing?


As chaos breaks out around him he sees the shadow creatures swarm against his friends and the undead allies. After recovering from the shadowy blast, he staggers, the sound of his allies cries of pain in his ears... Feverish from the unnatural miasma, Ferris looks around to see if anyone needs Healing.

He sees that the warforged is looking a bit ragged, and directs a quick prayer to help repair some of the damage.

OOC: HS +9 hps to x6-10

Ferris then allows his rage to consume him.

He shouts to his allies "Do not be alarmed... something....starnge is going to happen..." He can feel his bones shifting inside his body as his thoughts leave him to be replaced with the ecstasy of his transformation.

When his thoughts come back to him, Ferris roars loudly with his new voice. In this Bear's Form he feels so much closer to his beloved... but he is wary of the risks. Enjoy it too much and he will become the animal.

Looking up, he focuses on the Tendrils of Shadow flying above. Directing his wrath against them, tiny shapes start to emerge from his fur... a trickling few at first, quickly becoming a swarm of Locusts that distract and consume his enemies!

OOC: ST1 and ST7, in their current squares, grant CA till the end of my next turn

[sblock=Actions/Stat block]Start=

Minor= Healing Word on Sir X6-10

Move= (Minor) Wildshape

Standard= Swarming Locusts vs ST1 (miss),ST5 (hit) & ST7 (miss) and a 3x3 zone is created from AC56 to AE58 1 square up. Any enemy in that zone grants CA till the end of my next turn.

[sblock=Stat block]Ferris Cacamoujai, Cleric of Dayna 2- Male Longtooth Shifter, Cleric of Dayna 2
Conditions: exposed to Filth Fever
Passive Perception: 15, Passive Insight: 20, Init: +3
AC: 18, Fort: 15, Reflex: 14, Will: 17 -- Speed: 5
HP: 19/29, Bloodied: 14, Surge Value: 7, Surges left: 3/8
Action Points: 2, Second Wind: not used, Milestones:
:bmelee:Basic Atk: Battleaxe +7 vs AC, 1d10+4 dmg (Crit = 14 dmg)
:branged:Ranged Basic Atk: Javelin +7 vs AC, 1d6+4 dmg, Range 10/20 (2/2)
Lance of Faith, Invigorating Assualt, Wildshape
Healing Word Used:1, Longtooth Shifting, Healing Strike, Sanctuary, Swarming Locusts, Healer's Mercy OR Divine Fortune
Weapon of Astral Flame
Combat notes:
-Only use 1 Channel Divinity per encounter. Can use Healing Word 2x per encounter[/sblock][/sblock]
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"Your Majesty, if you please, get that leader of theirs! If we can get him close we'll be better able to deal with them."

"You archer, behind the skinwalker! Shoot the shadow above the dog!"

Cyr raises his staff and unleashes lightning above his head engulfing the shadows threatening him.

OOC: I'll write down that cyr is immune to filth fever . all misses and 1 save I had to make was nat 20! :)
Minor: king moves to AK 61 threatening one thrall (can he make OA?)
Minor: archer in AF 59 shoots Archer vs RT2 AC (1d20+6=11) - miss

Standard: Vanguards Lightning vs ref (RT1, RT5, RT7) (1d20+7+2-2=10, 1d20+7+2-2=9, 1d20+7+2-2=21) - hits #7
rolled for RT 5 in case it regenerated - centered in AD 56, 1 square above our heads


First Post
OOC: [MENTION=57009]Dekana[/MENTION] - downstream in this area is north.

[MENTION=60965]Iron Sky[/MENTION] - If you enter the current voluntarily, you do not take the initial 1d6 damage, and you may make a DC20 athletics check to resist both the push and damage effects of the current for the duration of your turn. Thus if you succeed the check, you will not suffer the initial or end of turn push and damage effects. If you fail the check, you won't suffer the initial damage effect, but you will be immediately pushed 2 squares downstream, and if you end your turn in the water you will be pushed 2 more squares and take the 1d6 damage.

I'll update again once we have actions for Alnar and Sir Exsixten in.


First Post
OOC: Here's an updated map. The green box is Ferris' swarming locust zone, Paerlanthas is now adjacent to DSET 1, and RT 5 and 7 are dead, having failed their incorporeal form save.

Also, just a reminder that only melee and ranged attacks suffer penalties from enemy concealment. Close and area attacks are unaffected. So, Metavoid I don't think your Vanguard's lightning should have had a -2 penalty, unless I'm missing something.


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