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4E [Adventure] The Seeds of Chaos - Judge Needed

Welcome all to the

Seeds of Chaos

The following players/characters are a part of this adventure:

jbear's Leather
WEContact's Haaku
Son of Meepo's Fhangrim (and let's not forget about Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, and Ursa Maximus)
Wife of Meepo's Ilex (and Luna...and Noctua Ursa...)
Goldhammer's Torqua

Before we get to the fun stuff, let's go over the basic rules of engagement for this adventure.

I will be using the Malenkirk battle system, which means I will roll initiative for everyone and all monsters/bad-guys will go on the same initiative.

Battles will follow this pattern:

1) If monsters roll highest initiative, then they will go first, followed by all of the PCs.
2) If the PCs roll highest initiative, they will go first, followed by all of the PCs.
3) If some of the PCs roll higher than the monsters, those PCs will go first, followed by the monsters. After that, ALL PCs will take a turn, followed by the monsters next turn. Rinse & repeat until combat is over.

When we get to our first battle, I will be using Google Docs to handle the mapping.

I will be using this post to track some things below, such as XP earned, treasure allocated, etc.

[sblock=XP earned]

None yet given out officially, but here is what has been completed thus far:

* Rescued a soldier. He gave 100 gp, which was returned to him by Leather. This has earned him a Good Reputation with the soldiers, giving him a +2 bonus to charisma based checks with the soldiers in Daunton while in any adventure I am running.

* Partially through the sewer navigation skill challenge.

* Defeated a group of altered rats.

* Survived the Water Chamber trap without a single loss of life (not even an animal companion!)

Time XP:

* Start of adventure: September 17th 2012.
* End of adventure: TBA


[sblock=Treasure Given & Wealth Levels]

This section will be used to track each of the character's wealth levels (so I know how much treasure I can and will give out). It will also be used to track who acquired what magic item(s) and when/where.

Gold Earned:

100 gp given HERE. This was given back by Leather (jbear) to the soldier and has earned himself a Good Reputation with the soldiers in Daunton.

Wealth Levels:

At start of Adventure:

Target Wealth Levels for wealth earned by END of listed level
Lvl... Wealth Level (in gp)
1..... 756
2..... 1,824
3..... 3,348
4..... 5,448
5..... 8,244
6..... 12,000

Wealth at start of adventure:

Torqua (lvl 3): 1,231 gp / 3,348 gp
Leather (lvl 3): 1,824 gp / 3,348 gp
Haaku (lvl 3): 3,348 gp / 3,348 gp
Fhangrim (lvl 4): 3,363 gp / 5,448 gp
Ilex (lvl 4): 4,967 gp / 5,448 gp


None yet.



For this adventure, I am introducing a new mechanic called Madness.

All PCs have a Madness Threshold of 10 plus the higher of your Intelligence modifier, or your Wisdom modifier. Increase this number by 5 for every level you have accrued beyond lvl 1. I have taken the time to calculate this for each of you below. Please add this to your mini-stats and track it as you would hit points.

Torqua: 20
Leather: 21
Haaku: 22
Fhangrim: 29
Ilex: 29

Some encounters will features events, items, and/or creatures that will test your character's sanity. This may cause your character to accrue madness points.

[sblock=Going Mad] When you have accrued a number of madness points greater than or equal to your madness threshold, you have temporarily gone insane. At that point, either the creature , item, or the event (controlled by myself) will be Dominating your character (save ends).

When your character saves against this Domination, subtract your Madness Threshold from the number of madness points you have accrued. This is now the amount of madness points you have accrued. Now lower your threshold by 5 (but keep track of your max threshold). This process can happen multiple times.

You may ask why? Simply put... after going through hell and winning the mental battle, you feel like you're you again...but madness always lingers, festers, in the back of ones mind after it has snapped. After that, it is easier for madness to set in again.[/sblock]

[sblock=Regaining your sanity]
However, not all is lost. Adventurers have braved the worst of the worst and come out on top again! It just takes a bit of rest and energy to allow your mind to sort it all out again.

One time per encounter or short rest you can spend 1 healing surge as a standard action to regain some sanity. If you do so, subtract a number of madness points from your accrued madness points equal to 1d4 + 2/lvl. Your number of accrued madness points can not go below 0 (zero).

At the end of an extended rest, your threshold goes back to its original value if it has been lowered during the course of the adventure, and you can spend 1 healing surge to regain some sanity.[/sblock]

Haaku wakes up. His madness threshold is 21. He goes on an adventure and some freaky bad stuff happens, and he accrues 17 madness points. Continuing on in the adventure, something bad happens again and he accrues another 6 madness points. He is now at 23 of 21 madness points. Haaku has now gone insane and flips out. After a while, he saves against Domination and regains control of himself. Subtracting 21 from 23, he has now accrued only 2 madness points. However, his madness threshold is now reduced to 16.

Some more bad stuff happens to our poor Haaku, and he accrues another 10 madness points, bringing him up to 12 of 16 madness points. However, he has completed the event that caused the madness and takes a short rest. He spends a healing surge to regain some sanity. Haaku is level 3. As such, he rolls 1d4 and adds 2/lvl to this roll. He rolls a 3, and now subtracts 9 points from his number of accrued madness points, bringing him down to only 3 of 16 madness points.

A strange being appears and attacks Haaku. It's strangeness also causes Haaku to accrue madness points, and throughout the battle, he accrues another 12 madness points, bringing him to exactly 16 of 16. He is now dominated. At the end of his next turn, he saves against domination. Subtracting 16 from 16, he has accrued 0 madness points, but his threshold is now only 11... madness is setting in!

However, luck is with him, and he completes his adventure. Taking a nice long extended rest in the Hanged Man, his mind relaxes, and reality sets in once more. His threshold returns to its original value of 21. [/sblock]


[sblock=Posting Rates]
While I am certainly guilty of going far over this limit, I'd like to see everyone posting at least once every 2 days. Many of us know the burdens of real life, so just try to let us know if you won't be able to post within that period of time and one of us will be happy to NPC your character for you. Also, I tend to be a bit busy on the weekends, so I may or may not get the chance to post during those times.

[sblock=OOC Thread]
I've seen a couple of adventures do this now, and I think it may be a good idea for us, too, to utilize the Out Of Character thread for an adventure. As such, you will see another thread titled

OOC: Seeds of Chaos"

for us to make OOC comments in and will be a great place for you all to talk crunch/mechanics and tactics, ask ooc questions, etc. Let's try to keep it there as much as possible, and keep the story here. It will make for a better read down the line. [/sblock]

And now to start the adventure!


Lieutenant Proudman waits for you outside of the Hanged Man.

"Thank you, once again, for volunteering to help Daunton in repelling the mad invaders that have come to our shores. Our destination is only a few minutes walk from here, but please feel free to make any purchases you may need to make before we get there. I want you all to come back alive, and I'd hate to see you not come back due to lack of preparedness."

OOC: Feel free to introduce yourselves, make any purchases you may need to make, or ask any questions you may have of the new madness mechanic. Once everyone has posted one time, I'll really kick off the adventure!
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Leather joins the others out on the street looking slightly sheepish, hands full of scraps gathered from the tavern. "I don't have any money left to do any more spending. What I've got is what I've got."

He offers no explanation as to why he is carrying scraps though you do hear an excited hiss emerge from a nearby sewer grate.

Son of Meepo

Registered User
It takes Fhangrim a few extra minutes to circle back around to meet with the others, still humming the same tune.

"Pardon my tardiness, but I did here mention about wererats, so I thought I would stop at the alchemist's shop on the way."

Fhangrim holds up a single vial of Alchemical Silver that he purchased.

You notice his two girls are outfitted with everburning torches secured to their collars and Fhangrim himself has a bundle of sunrods piled next to him.

OOC: Purchased 1 Alchemcial Silver (level 5), 2 Everburning Torches, 10 Sunrods.


"If poking around is the sewers has taught me anything, it's that one: Always be prepared for a fight as there's no telling what you might face. And two: Always bring spare clothes, since there's no telling what you might step in." Torqua says, showing off her shiney new ruby Amulet.

"So who are the girls?" She asks Fhangrim, noticing his twin torchbearers.

OOC: Brought a Amulet of Resolution +1 520 GP and some spare clothes 1GP

Son of Meepo

Registered User
Fhangrim bows to Torqua and gestures to the cages with a flourish.

"My girls are named The Unbelievable Ursa Major, and her darling daughter The Ubiquitous Ursa Minor!

You see, it has been our custom to give animals names and borrowed from Ancient Imperia as it so does get their goat to have animals equated with their honored citizens.

However, if you pay careful attention you can also sense the presence of the Unparalleled Ursa Maximus, the father who met an unfortunate end before his time."


Haaku double-checks that his healing potions are stowed safely in the sash tied at his waist, and waits for Ilex to join them. He lets Fhangrim handle introductions, (though the mention of Ursa Maximus catches his ear, and Haaku tucks it away) and addresses Leather. "How narrow are the sewers? Fighting in close quarters might be complicated with our numbers. Stealth may also be impractical- we'll have to move quickly down..." He trails off, eyeing Leather's armful of bread crusts and gristle. "Uh..."

[sblock=Statblock]Haaku - Male Human Ranger|Fighter 3
Initiative: +4, Passive perception: 20, Passive Insight: 13
AC:19 Fort:17 Ref:17 Will:14
HP: 35/35 Bloodied: 17 Surge value: 8 Surges/day: 8
Speed: 6 squares, AP: 1, Second Wind: unused, Temporary HP: 0
Melee Basic Attack: +10 vs AC, 1d8+10 (off-hand)
Equipment: Short Sword, Chatkcha, Javelins(2), Potions of Healing (2), Adventurer's Kit

Powers:Twin Strike, Footwork Lure, Hunter's Quarry, Heroic Effort, Sohei Flurry, Off-hand Strike, Rain of Blows, Invigorating Stride Jaws of the Wolf[/sblock]

Wife Of Meepo

Before Ilex joins the group she takes a few moments to call her companion back from the feywild. Noctua, Noctua Ursus. Want to come out and play? Come on girl, Let's go play. You see a slight shimmer in the air a few yards away and bounding out you see an "small" owlbear with a stick in its beak. The owlbear slows when it come up to Ilex and walks around Ilex rubbing up against her legs. Ilex takes a moment to rub Noctua behind her ears. She then takes the stick and tosses it a short distance away. The owlbear chases the stick and brings it back to Ilex. Good girl, good girl. But that's not what we are playing. Do you want to go chase some big rats in the sewers? Noctua flaps her wings excitedly Ok then, lets get some supplies.

Ilex and her companion wander off briefly returning with a new pouch at Ilex waist (nightmare tongue dust) and a matching Everburning torch for Noctua. Ilex's Moonwisp (Luna) is floating around her head. Is everyone here? Ilex's checks attendance Great, is there anything this divining diva should ask about via augury before we set out?


"You can see into the future?" Torqua asks interested. "Ask when I get my own statue. I need to make sure it's big enough and has eyes that light up. No wait! Ask when I get a cake named after me!"
OOC: Everyone ready? I'll go ahead and continue, but if you have any further purchases to make, feel free to do so and update me in your next post as a retroactive action

Seeing that the group was assembled, Lieutenant Proudman leads the adventurers through the winding streets of downtown Daunton. The caged and free-wandering owl bears cause more than one set of stares from merchants (particularly the food kind) and city travelers, who give the group a wide berth wherever they are lead. Eventually, Proudman leads you to what seems like a dead-end alley.

Though the body is no longer present, a large red blood stain can be seen on the ground where the city's latest victim was killed. Large splashes of blood can be seen leading away from the larger stain, and a few small chunks of some kind of muscle can be seen on the ground near a pried open sewer grate that you could only assume is part of the victim's heart.

Remembering that some of the adventurers' were larger than your average human sewer worker, the Lieutenant unsheathed his sword and worked at prying open the grate fully to allow for ease of access, and also to keep the animals and other larger adventurers from being cut on the sharpened edges of pried open grate bars.

"There you go. Now it's up to you guys. I'll have one of my men stop by the Hanged Man a few times a day in case you need something, or have something to report. I seriously doubt that any of my men are alive down there, but if any of them are still putting up the good fight, do me a favor and get him out of there safely."

Son of Meepo

Registered User
"Well not time like the present to get going. Like my dear mother used to say, 'Early owlbear gets the goblin.'"

Fhangrim conjures the spirit of Ursa Maximus in the sewer just in case something was waiting for them below.

After waiting a moment to see if anything happens, the gnoll descends into the sewer, then pauses for one of the stronger men to help Fhangrim get the girls down.

"A little hand for my girls if you would good sir?"


"Not a problem, sir. We'll have this sorted out, easy as pie." Torqua says boldly, putting on a heroic pose.

"I'll help you out." The Wide Witch says, picking up one of the little owlbears. "So where ever did you find such fascinating companions?" She asks as she squeezes her way through the bars and into the sewers.


Haaku nods, waits for Torqua to squeeze through the grates (and watches raptly, transfixed) and then helps lower Ursa Major down to Fhangrim. He lifts the fairly large animal under her wings, and can't quite break eye contact with her. Once Fhangrim has taken the animal's weight and the owlbear's attention is diverted, Haaku lets out the breath he hadn't realized he'd been holding. Something about having his face inches away from the beak and claws of a violent, carnivorous animal who had no reason to trust him, with his hands occupied, made Haaku a little bit nervous. Go figure.


"One day, I'd like to have an adventure that isn't in a sewer!" Torqua cries, reaching the tunnels below. She let's the owlbear go and covers her mouth with a handkerchief, trying to block out the smell of the sewers.

She looks up, noticing that Haaku seems to be staring at her. "Is something wrong? I didn't rip my dress on the bars, did I?" Torqua asks, desperately looking around her bloated body for signs of damage. "I just had it clean from last time I was down here."


Leather manages to keep the scraps in hand while they march to their destination. When the sewer grate is opened he peers down into the dark as if expecting to see someone. He grunts with displeasure when he realises the sewer tunnel is presently empty. He leaves the scraps around the edge of the grate before climbing down where he begins to talk, seemingly to himself.

"Now don't be a brat! You must be still full after the feast I brought you yesterday. Since when do you eat every day. I had to spend the gold upgrading the gear. But I'm working again, so there'll be more. Which means more food. In the mean time I brought you some bones to chew."

Something small nearby moves in the darkness with a hiss of anger in reply followed by sharp grating words of obvious displeasure.

[sblock=Angry Tirade in Goblin]Take the middle finger and bite hard, Leather. You forget your friends, your friends forget you! I hear gold still jangle in your pocket! Bring food or no help from Bellyache [/sblock]

Leather growls back in anger to annoyed to respond in his 'companion's' tongue. "Help and you'll have your food. Now stop your whining! The creatures who have made their home in your tunnels ... where are they, what are they and how many of them? Tell us that and I'll fill your belly to bursting, Bellyache!"

There is an uncomfortable pause while the creature shrouded in shadows thinks.
The creature enveloped in shadows thinks for a few moments before replying to his supplier of food stuffs.

[sblock=In Goblin] Sometimes I hear many feet echo in side paths. Mostly they hide when they hear me coming. Careful where you go...strange...things have been happening down here. Unnatural...things... [/sblock]


"Well, let's get a move on. This sewer isn't going to smell any sweeter anytime soon. Torqua says, lighting up a sunrod. "The soon we're done here, the sooner we can be drinking ourselves silly at the Hanged Man."

Torqua takes a moment to pause. If this is anything like the last time she was down in the sewer, then the cause of all this trouble would some sort of corrupting magical force, turning household pets into monsters. She closes her eyes and focuses her mind, trying to pinpoint where any sort of magic might be in these dark tunnels.
As soon as Torqua lights up a sunrod, she really wish she hadn't. Having landed in one of the drier sections of the sewer, the large mage see chunks of fecal matter decaying and rotting in a thin pool of water only a few inches high. Trying to ignore the disgusting sensation of squishy somethings in the water, Torqua attempts to concentrate on her environment around her both physical and arcane. However, the sorceress' more sophisticated palate was not able to stand the smell of the sewers, and she was unable to pick up any instances of magic in the area.


"Oh, sweet heavenly gods-" Torqua mutters as she quickly pulls out a clean cloth to cover her mouth. "I swear if I ruin my robe down here...."

"Let's get a move on shall we? I rather not be down here any longer than we have to." The massive mage says as she begins to walk down one of the tunnels, being very careful not to step in anything.

Wife Of Meepo

Ilex and Noctua descend into the sewer to join there companions. Luna floats near Ilex's shoulder. Pulling a floral scented cloth from her pack, Ilex conjures a spectral, floating hand, and has it hold the cloth lightly over her nose to block the stench of sewer.


"Gah, save your warnings. That won't buy you dinner. Go on, get if that's all you have to say. Take your scraps and keep out of my hair until you have something concrete to offer like where to go."

Leather seems unaffected by their disgusting surroundings. In fact he almost seems comfortable as though it were familiar. "Any way is good in that case" Leather grumbles as he sets off down one of the tunnels. "Let's try and find some side tunnels ... that's the only clue I have."