Adventure Time TTRPG Drops "Yes And" System, Switches To 5E


When the Adventure Time roleplaying game was announced back in June, it was going to be using a brand new RPG system called the "Yes And" system, which involved dice which had Yes and No on one die, and things like And or But on the other.

However, publisher Cryptozoic Entertainment has recently indicated that, following fan feedback, the upcoming Kickstarter will now be powered by 5E instead. The update was included last week as part of the FAQ in its current Adventure Time card game Kickstarter.

Has Adventure Time: The Roleplaying Game changed since you announced it a few months ago?

Yes, we made the decision to make it a 5e experience, based on feedback from fans. That doesn’t mean the game shown at Gen Con earlier this year won’t be released too, but the main offering in the upcoming Kickstarter will be the 5e RPG.

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I crit!
Matt stopped by the other thread and gave a bit more detail and clarification. @Morrus

For obvious reasons of business confidentiality and all that I'm not gonna say much or have answers to questions, but I will confirm that we're still working on Yes And... Seeing you all say nice things about it makes me feel real good inside, so thanks for that!

If you'll be at PAX Unplugged we'll have demos at the Forever Stoked booth, #3722 (our design studio).
(Though if you played the demo at Gen Con it won't be much different. Also though, if it's me or Gordon doing it we can probably do a good enough job making naughty word up on the spot for a fun time if you let us know you entertained Bored Princess already.)
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I crit!
That's promising. In your opinion do you think a younger audience would latch onto the Yes, And better than the basics of 5e? I'll definitely look into it, admittedly I haven't followed it because it wasn't 5e related. I should take my blinders off.
I dunno about younger. But def a different audience, maybe a wider one, at least I think so. There were a lot of people at GenCon that remarked how fun it was and yet so much easier to get into. Several people who had bounced off of other RPGs because of the complexity. Not that it was hard but the complexity was just over their amount they could accept for fun.

There were a lot of people getting a chance to play.

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