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D&D 5E Adventures in Elsir Vale (pre-Red Hand of Doom)


Lost Mines of Phandelver (starter box) would be easy to drop into the Elsir Vale or just outside of it. That's what I am planning on doing. That would get characters to level 5. Then throw in something to transition from LMoP to RHoD and get the characters another level and you're good.
This seems like a good idea. The Goblins could be seeded to foreshadow the Hobgoblins. Are the goblins advanced scouts? Fleeing the advance of the hobgoblins?

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I wonder if anyone has ever tried running Red Hand of Doom from the hobgoblins' perspective - that is, the PCs are all working for the Red Hand and helping them to conquer the vale. You could run all the same missions but from the other perspective: the PCs would be helping to defend places like Vraath Keep and the Ruins of Rhest and attacking Drellin's Ferry and Brindol and the like.



Just catching up on this thread because I too am considering revisiting Elsir Vale and the RHoD adventure...which is one of my favorites to run. It just keeps calling me back ;)
pukunui, I love your expanded ideas for the cities/towns of the Vale and my brain is churning about how to do that for my own future game. Where are you on this?

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