D&D 5E Adventures in Rokugan Arrives August 5th

Adventures in Rokugan is Edge Studios' official 5E version of Legend of the Five Rings, announced last year. Legend of the Five Rings is an East Asian inspired setting which goes all the way back to the 1990s, and was purchased by Fantasy Flight Games in 2018, before being moved over to FFG's sister company, Edge Studios in 2020 (which has taken over all the TTRPG operations from FFG, including Star Wars).

The 5E version includes new classes -- Shinobi, Pilgrim, Courtier, Ritualist, Bushi, Duelist, Acolyte -- and various new shapeshifting animal species.

It's coming out on August 5th and will cost $49.99.

Adventures in Rokugan brings the famous setting of Legend of the Five Rings to the ever-popular ruleset of the 5th Edition SRD. Players can explore this rich setting in a whole new light, and the familiar rules promise to engage an entirely new audience of roleplaying fans. Alongside a new focus on roleplaying activities such as dungeon delving and monster hunting, Adventures in Rokugan promises to provide something for all fans of Rokugan.

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey


I hope that intro wasn’t written by Edge Studios…it should be “classes” not “cases“ right?

I’m hoping this will be solid.

Micah Sweet

I love me some Rokugan, but not with D&D rules. Which is strange, but there it is. I just like the "roll and keep" rules of the original game for the setting, and I can't explain why.
I prefer the roll and keep myself, but am happy to see a 5e version, both to pull cool stuff for my 5e games from, and for all the 5e players who would otherwise never encounter Rokugan and L5R.

Dope! The last few 5E conversion games I've read, like Ruins of Symbaroum and the UPDATED Dark Souls RPG, were really, really good. I hope Edge Studio can keep up the pace!

I wish there were a L5R glossary which gave Chinese, Japanese, and Korean synonyms for all the proper names and terminology (classes, races, gear, monsters, etc.).

Dire Bare

I would like a good Asian flavour 5e rules and setting but I am a bit hesitant about Edge Studies after hearing about how they did the 5e update of the Midnight Setting. I live in hope that this Rokugan version is good, but my hopes are not too high. I will wait and see...
I have the Edge Studios Midnight hardcover . . . . it's amazing! What makes you hesitant about it?


Knight of Solamnia
I am so so so looking forward to this, especially with the change in focus.

I got introduced to Legend of the Five Rings through the 3rd edition Oriental Adventures and Rokugan books. The setting and lore were spot on.

I also got to play L5R 2e a bit through organized play (Heroes of Rokugan). What I found is that I only liked every other game. One time, we were investigating a murder, and when it got good, we were told to stop due to political reasons. I learned real quickly that saving face meant more than doing the right thing, which totally goes against how I'm wired. I like my fantasy to be heroic.

I also realized I wanted more of a D&D-ized version of Rokugan. Or at least something that integrated all of Oriental Adventures. In the end, I realized that I wanted something that was a homebrew mashup and that there weren't a lot of folks around here that seemed to be interested in that.

So from what I've read, this new game focuses on the heroes of Rokugan. That's more of my speed.


Speculation Specialist Wizard
I didn't know this was happening! Last I remember, FFG was doing L5R like their Star Wars game. I am very pleasantly surprised!


I have the Edge Studios Midnight hardcover . . . . it's amazing! What makes you hesitant about it?
It seems like a diluted version of the 3e setting. I don't like that Heroic Paths require your feats, so if you want one you don't get ASI or other feats.
I was hoping for an updated version of the Defender class and the Wildlander. Instead they have just opted to use the regular D&D classes, making spells and magic powers commonplace rather than rare. Then they made it almost impossible to play those classes in city Adventures by making Asterix sense Spellcasters, not just active spells/magic in use. They took a great setting and removed a lot of its uniqueness by saying use the regular classes (but they will be a major liability if you do play many of them, and we are not giving you alternatives).


I'm also interested in it, though I wonder who the Asian contributors are in regards to the material.

I did enjoy the 3e setting, though I would have liked the classes to be more independant of the European stereotypes.

It looks like they may have moved more in that direction with this version.

I also prefer a more D&D centric game system.

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