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Aeon (updated 10/9/14)

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Eadric the Pure - Grand Champion of the Argent Crusade - is an NPC in the latest World of Warcraft patch: Eadric the Pure - Quest - World of Warcraft Maybe coincidence but considering he is the Grand Champion of an order of paladins? I somehow doubt it.

My apologies for WoW references in this thread, but it looks like the Eadric the Pure NPC is more than just a quest-giver. It appears he's one of the new bosses to fight in the upcoming Trial of the Champion.


They've found one of the in-game achievements involves killing Eadric with his own hammer. =\

It still may or may not be related to our favorite paladin, but I'd like to think it is.


Hi Sep,

In re-reading the last couple of updates, I'm wondering how far this story will go, leading to a couple of questions I hope you can find the time to answer, without (of course) spoiling anything for us. :)

Is your group still playing?

How far behind is the story hour from its current status?

How much of a risk is there to the PCs? For example, could any of them truly die, or at least be taken out of play permanently? What would the elimination of Eadric mean to the story?

With such a tremendous scope already in play (Nehael, the Adversary, Orcus, Shvar Choryati, (upcoming) Yew, Pharamne's Urn, numerous powerful transvalent casters, etc.), how much bigger do you envision or anticipate the story getting?

Also, just out of curiosity, Nehael (DvR 6) is protecting Tramst from Shvar Choryati (DvR 8). Is he actually safe for the time being from SC? If celestials disagree over his safety, its probably not a given.

EDIT: One more question, with multiple parts, on a very unrelated note regarding a very old event in the story: Back in the simpler days (!) when Shomei sent two Glooms to assassinate Graz'zt, how did she summon them (known spell, custom (transvalent?) spell, or something else), and from where were they summoned? Do they have a special place in your cosmologies or did they come from somewhere known (though maybe obscure)?

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I plan on living forever. Or die trying.

I'm sooo subscribing to continuing this story.

Please resolve it to the world changing finish and give us an epilogue three centuries hence :)

You have yet another fan.

Now I go for three weeks on vacation and will expect an update in the meantime ;)

Thank you


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I've been looking for the entirety of the battle at Afqithan. Has that event been written in full, or has Sep decided to take a break from that particular battle?

Baron Opal

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It has just been alluded to. Eadric lost his steed, Shomei was killed / claimed. That's what I remember from what has been mentioned. Kostechie may have been consumed by Mostin's Far Realms critter.

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