ZEITGEIST After 6 years of waiting, its finally happening!


I finally get to start running Zeitgeist! We just finished our long running campaign and I'm the next DM in rotation. I've been reading this campaign way back when it was still being written and I invested in both kickstarters, and I've been reading the various campaign journals here for years. I'm very excited to be able to finally run!

I drew out the Coaltongue map, ready for our first session next Thursday. Its bigger than my table!!

I have a few questions for some of you. One of my players wants to play a Gnome Technologist. His class is Tinkerer Alchemist. He wants to play the younger brother of Tinker Oddcog and I want to tie him into the story, any fun suggestions for me to help him flesh out his backstory. I think he hasn't seen him in over 10 years since the incident in Slate, then getting recruited by the OB. Any other suggestions?

For my other players one is a Tactician Fighter Yerasol Veterain, A Warpriest Martial Scientist, and a Swashbuckler (no theme yet).

Man I'm excited! I cant wait for the 10th to roll around to finally get into Zeitgeist.


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Congratulations! 🥳

Jealous of your map. Worth the investment in time for later in the campaign. I'm really lazy. My players have been flying around in the Coaltongue for almost a year now, and I haven't even looked at, let alone drawn a map of the ship since adventure #1.
My biggest advice is just give the players a sense of what excites you about the campaign, to make sure that same stuff excites them. The style is a bit different than typical adventuring, and while most players are game to play to the setting, you don't want anybody to be blindsided.

As for a gnome alchemist, that sounds like a good setup. Maybe after the accident, before Tinker disappeared, he left his brother a tiny curio, something with impossibly fine machinery, that always shuts down in the presence of magic, and has to be rewound and restarted once the magic has moved away. (It's one of the basic technological advancements Tinker can invent after adventure 6.)


Thank you! That is good advice. It doesn't hurt that I've been talking about this campaign for years now. It's been so difficult keeping secrets when all I've been wanting to do is talk about ZG.

I like the curio idea. I think I'll put that in. I'm sure my player will like having the little item and try experimenting on it. I already know he's excited about making a steamsuit. Oh! One more question. The Tinkerer Archtype gives the player a clockwork familiar. As to not have the familiar AND the simulacrum, can you think of a suitable alternative to the disposable simulacrum? I was thinking maybe have the familiar start with 1 more ability?
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