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Paizo After the PF Savage Worlds Kickstarter...what other RPG systems would you like to see Paizo team up with?


HERO is a lot of fun, but it's not really flavored right for fantasy. The powers are too generic. No matter how much you call it 'fireball', a 'blast with radius' is not terribly wondrous. Works great for modern and space stuff though.

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That someone better
OpenQuest d100 for sure. Playing a classic PF AP with a system that has a very different play paradigm would be a eye opener for longtime d20 system players.
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While I have no doubt that this type of crossover stuff is great for building hype (Fanbase 1 + Fanbase 2 + Interested observers), I don't really understand the appeal at all except as a way to try to nostalgia-hook players.
My regular group played Rise of the Runelords almost 10 years ago. We've been playing Pathfinder games on a regular-ish basis since, but I never saw the APs as providing anything more than an adequate experience, or Golarian as anything more than a bland grab-bag setting that exists like a clotheshanger to put their APs on.

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