All the Different Types of Shapechangers


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Shapeshifters galore! You gotta love these things, mostly because even though they are all in the same category, they are very diverse-looking creatures.

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Well, as the Shapeshifter Creature Type no longer exists (It is now a subtype), the shapeshifters will be an even more varied bunch:

First we have the humanoids:

Hengeyokai (OA)
Selkie (FF)

Next we have the Monstrous Humanoids:

Bog Hag (OA)
Doppleganger (MM)
Doppleganger, Ethereal (MM2)
Doppleganger, Greater (Monsters of Faerûn™)
Mamono (OA)
Pterafolk (Monsters of Faerûn™)

Then there are the Outsiders:

Barghest (MM)
Barghest, Greater (MM)
Canomorphs (FF)
Malaugrym (Monsters of Faerûn™)

The Aberrations:

Ghaunadan (Monsters of Faerûn™)
Mimic (MM)
Phasm (MM)

And the rest are usually Magical Beasts:

Aranea (MM)
Dokufu (OA)
Grimalkin (MM2)
Jackalwere (FF)

Also, the Beast of Malar template from Monsters of Faerûn™, and the lycanthrope template from the MM, gives the base creature the shapechange subtype.



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Since when did shapechangers become a subtype (I actually like the idea, though)? I'm clueless as to the changes made to things these days, but thanks for clearing that up.


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X-Calator, the 3.5 revision removed Shapechanger as a type. As Krishnath notes, it is now a subtype.

Adding to Krishnath's list: The Avolakia from the Monster Manual II and the Hagunemnon from the Epic Level Handbook also have the 'Shapechanger' subtype according to the D&D v.3.5 Accessory Update booklet, as does the Mindstealer Drone from the Wizards of the Coast web site.


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And speaking of the Shapechanger subtype, I talked to a friend of mine at WotC about how they determined which monsters get the subtype and which don't (if you check the MM you will notice that not all creatures able to alter form or change shape get it)...

the response was "the design team just decided which monsters get it and which don't. No rhyme or reason why certain ones able to alter form do or dont get it." :)

Gotta love consistency. :) (It wouldnt be too bad, except that you could have one monster with "alternate form" and the Shapechanger subtype, and one monster with "alternate form" without the Shapechanger subtype).


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Recovered from Yahoo Cache:

Echohawk 01-03-06 10:06 AM


If you'll excuse the thread necromancy, here are some additional creatures with the Shapechanger subtype that haven't yet been listed here:

Boggart (a Fey from the WotC web site)
Changeling (a Humanoid from the MMIII)
Irda (a Humanoid from the Dragonlance Campaign setting)
Leucrotta, Changesteed (a Magical Beast, also known as a Greater Leucrotta, from City of Splendors: Waterdeep)
Protean Scourge (a Monstrous Humanoid from MMIII)
Seawolf (a Magical Beast from Stormwrack)
Shifter (a Humanoid from MMIII)
Silthilar (an Aberration from Lords of Madness)
Tsochar (an Aberration from Lords of Madness)
Uthraki (a Monstrous Humanoid from Unapproachable East)
Wilora (a Magical Beast from City of Splendors: Waterdeep)

The following templates add the the Shapechanger subtype to the base creature:

Entomanthrope (from the WotC web site)
Quasilycanthrope template (from the WotC web site)
Swarm-Shifter (from Libris Mortis)

Finally, the Slyth is described as a "humanoid shapechanger" in Underdark, but I can't find a monster-style entry for it, only the description and racial traits.

Echohawk 01-09-06 05:48 PM


Found another one... the Mwellret is a Shapechanger from Dragon #286. It would probably be a Monstrous Humanoid under the 3.5 rules.

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