All-time favorite DDM minis?


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I imagine this topic has come up before, but I'm new to the site, so what the heck. Now that we've seen pretty much all the minis we're going to see out of WOTC, which are your favorites from all the sets? Feel free to answer however you like, but I'm thinking specifically about the aesthetics, like which ones you loved to just plunk down on a battlemat and look at.
There are still a lot of them that I haven't seen in person, since I only started collecting a year ago when I got back into D&D after decades away. But a few of my own favorites are the Autumn Wind Ranger, the Elf Stalker, the Warden of the Wood, Elminster, and the new Heroslayer Hydra.

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Well, some I see on my shelf I really like:

The gargantuan blue 'mini' (Wish I had the red for more irony)
Angel of Valor (I built and played a whole character to use this mini.)
Chain Golem (I just like him. I don't know why)
Arcane Portals and trapped chests (I am ok with dungeon furnishing minis too)
Most anything of clear plastic (Sunshine on through)

I only have a few hundred DDM, but a good selection.

I have see pictures of AWESOME collections here from time to time, though.


I like the Balor, and the Gargantuan Black Dragon makes a great play toy for my three year old! The War Wizard of Cormyr is a pretty cool wizard. Mostly I just buy (un)common singles though so I tend not to buy the really cool minis.


The original Grick

Not the later replacement. How can you re-release a mini and have the sculpt look worse than the original? Oh yeah because you want to produce it cheaper and use less plastic so make it look anorexic and give it a cheaper paint job.



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I've got a few. One player of mine almost always plays rogues. He loves them to death and they're always "dark and mysterious, wearing a big black cloak with the hood pulled up"

Perfect mini for him was the Vampire Hunter from Unhallowed. Good times.


Next, I love the Purple Worm. It's a decent mini, but what puts it above all others for me is that my son carries it around all the time. It's his favourite toy. He's 3.


Canor Morum

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10. Zombie White Dragon (Deathknell)
9. Displacer Beast Pack Lord (War of the Dragon Queen)
8. Mind Flayer Noble (Lords of Madness)
7. Beholder Ultimate Tyrant (Legendary Evils)
6. Heroslayer Hydra (Lords of Madness)
5. Elder Blue Dragon (Lords of Madness)
4. Elder White Dragon (Against the Giants)
3. Huge Red Dragon (Giants of Legend)
2. Aspect of Tiamat (War of the Dragon Queen)
1. Dracolich (War of the Dragon Queen)


[MENTION=65116]Chris Knapp[/MENTION]; I'm with you on the Elder Green. The Adult Grey also has a great combat pose. My favourite, though, is a recent acquisition. Icedeath, which I recently posted in another thread.

I'm also rather fond of the Skullcrusher Ogre. I picked a couple of them up, a while back, and my players probably got tired of seeing them :lol:


Human Wanderer, from the very first set.


Heck yes!

Others include:
Paladin of Torm
Purple Dragon Knight
All the mounted figures (Sorcerer on Black Dragon is gorgeous too)
Sword Archon
Trumpet Archon
all the Angels
Air Genasi Swashbuckler
Ulmo Lightbringer
Eye of Gruumsh
Troll Slasher
Hill Giant Barbarian (heck, giants in general).....


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Artemis Entreri is my #1 - just perfectly captures him, and makes for GREAT assassin/rogue/badasses.

Goliath Barbarian from the Primal heroes set - It's still the only ddm goliath I really like.

The Huge red - While my colossal red is purdy, the huge seemed to be more arrogant and all-together awesome.

Large Blue - Best blue mini they made, imo. Standing on the rock, it just looks awesome.

Earth Titan - A great sculpt, and the enormity of the mini stands out when your players are fighting it. Really adss gravitas to an encounter.

Finally - The Yuan-ti sorcerer - She's just scary, exotic, and awesome all rolled into one.


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Dungeons of Dread Dire Wolf. Sculptor did their job so well, one can tell
Ron Spencer
was the concept artist just from the first glance at the fig. Also the fig was free of the cancerous bone growths most dire animals get depicted with. And being a large uncommon, the fig started reasonably priced on the secondary market.


Unhallowed #14 Changeling rogue makes for the ultimate "faceless" mook
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