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WOIN An Appreciation


Crossed posted on the FB page:

Hey, everyone, I'd just like to say Thank You to the WOIN community. The GM Screen was my first attempt at publishing a third-party product within the RPG industry. And I'm happy to say it's three purchases away from having sold 100 copies between both the landscape and portrait format. So, thank you all.

The What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. system has been my first foray into writing for the RPG industry. I got lucky from the start - Russ chose my Alien Species design for a contest that seems so many years ago. From their I proposed and wrote the Venetian book, The Holds of Vendalyr. I designed and self-published the GM Screen and designed, wrote, and self-published Career Ops: Job Fair #1. I'm sincerely making an effort to evaluate my time management and focus to become more productive (I'm a vicious procrastinator but mostly I love ideas and tend to let new ideas carry me away from current projects.) I have a number of projects that'll be released this year; some I can talk about, others I choose not to discuss because reasons.

I look forward to releasing all of them. And I look forward to bringing new ideas to your WOIN games.

Michael Woods


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