D&D 5E An Upcoming 5E Classic Setting in a Brand New Format: The Realm of the D&D Cartoon Show (?)

Also, when I create adventures, I put in references that are purely for my own amusement, it's unlikely my players will ever spot them.
I agree this is a genuinely useful tool to keep yourself invested as a DM - I inserted a bunch of references to Azalin into my 'Curse of Strahd' game. None of my players were particularly Ravenloft nerds and it was lost on them, but I enjoyed knowing they were there.

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Keep in mind that sites like ComicBook have writers who have to churn out lots of writing to make any money, and so they often just end up writing up stories about fan theories that they read on twitter or on forums like this one. For example, there's nothing in the story that we haven't talked about in this thread - the author could even be just summarizing our discussion here!
I'm the writer of that ComicBook.com article and while I have no shame in admitting that I lurk here on the regular, I'll note that I didn't write this article based off of anything I saw on here. To be honest, I didn't even see this thread until today!

I simply did a Google search this week for the Stormwreck Isle Starter Set to see if any retail listings had popped up, saw a blown up version of the cover from GeekNative, and went "Oh, those adventurers look familiar."


EDIT: Did anybody else notice that the pictures of the maps from the old sticker books contain a place called Lake Melloweed?
That's collectible cards with a different kind of candy, aimed to keep us old grogs happy and munching even more Cheetos instead of polluting this forum with conservative outbreaks!


The "brand new format" could be a format where you create a character based on yourself.
-Shane H. (Dungeonosophy)
I idly ranked my stats in my head, then noticed that others put theirs in the same order:
It's like the "Gamer Array" -

INT: I'm on ENWorld
CHA: I'm involved in a dynamic group activity
DEX: I'm an accomplished roller of dice
CON: I can survive on nothing but Mountain Dew and Cheeto dust
STR: Man, these hardbacks are heavy
WIS: I pre-order every new release, but almost never use any content in a session

Now I'm imagining a new background: D & D Gamer
Grants a bonus language (speak RAW), as well as Advantage on Metagaming checks.
Pretty sure there'd be at least one new Feat, too.

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