D&D 5E Analysis of "Typical" Magic Item Distribution


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The number of rolls on the table are a very bad estimate and I'd ignore it. They don't come close to matching how many monsters you will be killing, and thus hordes you will come across, based on the XP requirements to level. For instance it's quite likely you'll be killing over 60 legendary monsters from 17 to 20, many of which are dragons and should each have a horde and you only end up with 8 rolls. This is why the treasure the published adventures is handing out is higher.

That's a loooot of "legendaries". Couldnt it be less, with say I dont know....literal hordes of lesser enemies for the barbarian to God-of-War through?

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Joe Liker

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If Joe Fighter has a belt of storm giant strength and a +3 greatsword, and Jane Fighter has only mundane gear, I don't know why you need a section in the DMG to tell you there's going to be some imbalance there.
If such a thing does happen, it's an imbalance created by the players, not the rules or the DM. The DM can only assume it's an imbalance the party is happy with for whatever reason, though it might be worthwhile to ask Jane if she's content with what she has.

I know this is beside the point you were making (which I agree with), but I thought it worth mentioning that the DM isn't working in a vacuum where loot allocation is concerned.

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