Ancient China Isometric Region Map Icons Coming Soon


The Inkwell Ideas map icons Patreon goes to Ancient China this month! Below is a sample map made using the isometric world/kingdom style icons. Each month we make 100+ total icons in 4 styles: these, classic world/kingdom, settlement, & battlemat. Support us/get them (at the end of the month) via Patreon!

Ancient China Isometric Region Map Sample
Artist/Cartographer Keith Curtis has created over 25 ancient China isometric world/kingdom map icons in this month’s set. Yes, the set has several icons to let you build a great wall and of course there is an imperial city, palace, and martial arts temple. We also have a couple shrines, pagodas, towns, other cities, villages, forts, and more! He also made a few specific terrain icons for a bamboo forest, rice paddy, and forested & plain Chinese mountains.

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