Bhryn Astairre

A little note hung and held suspended, the paper trimmed with rich gilt and the lettering painstakingly crafted from an already fine hand. The letters are born of an exotic blue and the parchment itself a pure brilliant white. It reads:

Bhryno'vyl Astairre Trueblade Iriden and Dante Trueblade
Are proud to welcome

~ Riyon Davel Trueblade'Iriden ~

Into the world and their hearts. May the Gods bless this child.

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*A drow walks up to the boards, seeing the announcement he pulls a piece of paper out of his armor and writes down the following in blood red ink.*
Congradulations, I hope your child will have a peaceful and interesting life ahead of him.


Bhryn Astairre

Scribes two notes for each reply, and tucks them neatly as tags onto the letters.

Thank you for your well wishing. May you too have a life of peace.


Thank you for bringing the blessing of the Lucky One. You should come and less Bosh play with Riyon someday soon, I'm not saying I have learnt to cook but some kind soul decided to show me a spell to make food from the raw ingredients. Thanks to the Temple, I can eat now, hehe.

We miss you, Jeajea and Lyrana, and baby Jeana.

Bhryn xxx



Another note appears, tacked beneath the others, in a script that bears the mark of an elven writer. The parchment a light faded grey and the ink a deep teal.

Many blessings Bhryn, Dante, and to the new arrival Riyon as well. The shadows watch over those who dwell in the light, and Umbrien is sure to smile upon this child should he ever find his way across the planes. It is good to know that all is well, and that the child is healthy.

~ Tharivious Meliamne

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