Another Immortals Handbook thread

What do you wish from the Immortals Handbook?

  • I want to see rules for playing Immortals

    Votes: 63 73.3%
  • I want to see more Epic Monsters

    Votes: 33 38.4%
  • I want to see Artifacts and epic Magic Items

    Votes: 38 44.2%
  • I want to see truly Epic Spells and Immortal Magic

    Votes: 50 58.1%
  • I want Immortal Adventures and Campaigns Ideas

    Votes: 44 51.2%
  • I want to see a Pantheon (or two) detailed

    Votes: 21 24.4%
  • I want to see something else (post below)

    Votes: 3 3.5%
  • I don't like Epic/Immortal gaming

    Votes: 4 4.7%

  • Poll closed .
Hey all! :)

Okay, its about time I started a new thread, this one should have a poll at the top asking what you want to see next from the Immortals Handbook.

As some of you know, the Immortals Handbook: Epic Bestiary Volume I has been unofficially released. By unofficially I mean that at this point you would be buying the text only version of the 91 page ebook, with the illustrated version following free (for those who buy now) in a week or so.

To get a copy, simply Paypal £3.50 to

and I'll send it to you as soon as possible.
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Yyyep, I'm seeing some editing issues here, but it's still worth it. Primarily, a lot of abilities seem to be missing durations, but that's easy to fix. It seems to happen in a lot of products, actually...
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While there are some editting mistakes here and there the text is overall quite good. I think I am most impressed by the simplcity and ease of the Dire template(s), the new weapon and armor enchantments tucked here and there (Echoing is the best, IMO) and that damned Neutronium Golem... sweet Jesus. Have you made a PC of sufficient level and compared the stats? I just wonder...

You have a good thing going with the Adventure Ideas being so prominent. A very nice touch, if you ask me. Some of them are top notch.

All in all, I'm glad it's here. Keep it coming, and thanks!

Hey guys! :)

Glad you like it. As regards editing, the work was edited, however, from that time, I have since done a lot more to it, so its possible if there are a handful of mistakes in the more recent parts of the text. If you find anything that needs attention; either a mechanical error or a grammatical one, be sure and email me and I'll fix it before the official release. Its a very tricky book to edit without printing it all out, as you guys will have seen the text density is on a par with the core rulebooks.

There are a handful of problem monsters in the book that I'm still not happy with (should Kabiri be incorporeal), or need tweaked in some way (Sandalphons spell list) and there are a few abilities that were cut at the last minute that I should replace (and finish) for the official release (Cherubims Beam of Balance).

The Dire Template is very quick and clean, I like that one myself. One thing no one has mentioned yet is the new Golem format with the six different constructs for each material, I thought that was pretty neat. :eek:

Initially there were a half dozen more epic spells and epic items/artifacts than what ended up in the book, such as the Elohim having a Helm of Epic Brilliance, a Ring of Unelemental Command detailed in its entry and the Thrice Holy epic spell listed in the Seraphims entry. I'm glad you liked what was there, although I am planning to expand most of the artifact descriptions as I feel many of them are far too terse for such powerful items.

I have a big list (I'll include it in the IH at some juncture) that shows the typical stats (AC, SR, Ability Scores, Attack Bonuses, Damage, # of hits to defeat an equal opponent etc.) for the average character for every 10 levels up to 200th. Beyond that point I didn't do any testing, so the Neutronium Golem is one of the few unknown quantities that trusts to the CR/EL system.

Glad you liked the Adventure Ideas, its amazing to think there are over 100 in the document! There are probably a few that are a bit silly, but on the whole I am happy with them. By the way, certain characters (such as the bounty hunter Ioun Eyes or Threemorrow; the technowizard from the future) and artifacts (like the Wheel of Fortune or the Robe of No Eyes) from the Adventure Ideas will be detailed at some point in the IH, rest assured. ;)

Once you guys get time to digest the contents I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on the matter, what monsters you like and why, as well as what monsters you dislike and why. Did you like the CR spread in the book, that sort of thing. Thats should help me when detailing future products.

By the way I should add that the poll in this thread will probably dictate the order the various parts of the Immortals Handbook are released.


I've just started reading, but I've got to say, the size stuff is awesome so far. To me, this is worth the price of admission alone. You're going to save me so much work for the creatures I've been -trying- to stat up, but without much satisfaction. Virtual size catagories are great too... I've been becomming more and more distrurbed as my players reach higher and higher levels about how the bonuses are eclipsing the dice rolling. This is fantastic!


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UK, you're evil... that post gave all kinds of teasers of interesting things in the book, and now I'm going to have to buy it.

And since no one else has said what they voted for on the poll, let me be the first:


Oh, and magic items and artifacts too.


I voted for the playing Immortals bit and the epic spellsystem bit :3
Mostly interested in the Immortals rules though ;)

Hey Fieari mate! :)

Fieari said:
I've just started reading, but I've got to say, the size stuff is awesome so far. To me, this is worth the price of admission alone.

Maybe I should have released that on its own...I could have called it Super-size Me D&D. :p

Fieari said:
You're going to save me so much work for the creatures I've been -trying- to stat up, but without much satisfaction.

One part of that I really like is the Base Damage Modifiers by Shape rules coupled with the Universal Base Damage Table. It just makes working out monster damage for any shape and size (and you know I mean any size) so easy.

Fieari said:
Virtual size catagories are great too... I've been becomming more and more distrurbed as my players reach higher and higher levels about how the bonuses are eclipsing the dice rolling. This is fantastic!

Its a pet hate of mine but I really dislike it when epic monsters have their base damage skyrocketed for no reason, it just smacks of lazy design.

Glad to see you are getting a kick out of the non-monster elements of the Bestiary.

Even though its only a small section I hope people enjoy the Glance at the Kosmos too.


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Voted for a Pantheon or Two, players need a place to look up to and know they have a line to cross, then immortal characters, they need to know that no matter what happens, there is always a time and challenge beyond that and so they can face those challenges, immortal magic, for the truly epic spells are beyond the standard of anything they know so far, but they want more!

Although i would rather see it all released as a boxed set with all hard covers inside and a special character sheet and card paper tables and stuff to check without needing to actually open the book during a game.

I know, sometimes i hold my hope so high...

Hi all! :)

I have just noticed a rather strange error in the pdf. None of the text I had as bold has shown up in the document as bold, none at all! How the heck could this have happened? Does anyone have a clue?

All the monster stat blocks should have bold descriptors like:

Speed: 70 ft. (14 squares)

I am totally perplexed at this.

As soon as I can get that fixed I'll resend it to everyone who has bought it.

Hiya mate! :)

Nifelhein said:
That is rather strange indeed, what program have you used to make the pdf?

Acrobat 5.0

I did some tests, I can get Celestia Antiqua - Semi Bold, but thats a different font entirely, and doesn't look as good anyway.

I have Celestia Antiqua - Bold in my font list, and it shows up okay in my original Pagemaker 6.5 version. But when I turn it into a pdf all bold punctuation (on Celestia Antiqua and Scala Sans) disappears.

Edit: The weird thing is, italicised text can be seen, but bold text cannot.


With regards to the kosmos thingy... not bad. Very interesting take on dimensions, which I personally like to think of as significantly more physical. I can understand the rational though. I think I may have mentioned before the dimensional progression I use in my games....

1-3 Prime
4 Time (Possibilities)
5 Impossibilities (all different rule systems, different laws of physics, etc... you call this the multiverse, I think)
6 Metaverse
7 Omniverse
8+ (????)

My thought was to work with a geometric progression so that even if I couldn't define exactly what the higher dimensions are, I could have rules for dealing with creatures in one interacting with creatures in another. Those with Time Freedom, for example (not limited to traveling in one direction in time, can just as easily stay still, go backwards, etc. Not "porting" to another point in time then resuming forewards progress, but actually having complete time freedom at every moment) are those who are in the 4th dimension, but are directly interacting with the first three (which is entirely unfair, but I've got rules for it). But each level of advantage you can get in this manner can be topped by simply going one higher in an infinite progression, even if I can't actually understand how vastly vaster than the previous stage this new level of vastness is. Infinitely more vast, in fact.

You've stuck a bunch of dimensions inbetween what I've listed as 4 and 5 though, and I'm not sure those work with my geometric progression thingy. Perhaps they could work out... it gives more layers in which maybe you can understand exactly what's going on... interesting.

I find the purpose of your Nuetronium Golems interesting though. Defending the borders between dimensions... you have this marked down (with your plot hook ideas) as fighting against, say, an invasion of psuedo-natural creatures... but looked at in another way, it might be said that they're defending against people doing exactly what I described above. Directly interacting with a lower dimension from a higher one, which is insanely powerful and more or less bypasses a lot of the normal rules in favor of the one on the dimension higher. If those area effects were to "leak" into higher/lower dimensions (as physics suggests black holes might anyway, which is why time travel via black hole is such an oft visited topic in scifi and other speculation) they would make pretty good enforcers against people doing just that. Incredibly nasty enforcers. INCREDIBLY NASTY enforcers. OH MY GOD THAT'S UNBELIEVABLY WACKED OUT NOTHING CAN SURVIVE OR STAND A CHANCE AAAAAAAARRRRGHHHHHHH enforcers.

Something for me to ponder. I don't think I'll be using them in my game though. I want there to be more inter-dimension interaction...


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Hi all,

I have been following the Immortal Handbook threads for three years now, although I have never actively participated in the discusssion.

It is good to see that you have finished the very first part of the book Upper_Krust :).

However, judging from the latest Immortal Handbook thread I think that you would need a good manager :) (well, Anabstercorian fits nicely for that position :p ).

By the way, would it be possible to pay for the book by check (it would be very easy for me, since I am in UK at the moment)?


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On the topic of management, I'm going to rummage through the book later today and look for editing errors outside of the statblocks - the statblocks themselves are too dense for me to bother with just now, simply too much too quickly. I'll see what errors I can find so you can correct them.

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