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5E Anti-DM Tips (AKA what NOT to do!)


Well, that was fun
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1. Insist that all your players adopt mildly offensive stereotypical accents. Refuse to accept anything they say that isn't "in character".

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Well, that was fun
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2. When you're unsure of something, stop the game and make your players spend a fascinating five minutes watching you read a rulebook.


3. Put real world races or religious groups into your game and either subjugate or disenfranchise them. I would suggest playing a colonialism setting with mature players only, as it can get very racist very quickly and might be awkward and off putting for players (especially minorities).


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4. Write down ideas on loose pieces of paper. If you need it, and it isn't in your binder, you will lose it.
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5.b. Write a story that assumes players will do exactly what you expect. When they don't, get into a huff and throw your binder into the trash while exclaiming "Well that​ was a waste of time!"


Well, that was fun
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6. Try to DM your players in real life, and assume that your in-game authority translates to real-life authority. Encourage bribes.


7. Insist the party have a certain mix of classes and races, so that they will succeed. (Otherwise, they just won't have any fun if they are not prepared for your adventure).


Well, that was fun
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8. Try really hard to think of reasons to say no to players. When you can't think of one, fall back on "because I said so!"


Preparing everything that's in every nook and cranny. Make sure every hex on your hex map has sub hexes, and make sure those sub hexes have something there.


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11. Fill your game with tons of cagey, quirky NPCs that the PCs have to spend valuable game time awkwardly interviewing to find the adventure.

After a session of this and after they fail to find any sort of action, grin smugly and say,"That WAS the adventure. It's called ROLEPLAYING because there was no combat."


Based on my own "vast" experience as a DM.

12. Encourage inter-party conflict, especially if you keep secrets. Help all of your players screw each other over.

13. Bring a God NPC into the game, played by you. You have to protect your story after all, it is far more important than letting your players run around with no direction. Make sure your NPC is stronger than all the other PC's in every area of the game, and gets some cool unique magic items.


Let the party break up as often as you can and promote individual side-quests like the thief sneaking off in the night to try to steal from someone not related to the quest. Make sure it takes at least an hour away from the other players.

Along the same line- let the thief steal from other party members. This is a sure-fire way to have hours of fun!


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14. Never follow the basic assumptions of the game, and then complain loudly how the game is broken.


15. Never accept any player input on where he or she wants their character's arc to go in the game. Instead try to force their character into your vision for your gameworld, even if what you want is the opposite of what the player wants.


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17. Let a player bully you into accepting something that makes you uncomfortable. Auto kill spell tactic, crazy class combo, etc.

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