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WotC Anyone Else Tired of the Wizards Bashing?

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I sure hope you've never had to investigate anything, because YouTube Guy is really low on the list of people they need to talk to, especially since they know he'll immediately announce that it happened on YouTube.
I am not following, is he saying who he got it from on Youtube? Otherwise I would definitely ask him

But he bought them. The fact that someone upstream stuck the wrong stuff in the box that he eventually purchased does not magically make him not the purchaser.
they make him not the purchaser of this set, not sure what is so hard about that


Morkus from Orkus
Two of Wizards' actions have been unexcusable this year-the hiring of the Pinkertons and attempting to revoke the OGL. Condem Wizards for these actions and move on. I would prefer not to have the game I enjoy playing most being attacked incessantly for years to come for anything it's detractors can spin, and I hope others will join me in condemning these actions.
This reads to me like, "Two of WotC's actions have been inexcusable this year, so let's excuse them and instead condemn the people who find those two things inexcusable."


Isn't it crazy that so many people in this thread defend WotC even though WotC apologized for sending armed thugs to intimidate someone? You guys don't even agree with WotC when they say they went too far!
Well that's because WotC, in actuality, absolutely does not believe they went too far. They're saying that to save face and for PR reasons.

You see, as a corporation, their only allegiance is to money not any ethical norm. Do you honestly believe any corporation's PR?


it's almost like one group of fans are willing to overlook WotC's past actions (the whole 30th-anniversary nonsense) since they more than likely don't know nor care what the OGL fiasco is/was instead of being fixated on it.
30th, OGL, Pinkerton.

Man, what a great company to give luxury funds to. :ROFLMAO:


If I can look at a penny and see where in the US it was minted, WotC should definitely figure out some way to track their cards better, since they can't seem to get a handle on their distribution chain.
The more I read about it, the more I’m convinced this is what they wanted most of all. Boxes and foil packet serial numbers so they have concrete proof for internal investigations/dismissals/police action. if it was my company then that would be pretty high on my agenda.

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