Anyone else use Rogue Genius Games stock art?


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In particular the stuff by Jacob Blackmon. I've got a bunch of them because they are a) cheap ($1.95 normally) b) very good quality and c) often on sale for half price.

However, rather than every other stock art I've bought, they don't come as image files, they come as PDFs. So you have to copy and paste them into your image program to actually get a usable file.

This works for the color pieces. But most of them also have black & white and line art versions (which is very nice, Purple Duck also does this) which are the ones I want to use. However, when I copy and paste them from the PDF into my image program (I'm using Paint Shop Pro which is way old but I know how to use it) instead of a b&w image on a white background (as shown in the PDF), I get the image but on a black background with a lot of noise in the black background.

Which isn't very usable. So I've been just taking a screenshot of the PDF and using that, which works, but it's like half the resolution.

Anyone have a similar experience with the art? Is it my image program? I suppose I should learn how to use GIMP, but PSP has served me for close to 15 years

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No, but I've seen this pulling other images from PDFs. Different programs (PDF Xchange, etc) may pull slightly different images, but it has something to do with layers and stuff that's beyond me. I've had people tell me to use masks and stuff that doesn't make sense to me.

Instead I would try to reach out the DMsG Author and try to get them to upload the images or give you instructions on how to actually extract the images. In my experience, they have never actually tried to use the images they supply themselves.

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