Anyone know anything about: The "Spark Roleplaying Game".


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I was just browsing kickstarting and this caught my eye.

This only has three hours left so it is unlikely that many people will see this before it expires.

It fits in nicely with my style of play. My games tend to borrow heavily from history and I like putting players into a broader historical context. Sometimes they are just swept along; sometimes they have the ability to change the historical outcome; sometimes not.

Has anyone heard about this? Know anything about it?


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I would have to say I know a little bit about it. :) I'm the author of this little project and I would ver very happy to answer any question you might have.

Jason Pitre for Genesis of Legend Publishing


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Guess I was looking for positive or negative opinions!

I just did a scan of your blog posting on the game. I saw your Tribes 8 influence (a game I never played). Any influence from Amber Diceless RPG?

Heading over to buy in now...


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Lots of indirect influences from Amber Diceless. I never got a chance to really play in that system, but I picked up a great deal from some real Amber veterans and I have done some research.

We have a full collection of interesting ballanced reviews over in backer update 7. The system won't let me post a link directly here.

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