Dragonlance Anyone know of a 3rd party adventure follow on to SODQ?


I would leave 9-14 for the Classic campaign. I have no interest in grafting that on to SotDQ in any significant manner. That's for the Classic campaign.
that is why I ended my post with YMMV ;)
Yes, I would run Dargaard Keep as the SotDQ conclusion. I find removing encounters from a module that are a paragraph or less to be EASY. None of this 1st ed stuff translates to 5e without re-working it. That applies to every module or adventure ever published -- DL16 included.
I used the Tarrasque as an example that DL16 might not be what he is expecting, not as something that cannot be overcome. I also would not use 1e at all, I would go with the 3.5 books, that is an improved and expanded version of the 1e/2e modules. Also, in my OP there were monster conversions for it already

The real reason for the OP to not use them is
I love the classic Dragonlance volumes, but I don't think that is what we are looking for.

The main problem is most of the players are thoroughly familiar with them and some of us have both played them and then DMed them for multiple different groups.
which I was not aware of

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It really doesn't. There are no issues of any consequence there. At all.

This sounds a lot like "I don't like it" rather than "this is a problem". You get to like what you like, but problems suggest an objective element that is more than opinion and taste.

I am saying this from my experience when I DMed it years ago in 1E without the custom players. A lot of the NPC interactions surround the prejen characters, particularly all encounters with Kitiara in the middle of the story (basically Tarsis through the blood sea). The encounters with elves and Solamnic knights also reference specific PCs at times.

I am not saying you can't modify it to suit a custom group but you are losing a lot of the as written plot line if you do.


Just to follow up we finished tonight. It was 10 sessions total. We were about about one third through when I made this post, not one half like I thought.

I really liked the campaign. First Paladin I have played (Kender Conquest Paladin Sword Knight of Solamnia), wielding a Dragonlance at games end!

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