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5E Apparently that semester of drama in 9th grade paid off lol


Started DMing a new campaign today with people who haven't experienced my DMing yet. So the first introductory session.

I won't tell you the accents of the NPCs I was going for, but I'll tell you what the players thought they were.

Female clerk logging all visitors into the keep: Roz from monsters Inc.

Tavernkeeper: large mean Australian woman with a sailors mouth

Keep wizard and his doppelgangers: Cheech and Chong meets the Canadian McKenzie brothers.

But hey, I had them literally rolling on the floor laughing at times, so I guess it was a success. 😂

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Well, the clerk I was going for an angry DMV clerk older woman, who ended up arguing with a snively whiny replacement that was late, so she was late to go to break. Right in the middle of the players trying to submit their paperwork. So they were pretty close.

The wizards I was going for a Minnesotan accent, and I kept slipping out of it. The three of them kept trying to sell their wares to the warlock PC who was there, but kept undercutting each other and it sounded like a typical Cheech and Chong interaction by accident lol

The tavern keeper was originally a no nonsense imposing woman with an Australian accent, which I've always been able to do that well, so it was spot on. She had a super potty mouth towards patrons who were cheapskates, and a town guard who had previously accosted the PCs who entered the tavern. On the spot I decided to have them have had a history, so it turned into a divorce court style argument. Most of all of these interactions I just made the background and topic up on the fly based on what the players were doing in the scenario.

And a bit later in a remote village, they had a conversation with a really drunk man in a tavern, and I can do a really good drunk impersonation as well, so there was much laughter in that scenario as well. The drunk man advised the PCs he had seen a strange man with no hand, and rather than answer their questions, he kept getting fixated on the no hand part. "How doesh he clap whenhesh happy!". (under his breath) "I sure hope it wasn't hish...hand fer happy private time..."


The first thing that "semester of drama in 9th grade" brought to mind was something quite different that what I think you meant. ;)

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