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In recent weeks, in the megalopolis of Nuova Este in what was once northeastern Italy, several people of different origins and social statuses have mysteriously disappeared into thin air without leaving a trace. Despite the considerable technological means at their disposal, the metropolitan police have not obtained even the slightest clue as to what happened. This is causing irritation in the city authorities, and therefore the intervention of the Arcana Familia has been requested, the para-governmental organization that deals with the most particular and insoluble cases of the Earth Union, and whose operative agents are described by urban legends and sensationalist blogs like real invincible superheroes, unaware of their true nature. Little does the team know, however, that their investigation will begin a chain of events that could lead to open war against one of their oldest and most insidious enemies, whose sprawling plans are intertwined across the globe.

Arcana Familia is an esoteric cyberpunk ttrpg with an original rules system based on the Blackjack card game, set in a future where occult worlds interwine with dark technology. In a future Earth where the appearance of the god of reality He Who Has Many Names has allowed an unprecedented technological increase in exchange for human's freedom to decide his destiny, The players will play creatures from another dimension, the Aos, who infiltrate our universe for their own mysterious purposes, offering diabolical deals to desperate people in exchange for the power to manipulate the world by ignoring its physical laws, and their human servants and contractors known as the Lost Children. Together they have been co-opted by the mysterious Arcana Familia for the purpose of conveying, conveying and supervising the movements of these entities so that they do not bring chaos to the Earth Union and to the plans of its enigmatic ruler Basileo, as well as those of other unnatural subjects who in the have infested the world in recent years.

Fresh Meat is an adventure lasting about three sessions of hypothetical investigative games, the events of which however will start an extended plot that could influence the future of the Arcana Familia, the Earth Union and even the entire world. It can easily be used as an incipit for a group of newly recruited Aos and Lost Children to begin a wide-ranging extended chronicle, and constitutes the first element of a saga that will be further expanded in other modules, although it can easily constitute a case in itself . The book will also describe in detail the building that serves as the headquarters of the local department of the Arcana Familia of Nuova Este and at the same time as a dormitory for its agents, the latter each presented in their own roles. Finally, additional optional rules will be described to allow agents to use vehicles of various types, both during breathtaking chases and in combat. Despite being convenient and practical, it is not always possible to use the subway!

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