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[Arcane Row - Venza]The Mystic Pearl

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
A human with hair the color of flames walks in, his attire clean and pressed. He walks up to the counter and asks, "Guten tag mein herr, I vish to know if you might haf a set of bracers of a stronger enchantment then das ones I haf on?" His thick accent is of a far Landonel Barony, though is is still understandable.

"Why ja, I mean yes, Herr Heinrich, right here!" answers the proprieter.

"goot, how about das scroll of Ablative Barrier or a pearl uf recall [pearl of power]?"

"Both of those!" exclaims the man behind the counter

bracers ac +2 1d100=38
scroll of abative barrier 1d100=43

+1 bracers armor 1000 gp

+2 bracers armor 4000 gp
pearl of power 1000 gp from stock
scroll abative barrier 375 gp

balence due:4375 gp

he returns to his estates

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First Post
A well armored man wonders into the Mystic Pearl, intent of finding some new things after bashing some Ogre's to death.

"Ohy! Do you have a magical version of one of these?"

Handing over his wicked looking blade, the manager smiles and says "Why, in fact we do! We just had a rare version of this sword brought in. Forged from a special iron, I think the equipment would be quite worth it for you."

Tyrion takes the cold iron sword in his hand, and smiles a little as he swings it around. "How much?"

"4450 gold pieces sir."

With a shake of his head Tyrion says "Damn, too high. What about one forged from good ol' steel."

The shop keeper thinks for a minute before smiling "I do have one actually. Also, take a look at this cape while I look in the back."

Noting the fine detail on a simple black cape, Tyrion is all smiles when the shop keeper returns. "I'll take em both. Keep that sword; some rookie might want to use it."

Wrapping the cloak around his neck, and sheathing the new sword over his back, Tyrion sets off back to the Inn.

Ring of Sustenance: fail 1d100=82
Looking for +1 Cold Iron Falchion: Success! But forgot its 4.5k 1d100=22
Looking for +1 Falchion: Success! 1d100=24
Looking for Cloak of Resistance +1: Taking the Inventory's

Selling: MWK Falchion
Buying: +1 Falchion, Cloak of Resistance +1
Total: 3000 gp.

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First Post
Rolling to determine if a Headband of Vast Intelligence is in the Market within Blasingdell as per The Forge of Fury rules...

Roll of 1 to 75 on a d100 will get me the Headband of Vast Intelligence +2 (Result: 56) (EDIT: Please note, I accidentally mispelled Blasingdell when making that roll).

Headband of Vast Intelligence +2 is present in Blasingdell.

We will each be getting at least 767 gp of loot off of the Orc's treasure. As of the time that I last counted my Time Based XP I had 3,836.47 gp to my name not counting expenditures already made. So when combined with what I get from the Orc Treasure, that is a total of 4,603.47 gp. Deducting 4,000 gp for the headband of vast intelligence +2 would leave me with 603.47 gp.

EDIT: I just rolled randomly to determine the skill that my headband of vast intelligence grants skill points in and I determined it the following way: I roll a 1d10 and on each of the numbers it gains one of the knowledge skills at random as follows:

1 = Arcana
2 = Dungeoneering
3 = Engineering
4 = Geography
5 = History
6 = Local
7 = Nature
8 = Nobility
9 = Planes
10 = Religion

Since I rolled an 8, the random number generator determined that the headband would grant skill ranks in Knowledge (Nobility) equal to Fae'shiel's hit points after she has worn the headband for 24 hours. Assuming that is acceptable with the DM's?

EDIT2: Also attempting to find a Cloak of Resistance in Blasingdell Result 65 = success

OOC: Final Purchases
Headband of Vast Intellect +2, w/ Knowledge (Nobility) = 4,000 gp
Cloak of Resistance +1 = 1,000 gp

Final GP Total = 737.97
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Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
Heinrich schribeiberson: learn / write spell - ablative barrier [18 = success]
decipher script dc 23: 1d20+13=21 failure retry in 3 days real time [4 feb] -forgot to this first.

1d20+13=16 failure; retry 22 Feb 2013


retry: If you fail to learn a spell from a spellbook or scroll, you must wait at least 1 week
before you can try again. [real time to Venza time is 3:1]
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Iago strolls through the streets of Blasingdell. The group's meeting with the priestess, Ariel, relieves his most urgent concerns, but he still feels some apprehension about the upcoming exploration of the mountain.

As he passes a vendor, he notices a rune-covered backpack. Taking it up, he realizes it is larger inside than out.

The vendor spies his interest, and they begin to bargain.

OOC: Iago is purchasing a Handy Haversack. His roll is a success. Looking for Handy Haversack in Blasingell (1d100=60)

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
Heinrich schribeiberson: learn / write spell - ablative barrier [18 = success]
decipher script dc 23: 1d20+13=21 failure retry in 3 days real time [4 feb] -forgot to this first.

1d20+13=16 failure; retry 22 Feb 2013


retry: If you fail to learn a spell from a spellbook or scroll, you must wait at least 1 week
before you can try again. [real time to Venza time is 3:1]

Heinrich schribeiberson: learn / write spell - ablative barrier [18 = success]
decipher script dc 23:1d20+13=18failure retry in 3 days real time [12 feb] -forgot about the re-try.


First Post
Thuvian walks into the shop and heads straight to the scroll section, where he spends some time looking over the various scrolls, but ultimately he only picks one up before moving to other areas of the store, where he spends significantly less time. He grabs a few defensive items before heading over to the weapons section, where he frowns a bit before picking up a couple of things there and heading to the register, where he sells a few old items as he is buying what he picked up. Once everything is paid for at the register, he inquires about their enchanting services and proceeds to commission that the MW crossbow he was forced to settle on be enchanted to +1.

Scroll of Haunted Fey Aspect, +1 Bracers of Armor (1d100, 1d100=[47], [56])
+1 Light Crossbow, +1 Dagger (1d100, 1d100=[83], [1])

OOC: Selling
Dagger 2 gp
Crossbow 35 gp

Scroll of Haunted Fey Aspect 12.5 gp
+1 Bracers of Armor 1000 gp
+1 Cloak of Resistance 1000 gp
+1 Dagger 2302 gp
MW Crossbow 335

upgrade to +1 Crossbow 2000 gp

Total: spent 6612.5 gp
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Damaris enters the establishment with a big smile on her face and almost tip toes to the counter. "Good day sir! I was wondering if would you have a nice magical cloak...oh, and also a good longbow, wait, you know what? Give me a Composite one... yes, that one!" she says thrilled. "Oh, and by any chance would you have half a wand of Cure Light Wounds?"

Afterwards she goes down the street from the Mystic Pearl to talk to Rhibarn about getting some living quarters. "I'm looking for something cozy, well lit and with big windows" She ends up with with a small apartment near the market with a partial view to a nice park.


Shortbow 30gp

Cloak of Resistance +1 1000gp
Wand of Cure Light Wound (25 charges) 375gp
Masterwork Shortbow 380gp
Cost of Living 100gp
total buy: 1855

Balance 30.78
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First Post
Returning back to the Mystical Pearl, Tyrion strolls back up to the counter.

"So, I forgot to pick up a compass last time I was here. Ya got one lying round?"

After being handed a nice looking compass, Tyrion takes out 10 gold pieces, and places them on the counter.

Acquring 100' of twine, a belt pouch, and Flint and Steel from his house.
Purcasing a compass.

10 GP total.

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
A human with the hair the color of flames enters the mystic pearl.

" I look fur head band." he says to the proprietor who hands him one. 1d100=62

"Ah goot, I trade?" he produces bracers

OOC: sell bracers ac +2 4000 gp
buy headband of vast intelligence +2 4000 gp

random knowledge:

goot day sir!


"Good day" Galandra says to the shop keeper, now that she's more familiar with the place. "I hope I can find this... I need an efficient quiver and a very, VERY good composite longbow." She checks all available longbows until deciding for one made of bright red wood. "Yes, this one will be fine. I'll be also getting the following, please" she passes an additional list to the man with the rest of the items she needs.

Starts with 3,971.58 gp

Composite Longbow Str+2 300gp
Total +300 gp

Efficient Quiver 1800gp
Cloak of Resistance +1 1000gp
Masterwork Composite Longbow STR+3 750gp
x10 Masterwork Arrows 60gp
x10 Javelins 10gp
x3 Spears 6gp
Quarterstaff --

Total -3626 gp

Final Balance 645.58 gp

Satin Knights

First Post
Arianna returns to the Mystic Pearl, the emporium where anything can be bought, if you know how to ask for it. She finds a clerk and gets help finding most of what she is looking for. A backpack that carries the weight so she doesn't have to. And it has to be able to deal with her extended trips in the sea. Something that blocks magic missiles and lets her fling them back at people. Something that will let her tip the scales of luck when she needs it most. These major items the clerk is able to find for her. When looking for a potion to endure cold or hot weather, the shop is out of stock. They do have potions that will make her bigger and stronger though. Finally, she comes to the realization that her money purse is not infinitely full and settles up on what they have found together so far.

"Wait a minute, I can't use that thing. It is for sirens, not me." She puts back the scrawled trinket.

8,000 gp Ring of Forcefangs (1d100=14) success
2,000 gp Handy Haversack (1d100=43) success
1,000 gp Page of Spell Knowledge containing "Timely Inspiration" (1d100=17) success
....--- gp Potion of Endure Elements (1d100=86) failed
....50 gp Potion of Enlarge Person (1d100=69) success
....50 gp Potion of Ant Haul (1d100=31) success
11,100 gp total purchases

-1,000 gp Page of Spell Knowledge. (oops, doesn't work for her.)
10,100 gp total purchases
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First Post
A pale eyed dwarf bursts into the Mystic Pearl, literally skidding to a stop.

"Can I help y--" the clerk begins.

"No time! No time! Cavernous Hode is horribly underdressed! And late! How can he be an adventurer if he is underdressed and late? He will be roundly mocked and never invited to adventure again!" He begins tearing through the bins.

"Sir! Sir! I must ask y--"

"This! This is perfect for Cavernous Hode!" he says, holding up a breastplate carved from a turtle shell. "And Cavernous Hode will take some potions and things," he says, sweeping the contents of a shelf into his pack.

"But it costs--"

The dwarf throws a large pouch of gold on the counter and pulls off his hide armor. "This is adequate compensation, yes?" he says, pulling on the breastplate.

"Sir! Sir! You--"

"No time! No time! Cavernous Hode is already late!" He runs out of the store in no less of a hurry than he ran in.

As the door closes, the clerk sighs and says, "I was trying to tell you that you had the breastplate on backwards."

MWK Hide armor: 165 gp

+1 bone agile breastplate 1350gp +1 bone BP (1d100=19)
origami swarm 300 gp origami swarm (1d100=34)
Potion of Longstrider (50 gp) -in stock
Potion of Magic Fang (50gp) -in stock
feather token fan (200gp) feather token fan (1d100=52)
Stubborn nail (100gp) stubborn nail (1d100=42)
Potion, Oil of Magic Weapon (50 gp total) - in stock
universal solvent (50 gp) - universal solvent (1d100=28)
feather token tree (400gp) -in stock

Total spent: 2550 gp
Total recieved: 165 gp
Net change: -2385 gp

Not in stock
Cloak of resist +1 (1d100=89)
elixir of hiding (1d100=79)


First Post
Haunted Fey Aspect = 71; Mount = 46

Thuvian quickly stops by Arcane Row, though his stops include more than just the Mystic Pearl. At the Pearl, he quickly grabs a few more scrolls he thinks might be useful, alhtough. The rest of the shopping trip involves securing and provisioning for a mount and himself for a long trip. He then retires to his home to quickly get a few of the more useful spells put in his spellbook.

[sblock=Transcription of spells into spellbook]Spellcraft (Haunted Fey Aspect) = 23
Spellcraft (Create Pit) = 26, Spellcraft (Detect Secret Doors) = 29[/sblock]

OOC: Buying
Scroll of Haunted Fey Aspect 12.5 gp
Scroll of Mount 25 gp
Transcribing Costs 55 gp
Light Horse 75 gp
Riding Saddle 10 gp
Feed for horse for 10 days 5 sp
Trail Rations for 10 days 5 gp
Tent 10 gp
Folding Chair 2 gp

Total 195 gp
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Satin Knights

First Post
Having received a retainer for more work, Tasanto stops by the Pearl to pick up a couple scrolls. Shopping around, he finds what he needs. To cover the costs, he still has to sell back a potion, but the new scrolls provide more versatility. Considering the long journey, he stocks up on food as well for the trip. The final item he grabs is a small tent.

200 gp Scroll of Summon Eidolon (1d100=43) success
200 gp Scroll of Lesser Evolution Surge (1d100=1) crit success (too bad crits don't get extra goodies here.)
8 gp for 16 days of trail rations
10 gp for a small tent
-50 gp Selling one potion of Cure Light Wounds
368 gp paid


"Well, hello! Good sir! Not so long since my last visit, I hope!" Damaris giggles and moves closer to the counter. "I'll be getting some mundane stuff this time"

Initial funds 330.78

x2 oil - NT
x1 soap - NT
1x Bedroll - NT
1x Sack - NT
x20 Trial rations - 10gp
x2 Holy Water - 50gp
x1 Alchemist Fire - 20gp
x1 Acid Flask - 10gp
Total 90gp

x1 Light Horse - 75 gp
x1 Bit and bridle - 2gp
x1 Riding saddle - 10gp
Total 87 gp

GRAND TOTAL - 177 gp
Remaining Funds - 153.78gp


First Post
Tyrion returns to buy a few more things he forgot...
Light Horse - 75 gp
Bit and Bridle - 2 gp
Riding Saddle - 10 gp
CLW potion SK just sold - 50 gp
2 addional CLW potions from stock - 100 gp
Soap - NT
x20 Trail Rations - 10 gp
Total - 247 Gold
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First Post
Amien comes in at some point in his free time, heading up to the counter to speak with the keeper, "Is it possible to find some healing potions this time 'round? I also want to look at your magical items."

OOC: Potion of Cure Light Wounds x2 1d100=33, 1d100=14 - Success for both: 100 GP
Handy Haversack 1d100=21 - Success: 2000 GP



First Post
Anaerion comes in, looking for a special spellbook that will allow him a much easier time adding spells. However, not finding one, he discusses with the clerk about having one crafted for him.

In the mean time, Anaerion looks for a ring that will allow him more time in the day to be awake, and a spell that will simplify his camping when he returns to the field.

But for now, Anaerion was looking for a place to live while living in Venza. He asks around for a place with ample storage space for books, to both further his study and to allow Malkovian more books to read.

Blessed Book: Not found :( 1d100=100. Commission Started 3/25/2013. Paid 12,500 in advance for completion. Will be completed in 39 days, on May 3rd 2013.
Ring of Sustenance: 1d100=58
Average Life Style: 100 gp
Rope Trick 1d100=3 190 gold. Anaerion auto makes the Spellcraft check (DC 17 vs Spellcraft + 19)
Books: 400 gp in reading materials.

17,400 gold in total.

Anaerion returns later in the afternoon, inquring about a stylish cloak to wear while he goes adventuring. Finding one that meets his need, he quickly buys it and leaves.

Cloak of Resistance +1: 1d100=28 Found. 1000 gp
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