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[Arcane Row - Venza]The Mystic Pearl

Scott DeWar

Prof. Emeritus-Supernatural Events/Countermeasure
A human of light featured but slightly red skin from time in the sun approaches the mystic pearl and enters. He looked at all of the baubles and items for sale and slowly passes them all only to eventually stop at the parchment scrolls that are stacked up. He peruses them until he understands the categorization process and then starts looking for what he came here in search of.

he pulls out two scrolls over time and then walks up to the counter. Asking in a polite low voice he asks for 2 potions of healing. the clerk returns with two vials and Heinrich counts out the gold and takes his purchases. right before he leaves he stops and returns to the scrolls and searche a different group.

he looks pleased when he finds two more scrolls after a bit. He walks to the counter again and talks price. he counts out more gold and then packs all of his purchases up and quickly leaves to the Dunn Wright Inn.
money spent:
Scrolls: 50 gp +300 gp
potions: 100 gp Healing
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Maidhc O Casain

Na Bith Mo Riocht Tá!
Pari and Tagaiwi once more stalk the aisles of the Mystic Pearl. Once finding the Armor section, he begins browsing through the piles of armor. Luckily, they're sorted by size and shape . . . though it takes him a while, he finally finds a set that suits his purposes. Tagaiwi's none too happy with him; it takes the cat most of the long walk back to the Dunn Wright to get used to moving in the supple suit of leather barding, and the studs of bone set into it irritated him until he became accustomed to them.
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Aldern Foxglove

First Post
Izzik strides into the Mystic Pearl grinning, and begins running from item to item with childish exuberance. After a half hour or so - trying on every hat and helmet insight takes some time - he moves over to the counter beaming.

"Some place you have, must be brilliant working here! Izzik Deeks, pleased to meet you - Almar right? Anyway I am looking for something to make it easier for me to carry stuff, maybe a well crafted pack? I don't know anything else you can suggest?"

Almar Ben Shawari twirls his moustaches as he considers, "Ah yes! I have the very thing, not only will it enable you to carry more than a sturdy mule, but it will also enhance the appearance of your musculature to a most impressive degree. Ah here they are, Muleback Cords Master Izzik Deeks! Do try them on!"

The summoner excitedly stips to the waist and wraps the cords around his shoulders and biceps before pulling his shirt back on and making a strongman pose.

"Resplendent master Deeks!"

Izzik beams, "You have yourself a deal Almar my man! Now I was also looking for some scrolls... Oh, let me have, um, three of those, and one of them, and hmmm. Let's see I could also use a shield that will not get in the way too much... Darkwood, yes that will work! Now I also wanted some mundane stuff, and I suppose I can upgrade my armor..."

OOC: Izzik buys the Muleback Cords for 1000gp.
3 Scrolls of Rejuvinate Eidolon Lesser for 75gp
A Scroll of Expeditious Retreat for 25gp
A Scroll of Mount for 25gp
Darkwood Shield for 257gp
Flask of Acid x 5 50gp
Vermin Repellent x 3 15gp
Spell Component Pouch 5gp
Scroll Case 1gp
Backpack 2gp
Bedroll 1sp
Shaving Kit 15sp
Belt Pouch 1gp
And a regular Chain Shirt for 100gp

And sells his Studded Leather Armor for 25gp.

Total expenditure 1532gp and 6sp.
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Ausk will walk into the Mystic Pearl and be absolutely amazed at the interior. His primary objective is to find a weapons rack to see if a better heavy flail might be available. He finds a few, and eventually settles on one of good solid dwarven manufacture after filling the store with several solid thwacks as he tests them all multiple times to ensure that they are of proper quality. He will also pick up a potion of cure light wounds, a staple that no adventurer should be without, and checks into selling back some of his old weaponry to help pay for everything.
OOC: Buying
Masterwork Heavy Flail: 315 gp
Potion of Cure Light Wounds: 50 gp
Total: 365 gp

Heavy Flail: 15 gp
Dagger: 2 gp
Total: 17 gp

Final Cost: 348 gp
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Disappointed in the performance of the shortbow he used as of late, Bozzago wandered into the Pearl, intent on replacing it. He felt that a longbow would be far more efficient, especially one he could take advantage of his strength with. He would rather not have another comrade die on his watch.

The tengu did not quite find the specific variety of longbow he was looking for, but during his search he would come across an ordinary, well-made shortbow. Bozzago would decide to fork over the 375 gold pieces, and another piece for a quiver of arrows to go with it. He would sell his shortbow to help pay it off.

OOC: Buying:
masterwork shortbow for 335 gp
20 shortbow arrows for 1 gp

shortbow for 30 gp
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Thy wounds are healed!
Need to add treasure from Bat's in the Belfry...


Dust of dryness = 850gp
Elixirs of hiding(x2) = 250gp each
Potion of magic fang = 50gp
masterwork shortbow = 330gp

So if any judge has time to add this please let me know. If not I will tonoght after work.

[MENTION=6667969]Mahorfeus[/MENTION] you have listed masterwork shortbow at 335gp cost is 330gp don't spend that extra 5gp all in one place now you hear. And it was ok to use the roll for the mw longbow for the mw shortbow instead (even though it wouldn't have mattered mw shortbow was on the way) ;)



First Post
When Ausk enters the Mystic Pearl this time, his objective is the consumable magic section. Seeing a potion of longstrider sitting on a shelf, he will grab it for those situations where he needs more speed than his leg currently allows him to have. He will also inquire into the procurement of half a dozen cure light scrolls. Finding only one in stock, he will take it, along with a scroll case and a third belt pouch to carry his potions and scrolls in, and hurry out to rejoin the rest of the group as they head out to hunt some goblins.

OOC: Buying
Potion of Longstrider 50 gp
Scroll of Cure Light Wounds 25 gp
Scroll Case 1 gp
Belt Pouch 1 gp
Total cost 77 gp
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Aldern Foxglove

First Post
Izzik tuts, "Only one scroll? How about a wand? Maybe I should by more acid, ooh, or this! What is this? I'm going to try it on! Oh I don't think you wear it like that, that does not smell right, hmmm." He pulls out dusty oddment after oddment examining each excitedly in turn.

OOC: Sunshadow: Since the 2nd roll was a fail you only find 1 scroll of Cure Light Wounds - once you fail to find one once you cannot see if they have another one, that would be rather silly.

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Finding herself overburdened with her new gear, Garnet Sharnhearth attempts to purchase a better backpack

OOC: Trying to buy MW backpack. Got this advice re: character level up just before new adventure began, but nothing serious has happened yet. Hope it does not create a problem to retcon it.


Thy wounds are healed!
[sblock=OOC] I don't believe that a person needs to roll for a MW Backpack as that is listed under Goods and Services (table 4-3 pg 182 APG). Any item on that list (actually on that whole page) may be purchased without rolling.[/sblock]

Aldern Foxglove

First Post
After consulting with his companions and sorting out the finances Izzij hurries back into the Pearl. "Back again Almar, hey what's this thing do? Oh wait, no, in a hurry. I'll take that wand please. Thank you kindly, pleasure doing business with you as ever."

Wand in hand the summoner gives Almar a jaunty salute with it before hurrying back out to his comrades.

OOC: The Sword and The Fallen Angel group purchases a wand of Cure Light Wounds for 750gp.
Maia pays 750gp to be paid back to her in full from the reward, the wand will then be distributed as treasure.

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Kanli, the Red Hand, pokes around the Mystic Pearl, when he spies a beautiful cloak. "That cloak, I will have it!" he calls. When he see the price, he looks around, grabs his belt pouch and empties it on the counter, its contents going flying throughout the shop. He drops the pouch as well, and says, "Here! Have this! Have this all! Now is it mine?"

Sell the following:
1 belt pouch (1 gp)
2 Thunderstones (60 gp)
2 Smokesticks (40 gp)
5 Tindertwigs (5 gp)
1 Sewing Needle (5 sp)
2 Doses of Eelweed (Oil of Taggit, 180 gp)

Total: 286.5 gp

Buy the following:
Cloak of Resistance +1 (1,000 gp, on list)

Spend above gold + 713.5 gp.
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Aradra hardly ever gets lost, but having been down in a sewer/temple for the better part of his time in the city, you can hardly blame the guy. After stumbling into the Mystic Pearl by accident, and noticing the weapons, armor, and various other magical gear, he decides that this side trek might have been worth it.

Looking for:
MW Longbow (+2 STR Rating) (600gp)
Potion of CLW x ? (As many as he can find) (50gp per): found 1 for 50 GP
Cold Iron Arrows (20 for 2 gp)
Regular Arrows (60 for 3 gp)
Blunt Arrows (20 for 2 gp)

Finding a really well made bow, he pulls it back and shoots an invisible arrow from it. He smiles, and notices arrows laying next to them. As he goes to purchase his new weapon and additional arrows, he notices a lone potion of healing, sitting unattended. Having remembered the previous encounter, he takes it. "These please" (655 gp total)
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After getting a good night's sleep after fighting bats, Syldar heads to the Mystic Pearl. After wandering around aimlessly for a while, she heads to the weapons section, where she looks at the longbows. Eventually, she picks up a yew bow, strings it and tests the draw. "This should do fine," she says.

Leaving that section, she picks up a better backpack than she has been using previously. After that, she heads over to the magic section and starts to look through the scrolls. She picks up a variety of scrolls. "I won't need to be casting these often, but when the occasion arises, the will be useful."

Returning to the front counter, she greets Almar. "Good day, kind sir. I have several items here that I would wish to purchase. There are a few items that are out of stock, so I would like to commission them as well." She then lays a large bag of coins on the counter. "Oh, and would you be interested in purchasing this backpack? It is still in excellent condition."

MW Str 14 Composite Longbow
MW Backpack (automatic)
Scrolls (all CL 1 @ 25 gp)
Ant Haul (commissioned)
Borrow Skill, Comprehend Languages, Cure Light Wounds, Disguise Self,
Expeditious Retreat (commissioned)
Faerie Fire, Feather Fall, Gravity Bow, Hide from Animals, Hide from Undead, Magic Weapon
Pass without Trace (commisioned)
Protection from Evil (2x) (commissioned)
Protection from Law (commisioned)
Remove Fear
Shield (commisioned)
Solid Note, Speak with Animals, Spider Climb, True Strike,
Unseen Servant (commisioned)

23 scrolls @ 25 gp is 575.
MW backpack @ 50
Longbow @ 800

Sold backpack for 1 gp (50%)
Net purchases: 1424

Sorry about the extra dice for Speak with Animals. The first and the last dice were both under 75, but I can reroll it (or a judge can) if that is a problem.
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The following items need to be added to the Mystic Pearl:

masterwork arrows(x35): 6gp each = 210gp
masterwork studded leather: 175gp
masterwork light crossbow: 335gp
wand of cure light(5 charges): 75gp
potions, cure light: 50gp
potion, shield of faith: 50gp

Aldern Foxglove

First Post
Raynucio stalks into the Mystic Pearl sneering at the chaotic mess and ignoring the proprieter begins to examine the listed wares.

"Give me the wand, better to be able to horde it against need than have to send out for healing again. And I require a magical armored kilt, do you have such a thing shopkeeper? No? A breastplate then? Wonderful, do you have anything of use? *sigh* A cloak of resistance then? Hmm, perhaps... What of bladed scabbards, anything finer than my own? Ah, yes, I shall take those."

The pale noble thinks for a moment scowling ferosciously down at the lists and begrudgingly adds, "Give me the potion of Cure Light Wounds, the other one to, and a heavy wooden shield. What about a better backpack, this ragged thing is an embarrassment... And I'll take that chain shirt to, I could probably sleep in that at a pinch."

OOC: Buys the Wand of Cure Light Wounds with 5 charges for 75gp.
Buys 2 MW Bladed Scabbards for 620gp.
Buys Potion of Cure Light Wounds 50gp.
Buys Potion of Shield of Faith 50gp.
Buys Heavy Wooden Shield for 7gp.
Buys MW Backpack 50gp
Buys Chain shirt 100gp
Buys Vermin Repellent 5gp
Buys 2 Belt Pouches 2gp
Total: 959gp

Sells Pesh x 2 for 40gp
Sells Cold Iron Combat Scabbard 20gp
Sells Backpack 2gp

Pays 897gp
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Holphin carefully looks around at the various weapons for sale. He notes the crossbow, but when he gives it a heft, replies, "Would you happen to have something lighter and smaller?"

He looks over the bolts, and furthermore examines them for special materials. A set of silver bolts are acquired, but cold iron prove unavailable. He chooses some standard bolts to fill out his needs. Finally, he notes the beautiful Rosewood Armor, and decides he must have a set.

Leather Armor (10gp)
Caltrops (1 gp)
Courtier's Outfit (30gp)

Total: 41 gp

Noble's Outfit (75gp, no roll needed)
Jewelry (50gp, no roll needed)
MW Rosewood Armor, Small (200gp, from inventory)
Small Darkwood MW Light Crossbow (355 gp)
10 Small Alchemical Silver Bolts (21 gp)
10 small Bolts (1 gp)

Total: 702 gp

Net spent: 661 gp
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Chaucer makes his way into the Mystic Pearl. Seeing rows of items of all shapes and sizes he peruses the store for awhile. As he rounds a corner, he finds a shirt that sparkles brightly, and weighs almost nothing. Immediately he knows, a Mithral Chain Shirt, just what he was hoping to find. As he heads to check out, he grabs a pocketed scarf, a leather coat and a belt with a gaudy buckle on it. He walks to the desk, and throws his own studded leather armor on the workspace, along with his old coat, and gets ready to settle up.

OOC: Chaucer buys:
Mithral Chain Shirt - 1100 gp
Pocketed Scarf - 8 gp

Chaucer Sells:
Studded Leather Armor - 25 gp

Coat is flavor and should fall under the Explorer's outfit

Total gold due = 1083

Had 1283, now has 200 gold
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