Are you a fudging fudger?

Are you a fudging fudger?

  • I am primarily a GM, and I sometimes ignore or alter the die roll result.

    Votes: 69 58.0%
  • I am primarily a GM, and I never ignore or alter the die roll result.

    Votes: 32 26.9%
  • I am primarily a player, and I don't mind if my GM ignores or alters a die roll result.

    Votes: 8 6.7%
  • I am primarily a player, and I prefer it if the GM never ignores or alters a die roll result.

    Votes: 10 8.4%

Jeff Wilder

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(1) Playing an RPG.
(2) During combat or other adversarial outcome-resolution event.
(3) The outcome resolution involves the rolling of dice (or other random result generation).

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I wish there were more options here, or some sort of middle ground. I'm primarily a DM, and I never fudge dice in combat. I occasionally change results on random encounter tables or the like to suit the flow of my particular game, but I don't consider that fudging dice so much as doing it in combat.

As a player, I'm solidly camped on option four.


I try to get as much fudging into a single encounter as I possibly can. I wonder if that makes me a ....

Must. Not. Make. Inappropriate. Sophomoric. Comments. Only. I. Think. Are. Funny.


Jeff Wilder

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Must. Not. Make. Inappropriate. Sophomoric. Comments. Only. I. Think. Are. Funny.
FWIW, I think it's funny. But don't be reassured, because I'm almost surrealistically inappropriate and often sophomoric.

And yeah, the poll choices are very restrictive deliberately. I'm primarily interested in the bright-line data they'll produce, rather than increasingly narrow nuances. That's not in any way a statement that nuance doesn't really exist, or isn't worth discussing, it's just not what I'm curious about, poll-wise.

For the other stuff, there's the "Fudging for Fun and Profit" thread, which I have found very interesting.


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Lately, my case is "player, prefer no fudging". The current DM, though, manipulates situations every which way.

|_)_)_\HH_ [:::::]_


I am mostly a player, but GM sometimes as well and I don't mind if the die rolls are fudged a bit if either I as a player am having bad luck or one of my players is.

Since being on the unlucky side of dice ALL the time can really suck.

As a DM once the dice come out I use the results as rolled. There are situations that sometimes call for a roll that I will use judgement to decide instead. The dice are there for determining outcomes when there is significant doubt.

As a player I want to succeed or fail on my own. Being artificially preserved for story reasons will cause me to lose interest in the game.


I normally DM. I also homebrew a lot of monsters.

If I fudge a die roll ... its only when its behind the DM screen. That said, I typically roll dice in front of my players.

Soooo... I guess I fudge part time.



One trick I've learned is to just roll dice when it seems dramatically important - it doesn't matter if the roll doesn't actually mean anything. The players walk into a cobweb-filled room, frex. I'd roll, and than say exactly what I would have said anyways.

Artificially increase tension and all that.

I fudge die rolls in combat mostly if a character seems to be getting wailed on too hard, though - several crits in a row, that sort of thing.


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I probably have fudged from time to time, but I try as a general rule to avoid it. As a DM, I'll sometimes make non-dice-related fudges, such as lowering or raising monster HP totals to produce the effect I want. I generally try to do that before the session, but sometimes a little improv with monster stats creeps in.


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Let the dice fall where they may else why use them in the first place and yes that is rhetorical. :)

Also, this is what I prefer as a player. 'FUN' be damned; that is fun, for us.


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I used to fudge dice in the very early stages of my GMing career. But lately I do not change or alter dice rolls at all, nor do I idly roll dice to create pseudo-anxiety. I find those two practices very silly and detract from the game.


Now that I play online over Maptools or OpenRPG, I roll 100% in the open except for a very few rolls which are still logged in the transcripts.

Needless to say, I don't fudge die rolls.


In 25 years, I cannot think of an occasion where I fudged a die. The closest I've come is rolling the dice when in fact I have already decided on a particular result, and the dice are just there to make noise and distract the players. While I occasionally make use of fiat, I like to be honest with myself when I roll the dice for real.

Theo R Cwithin

I cast "Baconstorm!"
I'll fudge a die roll to avoid PC death by dumb unluck (eg, by a completely random encounter), or to push an interesting player idea from "it almost worked" into the "it worked" zone.

Lord Xtheth

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It depends on the mood I'm in and the mood of the game realy. Also, how good/bad the PCs are doing.

There have been a couple points where I rolled the dice for the soul purpose of letting the players hear that dice have been rolled, then I just say a number (basically to hit or miss at a whim).

I don't fudge to kill PCs though... with the minor exception of if I caught them fudging their rolls, then they are free game.

I guess I'd put myself in the middle because of this.

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