Artist Keith Parkinson passes away


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From the Dark Sword Miniatures website:

In Memorandum: Keith Arlin Parkinson October 22, 1958 - October 26, 2005

October 27th, 2005 Update: The fantasy art world, family and friends have lost one of the all time greats - Mr. Keith Arlin Parkinson. Keith's wife Donna has informed us that shortly after 4:00pm PST on Wednesday October 26th Keith peacefully passed away, surrounded by his loving family. Keith had been battling Leukemia for the past 16 months. Keith fought the good fight every step of the way and at one point he had it beat. At that point, we all thought he was in the clear and we were even talking about him attending Gen Con Indy 2006 to build up his immune system with all the lovely sights and smells that tend to rear up at Gen Con. But it came back hard and in the end it was more than his body could handle.

I have just gotten off the phone with Larry Elmore and we are both simply at a loss. We had both been in touch with Keith throughout the entire process and the many ups and downs that the past 16 months have thrown his way. Keith was the youngest member of the "Fab Four" from the TSR Glory Years and was perhaps the most diverse with his many book covers and video game covers (Everquest was built around his artwork/vision). Keith was one sharp cat and simply just plain cool to talk with for hours with about a wide range of topics. Keith was such a trooper, he insisted on signing the Limited Edition Parkinson Masterworks Set # 2 boxes while in the hospital. There was a top secret piece we were working on that Keith really wanted to see produced in 2006 as a personal favor. We jumped on it early to lift his spirits (unknown to Keith) , but as fate would have it, Keith never did get to see Mr. Gringe Commander in its "fully sculpted Tom Meier glory" or the new Northwatch piece from Dave Summers...Until Wed October 26th sometime after 4:00 pm PST that is....So the next time it is appropriate, please lift your glasses and toast one of the all time greats and his most excellent family...

Keith will certainly be missed. He was a true inspiration to many people, including myself.

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Indeed he will be missed.

I bought his Dragon Tales screensaver set a few years ago. Excellent stuff.
Several of his pictures have inspired more than one encounter in my dnd campaign, and to a certain extent his style in various pieces of art have helped shape the world my friends and I play in.

His art was just plain old good.

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