Artist Keith Parkinson passes away

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I'm deeply saddened to hear this news. Like many, I had no idea he had been ill. I'm a great fan of his work and will mourn his passing with a heavy heart. :(


Awww man...

There have been a number of deaths that have been announced from time to time here on the forums about artists and authors in the RPG biz.

To be perfectly honest, all of those previous announcements - while certainly sad - never struck home or bummed me out like this one.

This counts large. Keith Parkinson created a vision of AD&D and DragonLance which our artists at DLA worked three years to emulate. His work on Draconians ("What do you mean we're lost?") is the classic reference art. I have it on my wall and look at it often.

My condolences to his family and friends who knew him; simply knowing of him, his contributions as an artist will live on.

Greg K

This is definitely sad news. While I admired the work of all the "fab four", Keith was the one whose work that I admired the most. I consider myself lucky to have had the pleasure to both meet and talk with Mr. Parkinson at Gen Con So Cal. During a conversation, I never saw a hint that he was ill. My condolences go out to his family.


First Post
A sad, sad day. To repeat those above his work was my favorite of the "Fab Four". What Do You Mean We're Lost and Lord Soth's Ride are two of my most favorite pieces of fantasy work.

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