Artist Keith Parkinson passes away

I guess I never knew who he was.

But I recongnize his art style immediatly.

His paintings were some of the best I'd seen.

A sad day for Art fans (not just Fantasy art fans either).

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Erik Mona

Simply put, Keith Parkinson was one of the greatest painters ever to work on the Dungeons & Dragons game, if not the greatest. Who can forget the cover for "Queen of the Spiders," the ride of Lord Soth and his knights, and most especially the image of a band of draconians tracking their quarry in a snowy wilderness?

When I was a little kid looking at Dragon magazine and dreaming about how I might one day become its editor, I often pictured "my" Dragon having covers by Keith Parkinson. I regret that I won't be able to work with him, but most of all I regret that we will no longer see new works by one of the finest artists ever to work in the industry.

Farewell, Keith. You will be missed, but never forgotten.

--Erik Mona
Dragon & Dungeon

Jim Hague

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I had to cruise out to the site to see Parkinson's work. Doing so, I was reminded of one of the ways I got into the hobby - I remember my first encounter with Dragon magazine, with a Parkinson cover. I was hooked, utterly hooked. Now, years later, I look at that cover, battered, a little torn, but it hasn't lost any of its power.

Farewell, Keith. And thank you.

All I can do is add my voice to the chorus of dismay at Mr. Parkinson's passing. His artwork was and is emblematic of Dungeons & Dragons.

May he be remembered forever.


Knight of Solamnia
I have several art books at home, from Dragonlance to AD&D to Dragon, and Keith's art within is some of my favorite. I would say that my absolute favorite is Lord Soth's Charge, followed by the classic picture of draconians - What Do You Mean, We're Lost?.

My condolences to his family and friends.

Here's to ya, Keith.


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One of my favorite Parkinson images is the majestic red dragon with the treasure hoard that graced the cover of Dungeon #1. It stood for everything that made a dragon what it was supposed to be in a single image.



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He's always been my favorite artist of the "big four". I wish I'd known he was ill. I was going through cancer treatment at the same time he was. :(

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