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ZEITGEIST Ashima-Shimtu and the Gyre (spoilers)

I have been thinking about Ashima-Shimtu and her origins. It looks like she was once some sort of Outsider demigod , which would normally mean she ruled a realm in one of the outer planes. Then she became trapped in the world by the ancients ritual and became one of the leaders of the Demonocracy as well as some sort of Trickster-Temptation creature , tempting people with a power which if used seems only to bring disaster.

I am thinking that perhaps with her abandonment of it and the changes in her as she spends so long interacting with mortals that her realm may have fallen into the Gyre, and the players could stumble across it . I think with the romance with one of my pc's I could do something interesting with this. Does this seem workable and does anyone have any ideas what the ruins of her realm would be like?

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Ancient Rome.

With all of the trappings of senatorial power. Including public baths (to enjoy the pleasures of power), the Colosseum (to display your own power over the lives of others), and statues in her honor (to showcase the enduring eternality of your power).

But it's all flimsy. Plaster, not marble.

For now I am thinking that the remains of her realm will be something like the Roman forum of 7-900AD. Largely overgrown and ruined with animals (Sheep) grazing amid the ruins. Some of the more impressive buildings will still be intact but the insides will be largely overgrown and ruined. Probably with Marble coating coming off to reveal brick construction beneath. The central temple (Something like the Pantheon but if investigated a facade over cruder construction held together by magic ) still with a link to her subconcious will have statues of those she has had memorable interactions with and their status and construction will say something of what she thinks about them So Nevla, Nicodemus, Kasavarina, The Godhand, Triogenes and maybe some less important beings and older statues which have largely crumbled and moved to the edges of the building

The sheep of course are poisonous predators with forked tongues , as are any other animals. I may add some shepards and I have just had a distrubing idea for Ashima shimtu's origins linked to a former character played by Nevla's player.

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