ATTACK! MCDM's new rpg and removing the to-hit roll


I crit!
In combat no one rolls to hit. Only the damage dice. If you don't do enough damage to get thru armor your opponent can counter, a small bit of static damage that goes thru armor, no dice rolled at all. If you roll max damage (a crit) you get a free action, or another attack.

It sounds awesome. In fact I might adopt that crit rule in other games. Matt said there were folks in the discord that did so for D&D 5e.

I wanted to pull this out of the other thread and talk about it specifically because it's a bit of a surprise and I think other games have kinda sorta toyed around the edges of this idea. Though there is that nagging in the back of my mind about another game that only rolled damage, just can't think of it.

next video will be about the dice.


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Its more or less what I've been doing with my game. I call it Momentum; you roll max value on a damage die, you get a Boon which can then be spent immediately or carried over into the next attack, and these are what signal things like Durability or (for magic) Corruption. Boons can be as simple as an Act bonus or just extra damage, but you can also spend them to induce status effects or trigger certain class abilities.

I was just watching a video about Dragonbane, and apparently spellcasters can use a critical casting roll to throw a second spell (or double damage or cast without spending Willpower points).
Rolling a Dragon (a crit) when you cast a spell means that your target must roll a dragon to resist, parry,or dodge the spell, and you choose one of the following effects:
✦ The damage or range of the spell is doubled.
✦ The spell does not cost any WP.
✦ You can immediately cast another spell, but get a bane on the roll.

Physical attack equivalents are:
✦ Roll double the amount of dice for the weapon’s damage
✦ Armor has no effect against the attack
✦ perform a second attack against another enemy as a free action

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