Pathfinder 2E Attacking while burrowing?


Is there rules for that somewhere?

I mean, it's a fair ruling, the DM could use it against me as well. Just wondering if there are rules.
I do not think there are any rules for this. It is my ruling based on attacking through the air, the water, and if one tried to attack through ground. I cannot see a weapon moving through ground if swung. Attacking through water places restrictions based on type and certain weapons. It would be even worse for attacking through ground. Like, not possible unless you have a ghost weapon or something, so one would need to clear the ground first which is part of the move.

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In general (not considering the specific feat), I would say you are likely in cover from enemies at range as they are at an angle to the hole. If you're underground but the hole is really small, you might be in cover against someone above you. Though they would also be in cover from you.

If you are completely concealed underground and only sticking out a weapon to attack someone above, the might be Hidden to you and you to them.

Blind-fighting and tremorsense would give you an advantage here over a target that does not have these qualities.

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