3.5 Australian 4e/3.5 Eberron game: A Darkness Rises


I've been part of this game since the very start and normally only post on a local forums page. But Ive been enjoying my gaming so much, I thought it was time to share our exploits. This game started out in late 2007 as a 3.5 game. Later on we changed to 4e (and some of us even attempted mighty morphin to 4e)

We have fluctuated from between 4-6 characters and havnt had a huge turnover in players.

Please find below a synopsis I created of each session.

-----------------Session 1

Location: Mountainous Region/Forests in Thrane
Date: 2/11/07

Cast of Characters
Jacintha: Gnomish Beguiler
Tolan etc: Human Fighter
Laashkah: Maenad Crusader
Shiver: Human Psion
Mialee: (Im gonna get castigated here, but I think Human Fighter)
Tarin: Orc Druid/Ranger


Having defeated the Ice Elementals in the manifest zone, the party with their employer in toe (Blixxen) decides to beat a hasty retreat. After a short and sharp discussion with a strange warforged (Landforged) about the ownership of certain land, haste is made towards leaving the region has it has severly affected Jacintha.

In the haste to escape the party comes across a strange Orc. This orc turns out to be Tarin, a strange talking member of the druid community far from home. With few introductions, the party just wishes to leave and with strange ease, the orc joins the party such as it is.

Returning to Passage by way of Lightining Rail the party is payed what it is owed, and some party members decide to seek new employment. Various avenues of employment are found however the party comes to the choice (which seems by day to grow.. and become increasingly more difficult) to follow a job that requires them to find out who has been murdering people and stealing body parts. The party split up to pursue various leads....
---Session 2

Location : Passage
Date: 16/11/07

Cast of Characters

Jacintha, Gnome Beguiler
Laaskah: Maenad Crusader
Tarin: Orc Ranger/Druid
Shiver: Human Psion
Radigan: Aasimar Swordsage


Still undertaking the mission to find the villains behind the mutilation of many people, the group slowly brings together what it has learned from a variety of different resources. Much speculation is debated upon to find a a motive and a means. With the villains not clearly indentified, the party decides to follow on a lead made by Tarin , down at the docks. The party attempts to follow the targets identified by Tarin and who upon closer inspection are anything but natural. The creatures are able to sense the party and move to attack, and more than just the one being followed is uncovered.

After a pitched battle and aided by a strange mist that seems to obscure vision in the area, the battle is won.

The party are still a long way from determining who crafted this strange creatures.

-----Session 3

Location: Passage, Auundair
Date: 30/11/2007

Cast of Characters:

Jacintha, Gnome Beguiler
Tarin, Orc Ranger/Druid
Shiver, Human Psion
Radigan, Aasimar Swordsage


Having defeated the strange golem like creatures at the Docks, the party splits in the confusion. Jacintha, Shiver and Tarin manage to track a face in the crowd, who turns out to be the changeling everyone has been looking for.. and who has more to do with the matters at hand. The party makes it's way to the Cyran refugee camp to discover that it is the Changeling doing the abducting of the locals. Capturing the changeling, the party is out of it's league in terms of interrogating the suspect.

The party has also discovered the Warehouse where strange happenings are occuring and a Cannith ship moored in the harbour. How everything is connected is still unknown...

-----Session 4

Location: Passage, Auundair

Date: 14/12/07

Cast of Characters:

Jacintha, Gnome Beguiler
Laaskah: Maenad Crusader
Tarin: Orc Ranger/Druid
Shiver: Human Psion
Radigan: Aasimar Swordsage
Tolan: Human Fighter


Having put most of the pieces together, the party reforms at the inn that has been the base of operations in passage. With the changeling arrested by the city authorities, all that remains is to plan a trip to the Warehouse and a meeting with the Cannith behind all the strange and bizarre creatures and murders.

Radigan and Laaskah attempt to observe the warehouse and at night see 3 figures retrieve an item from the Warehouse and leave for parts unknown. Wanting a break in the case, both party members decide to follow the three as they are slowed by carrying the crate. Sadly due to a combination of bad luck and poor judgement the plan fails and Laashkah is felled by a single arrow by a member of the trio.

Recovering back at the inn, the party decides to forcefully invade the warehouse. Gaining entry and bypassing several traps the party enters a large workroom under the warehouse to find a Flesh Golem nearly ready to rise. 2 Half golems, cultists and the villain of the piece, the Scion on the Cannith are also present. Facing a pitched battle, the party just manages to damage the animating process enough for it to cease. The cultists are dispatched, yet the half golems manage to cause serious damage before they are stopped by the villain of the piece.

After a speech delivered by Tollan , the Cannith smiles and is gone, perhaps the party has made an enemy.. for a future return performance.

Several loose ends are still evident. Who were the three people .. and what was in the Crate. At least one party member wants to know.

With no confession from the Cannith, how does the party prove he was even involved?

----Session 5

Date: 11/1/2008

Cast of Characters:

Jacintha, Gnome Beguiler
Tarin: Orc/Ranger Druid
Shiver: Human Psion
Tolan: Human Fighter "Winner of the the Charisma Drain Awards'
Radigan: Aasimar Swordsage


Cleaning up the battle site, Tolan gets the authorities involved. After the site is looted , the party sifts around for future employment.

Various avenues arise. Tolan seems hell bent on staying in Passage to track down a strange and most bizarre creature called a 'Brain in a Jar'. Shiver and Radigan decide they have had enough of Passage and its strange happenings and wish to leave for Droam. This is not to be as the others decide to pursue Tolan's Vendetta against this strange menace.

The first clue of the possible danger to come is an attack by undead creatures in a Graveyard of Passage. The attack is led by a Ghostly musical type who intends the party ill.

After a pitched battle , the Ghost and the undead are eliminated.

----Session 6

Game Update : The Mega Update!

Location: Passage and areas 3 days south of Passage

Cast of characters :



Having defeated the critters at the Docks, the party finds out about another 'victim' of the effects of the Brain in a Jar. A Dwarf noble of House Kundarrak. Finding that this Dwarf is hosting a masquerade ball, Tolan decides that everyone else would love to go, and so gets them tickets. Some characters choose to dress up, others not. Accompanies by a noble lady and her son ( who some of the party are attempting to influence), the characters arrive at the party. Mingling with people far out of their circle, some party members decide to nosy around and manage to slip downstairs to a room where the Dwarf is talking to someone.. and this someone is not entirely human. Beating a retreat back up to the dance floor, likely with some nasties right at their backs all heck breaks loose as invisible assailants accost the party. Tolan's direct superior in the Deneith House is also revealed to an agent for the brain in the jar. The party manages to defeat the assailants, with the assistance of a shifter who Tolan has been trying to impress.

A most alarming turn of events is when , a Medusa a diplomat at the party turns the Deneith into a stone statue. The fight is over after this, although the main contest lies downstairs. THe group race downstairs to the room spied upon earlier.

The Dwarf and some undead friends waits for the party alongside the not seen yet Brain in a Jar. The battle is fierce, but the party wins out with the brain destroyed (possibly) and the Dwarf noble while damaged managing to shrug off the mental domination. A Strange tale for all concerned.

After resting and recuperating for some time, itchy feet and the adventurer lifestyle rears its ugly head. A strange device (which some of the party had wanted to track earlier), called the Planar Compass lies to the South... or does it?.

Jacintha takes her leave of the group. Perhaps the mental tricks of the Brain have unnerved her. THe Shifter now seeks to employ the group in an escort mission on their way to the area in question. How she knew about their quest at all, puzzles some members of the party. Sounding a little too easy, the party equips for a cold trip south and leaves Passage. Keeping to the main road, the party passes other travelers and as the days pass, the next village is that closer.. is it not till the Third day when tragedy strikes...

The Shifter has been fishing the river the party travels along for some time. On the third day, she gets more than she bargais for as a strange monstrous humanoid emerged from the Water. Some call it a scrag, most call it ugly. It is soon joined by two aquatic Ogres which seem to share its desire to inflict pain on others.

The party has by now gotten use to Tolan's protestations to pull back so the party can organise a successful attack and defense, and as the same actions are taken, a few listen but the majority do not. Laashk manages to kill an ogre before he turns his back to the Scrag. Which is a 6 second fatal mistake as it literally rips Laashk in half.

Many attacks on the Scrag and surviving Merrow are made, and the creatures die to the cuts and flames. Laashk is still dead however, and some party members turn despondent and others decide to carry on. Tarin is strangely affected the most and wants Laashk back. The idea of taking him back to Passage grows more appealing and so the party turns around, its mission still to complete.

Having found a divine caller willing to use the right magics, Laashk is reborn.. as a ......