Press Author and Game Designer RPG Elise will be a Special Guest at MidWest GameFest Next Weekend!


DM's Guild and DriveThruRPG writer
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✨Excited to announce that I will be a special guest at Midwest Gamefest online! This is an online convention, so anyone can join my TTRPG seminars and games going on next weekend!✨

Sign up for events here or see the event listing below! cretel

Thursday, December 7th

🎤 6:00 pm CST | Guest Seminar: Building Diversity in Gaming |

Friday, December 8th

🎤 5:00 pm CST | Guest Seminar: How to Lead TTRPG Game Design Projects |

🎤 7:00 pm CST | Guest Seminar: How to Publish a TTRPG - Community Publishing |

Saturday, December 9th

🎲 2:00 pm CST | Wizard Newbs TTRPG |

Sunday, December 10th

🎤 1:00 pm CST | Guest Seminar: The Impact of the D&D OGL Crisis |

🎲 3:00 pm CST | Honey Heist (Streamed Event) |

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