Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game Kickstarter is live!

The Kickstarter for Magpie Games' Avatar: Legends RPG has launched and is hurtling towards $1M in its opening hours. Set in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender, and The Legend of Korra, this tabletop roleplaying game includes a free quickstart which you can download today.

Update — it hit $1M in the first few hours, making it the fastest ever TTRPG Kickstarter to do so.

Update -- after less than two days, it has made over $2.3M, already making it the biggest TTRPG Kickstarter ever (with nearly a month yet to go!)


Avatar Legends: The RPG is a heroic fantasy game set in the universe of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra in which you and your friends take on the role of young heroes from across the Four Nations who have joined together to make the world a better place. It’s a game for people of all ages who want to look at the world beyond the scope of the existing stories and explore the meaningful actions heroes take for the good of others.
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Did that work? It’s tiny on my phone.

Oh, you're working on a phone. Yeah, that'll make it hard. On desktop is is a simple click-and-drag operation.

You've manage to go from huge to tiny, and I can understand with that interface it must be hard. Don't worry about it that much - I just found the HUGE SIZE kind of comic.


Final Form (she/they)
Right now it's on track to finish in the Top 10 in both funding and backers. We'll have to see what the last 24 hour push looks like


Well, well, It just overtook Exploding Kittens to be the third most funded tabletop game. And the top spot for most funded tabletop game that isn't a sequel.


Final Form (she/they)
And now it's at $9,213,362 with 78,296 backers and 5 hours to go. It made the Top Ten.
#10 in both Funding and Backers. About 100 backers away from #9 in that category. Anything beyond that seems unattainable with 5 hours, but who knows how big the tail will grow at the end?


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Currently, it stands at $9,413,279 and has 80,315 backers. It is now the 10th most funded, and the 9th most backed, Kickstarter project of all time. (And in the Games category alone, it's the #3 most funded and #5 most backed.)

It has 108 minutes left to go, and seems to be pulling in a couple thousand dollars and a dozen new backers every minute.

If I were Magpie Games, I'm not sure how I would feel right about now. On the one hand, I would be incredibly proud of my team for pulling off a record-breaking Kickstarter campaign, one of the most successful ones in history. But on the other hand, knowing what I know now about materials shortages and shipping challenges, and having hundreds of thousands of books to deliver...I think I would be huddled in the corner wimpering.

Indie publishing isn't for the feint of heart.
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And the campaign has ended.
From the Kickstarter page:
"81,564 backers pledged $9,535,022 to help bring this project to life."
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