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James Eisert


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Found but not Found

Sirideán’s smile was as wide as her eyes as she handed Niusha the paper. Taking a deep breath, she spoke with air. “I triangulated the sounds.”

Niusha’s face turned a hopeful gaze. “You have an idea of where it is located?”

Sirideán latched onto Niusha’s wrist. “No, I triangulated it.”

Niusha laughed. “Translate that please.”

Sirideán bowed her head with a chuckle. Her eyes looked back up at Niusha, “It means we found it.”

Niusha looked deeply at the map, full of symbols and other markings. She could not make sense of most of it, but the large, hastily drawn double circle gave her the confidence Sirideán would be correct. Niusha cupped her mouth as the two shared a moment of glee.

Awakening the Ogre is a programmed adventure about the archaeological exploits of Siridean, Niusha, and their literal giant of a friend, Bruggan. Together, they plan to dig into the center mass of a mountain. But first, they need the proper funds lest they plan to do so with bare hands.

Awakening the Ogre continues the idea of having an EPILOGUE section which teases loose ends after the main adventure is over. They vary from small happenings that serve as flavorful footnotes, to more events so immense that they can topple the region if left unchecked. At the end of this adventure, your players may rest, but their questing days are far from over!

Get the FREE programmed adventure here!

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