AZ, Phoenix Sunday D&D 3.5 players wanted


Who: Player/DM’s in their mid-late 20’s and up. We currently have 3 regular players, and one occasional player.

What: D&D 3.5, we run a variety of campaigns, we switch campaigns/DM after each adventure. Currently there’s an Eberron, a Forgotten Realms, and a Dark Sun game. With 3 campaigns running, if you don’t want to DM it’s probably not an issue.

When: Every Sunday from 10 until 6-8

Where: East Phoenix, around 52nd Street & the 202

E-mail me at Raddu at

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Calling any and all 3.x D&D players in Phoenix AZ looking for a live game. I am in need of players for my every other Sunday game. Hit me up if interested, please. text me 480 560 7758

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