Bad Moon over California

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The Shaman

First Post
Dakota Turnbow
Tough 4/Wrangler 4

STR 10/±0
DEX 14/+2
CON 18/+4 [includes +2 for ability boost at 4th and 8th level]
INT 14/+2
WIS 10/±0
CHA 14/+2

Grit 87

Defense +7 [Tou4 +3 + Wra 4 +2 + Dex +2]
- Touch +7 [Tou4 +3 + Wra 4 +2 + Dex +2]
- Flat-footed +5 [Tou4 +3 + Wra 4 +2]
- Mounted +8 [Tou4 +3 + Wra 4 +2 + Dex +2 + Defensive Riding +1]

Initiative +2
- +3 with Colt Thunderer [+1 equipment bonus for double-action revolver]

BAB +6 [Tou 4 +3 + Wra 4 +3]
- Melee +6 [Tou 4 +3 + Wra 4 +3]
-- Unarmed +8 [Improved Brawl +2] [1d8 non-lethal/Crit. 20 (auto. if flat-footed) + 1d4 Streetfighting damage bonus]
-- Hunting knife +6 [1d4 piercing/Crit. 19-20/Rng. 10-ft./Size T + 1d4 Streetfighting damage bonus]
-- Rifle butt +6 [1d6 bludgeoning/Crit. 20 + 1d4 Streetfighting damage bonus]
-- Pistol whip +6 [1d4 bludgeoning/Crit. 20 + 1d4 Streetfighting damage bonus]
-- Improvised weapon +2 [1 D/1-2 T/1d3 S/1d4 M/1d6 L bludgeoning/Crit.20/Rang. 10-ft. max]
- Ranged +8 [Tou 4 +3 + Wra 4 +3 + Dex +2]
-- Winchester M1873 +8/+10 (beyond first range increment) [mastercraft sights +2] [Dmg. 2d8/Crit. 20/Rng. 70-ft./Rate SS/Mag. 17 int.+1/Size L]
-- Colt Thunderer +9 [mastercraft grips +1] [Dmg. 2d6/Crit. 20/Rng. 30-ft./Rate S/Mag. 6 cyl./Size M]
-- Lasso +8 [Entangle -2 to hit, -4 Dex; DC 20 Escape Artist, DC 22 Str, Hard. 0, Grit 2/Rng. 20-ft. max./Rate 1/Size S]
-- Hunting knife +8 [1d4 piercing/Crit. 19-20/Rng. 10-ft./Size T]
Fortitude +8 [Tou 4 +2 + Wra 4 +2 + Con +4]
Reflex +7 [Tou 4 +1 + Wra 4 +4 + Dex +2]
Will +2 [Tou 4 +1 + Wra 4 +1]

Reputation +1
AP 45
Wealth +10
Allegiances: Ranchers, the Turnbow family, open range

Starting Occupation: Ranch Hand –
Class skills: Handle Animal, Ride
Bonus feat: Animal Affinity
Wealth bonus +1

Balance +2 [Dex +2], Bluff +2 [Cha +2], Climb ±0, Concentration +4 [Con +4], Craft (structural) +4 [2 ranks + Int +2], Diplomacy +2 [Cha +2], Disguise +2 [Cha +2], Escape Artist +2 [Dex +2], Forgery +2 [Int +2], Gamble ±0, Handle Animal +16 [11 ranks + Cha +2 + Animal Affinity +2 + +1 competence bonus]/+ 20 (horses) [Bronco Bustin’ ability +4], Hide +2 [Dex +2], Intimidate +2 [Cha +2], Jump ±0, Knowledge (current events) +2 [Int +2], Knowledge (popular culture) +2 [Int +2], Knowledge (streetwise) +2 [Int +2], Knowledge (all) +2 [Int +2], Listen +3 (3 ranks), Move Silently +2 [Dex +2], Navigate +2 [Int +2], Perform (sing) +7 [5 ranks + Cha +2], Profession +4 [4 ranks], Read/Write Language (English), Research +2 [Int +2], Ride +20 [11 ranks + Dex +2 + Animal Affinity +2 + competence bonus +1 + Bronco Bustin’ ability +4], Search +2 [Int +2], Sense Motive ±0, Speak Language (English, Cheyenne, Lakota, Spanish) [3 ranks], Spot +8 [8 ranks], Survival +8 [8 ranks], Swim ±0, Treat Injury ±0

Simple Weapons Proficiency [automatic]
Animal Affinity [Ranch Hand starting occupation bonus feat]
Personal Firearms Proficiency [starting feat]
Defensive Riding [starting feat]
Brawl [Tough bonus feat]
Streetfighting [3rd-level feat]
Knockout Punch [Tough bonus feat]
Improved Brawl [6th-level feat]
Exotic Ranged Weapon Proficiency (lasso) [Wrangler bonus feat]

Robust [Tough – Unbreakable Talent Tree]
Stamina [Tough – Unbreakable Talent Tree]

Class Abilities
Bronco Bustin’ [+4 to Handle Animal and Ride checks for horses]
Bareback Riding [no penalty for riding without tack]
Cool in the Saddle [may take 10 on all Ride checks]

Excellent horse “Lightning” (cowpony – tricks: Riding (Come, Heel, Stay), Loyalty, Defend, Down)
Good horse “Thunder” (trail horse – Riding (Come, Heel, Stay), Work, Loyalty, Fetch)
Dog “Lucky” (tricks: Guarding (Attack, Defend, Down, Guard), Loyalty, Stay)
Winchester M1873 lever-action repeating rifle with custom sights (+2 mastercraft bonus beyond first range increment) in saddle sheath
Colt Thunderer double-action revolver with custom grips (+1 mastercraft bonus) in hip holster
Lassos (2) on saddle
Hunting knife in belt sheath
Saddle, blanket, tack, and bridles (2)
Saddlebags (contents: spare flannel shirts (average quality) (2), spare bandannas (2), spare trousers, spare leather gloves, tin cup, cake of soap, pocket mirror, brush and comb, straight razor, box of matches, gun cleaning kit, rations for one week, box of 22 rounds of .44-40 rifle ammo, box of 4 rounds of .41 pistol ammo)
Bedroll lashed to saddlebags
Canteens (2)
Buffalo robe (rolled, contains rain slicker, cloth overcoat) lashed to spare horse
Rig (silver-gray cowboy hat with horsehair string, cream print flannel shirt (average quality), indigo silk bandanna, brown wool vest, pocket watch and fob, leather gloves, cordovan leather cartridge belt with 50 rounds of .41 cal. cartridges, plain holster, and beaded knife sheath, brown wool trousers, leather batwing chaps, custom tooled leather boots, plain spurs)

“Lightning” [Horse (Animal)/Size L/3d8+6 (19)/MDT 15/Init. +1/Spd. 60-ft./Def. 13, touch 14, flat-hooved 12/BAB +2/ Grap. +7/Hoof +2 (1d4+1), full 2 Hooves +2 (1d4+1)/Spc. 10x10-ft./Rch. 5-ft./SQ Low-light vision, scent/All. Dakota Turnbow/Fort. +5, Refl. +4, Will +2/Str 13, Dex 13, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6/Listen +6, Spot +6/CR 1]
“Thunder” [Horse (Animal)/Size L/3d8+6 (19)/MDT 15/Init. +1/Spd. 60-ft./Def. 13, touch 14, flat-hooved 12/BAB +2/ Grap. +7/Hoof +2 (1d4+1), full 2 Hooves +2 (1d4+1)/Spc. 10x10-ft./Rch. 5-ft./SQ Low-light vision, scent/All. Dakota Turnbow/Fort. +5, Refl. +4, Will +2/Str 13, Dex 13, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6/Listen +6, Spot +6/ CR 1]
“Lucky” [Dog (Animal)/Size M/2d8+4 (13)/MDT 15/Init. +2/Spd. 40-ft./Def. 13, touch 12, flat-pawed 11/BAB +1/ Grap. +3/Bite +3 (1d6+3), full Bite +3 (1d6+3)/Spc. 5x5-ft./Rch. 5-ft./SQ Scent/All. Dakota Turnbow/Fort. +5, Refl. +5, Will +1/Str 15, Dex 15, Con 15, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6/Jump +4, Listen +5, Spot +5, Survival +1, Swim +5/CR 1]

Background Information
Dakota Turnbow was born on 12 December 1852 in Independence, Missouri and moved with his family to Sioux City, Iowa in 1854. His father Fletcher was a horse trader while his mother Elizabeth, a former schoolmarm, took care of Dakota and his older sisters Louise and Isabelle.

From an early age Dakota helped his father with the family business, accompanying him on trips to the frontier forts and the various Indian agencies for whom Fletcher provided horses. By the time he was in his late teens, Dakota’s skill as a rider and wrangler were widely-known, and when he received an offer to help drive a herd from Texas to Montana he couldn’t turn it down. For several years Dakota brought cattle north from the southern prairies during the summer months and worked as a line rider during the winter months. The life of a horse trader was firmly put behind him by the wanderlust he inherited on the prairies.

Dakota is of average height and build – many have underestimated the cowhand’s hardiness due to his unassuming appearance, to their later chagrin, as there are few tougher wranglers in the saddle than he. His hair is the color of corn silk, like his mother and sisters; it’s worn short and he is clean-shaven. Dakota dresses simply, without frills, aside from a pair of fancy tooled leather Mexican cowboy boots picked up in Texas – he is thrifty, preferring to save his small salary and money he makes buying a few head of cattle each year at the beginning of the drive, instead of gambling, drinking, and whoring it away like most of the other cowpokes.

Dakota has a good singing voice, a skill honed over countless starry nights tending the herd on the plains. Like many wranglers, Dakota views townsfolk with amusement, dislikes sodbusters, and despises rustlers, horse thieves, and sheepherders.


First Post
Jebidiah "Bear Trap" Williams Age 30, 6'2" 205lbs
Strong 4/Mountain Man 4

STR 16/+3 [includes +2 for ability boost at 4th and 8th level]
DEX 14/+2
CON 14/+2
INT 14/+2
WIS 14/+2
CHA 10/+0

Grit 84

Defense +8 [Str4 +3 + MM4 +2 + Dex +2 soft leathers equip+1]
- Touch +7 [Str4 +3 + MM4 +2 + Dex +2]
- Flat-footed +6 [Str4 +3 + MM4 +2 + soft leathers equip+1]

Initiative +2

BAB +7 [Str 4 +4 + MM4 +3]
- Melee +10 [Str4 +4 + MM4 +3+Str+3]
-- Unarmed +11 [Brawl +1] [1d6 non-lethal/Crit. 20 (auto. if flat-footed) + 1d4 Streetfighting damage bonus+3 Str+2 melee smash2]
-- Bowie Knife +11 [+1 MW][1d4 piercing/Crit. 18-20/Size S + 1d4 Streetfighting damage bonus+3 Str+2 melee smash2]
-- Hunting knife +10 [1d4 piercing/Crit. 19-20/Rng. 10-ft./Size T + 1d4 Streetfighting damage bonus+3 Str+2 melee smash2]
-- Rifle butt +10[1d6 bludgeoning/Crit. 20 + 1d4 Streetfighting damage bonus+3 Str+2 melee smash2]
-- Hatchet +10 [1d6 slashing/Crit. 20/Rng. 10-ft./Size S + 1d4 Streetfighting damage bonus+3 Str+2 melee smash2]
-- Improvised weapon +6 [1 D/1-2 T/1d3 S/1d4 M/1d6 L bludgeoning/Crit.20/Rang. 10-ft. max+1d4 Streetfighting damage bonus+3 Str+2 melee smash2]

- Ranged +9 [Str4 +4 + MM 4 +3 + Dex +2]
-- Sharps Big 50 "Ellie" +10/+12 (beyond first range increment) [MW and mastercraft sights +2] [Dmg. 2d12/Crit. 20/Rng. 120-ft./Rate SS/Mag. 1/Size L]
-- Hunting knife +9 [1d4 piercing/Crit. 19-20/Rng. 10-ft./Size T +3 str damage]
-- Hatchet +9 [1d6 slashing/Crit. 20/Rng. 10-ft./Size S +3 str damage]
Fortitude +8 [Str4 +2 + MM4 +4 + Con +2]
Reflex +4 [Str1 +1 + MM4 +1 + Dex +2]
Will +4 [Str4 +1 + MM4 +1+Wis+2]

Reputation +0
AP 45
Wealth +10
Allegiances: wilderness, mountain man creed, fairness

Starting Occupation: Hunter –
Class skills: Survival, Balance
Bonus feat: Personal Firearms Proficiency
Wealth bonus +1

Balance+5, Bluff+0(+2 vs bears), Climb+6, Concentration+2, Craft Structural+5, Diplomacy+0, Disguise+0, Escape Artist+2, Forgery+2, Gamble+2, Gather Information+0, Handle Animal+5(+7 vs bears), Hide+6, Intimidate+4(+6 vs bears), Jump+6, Listen+6(+8 vs bears), Move Silently+6, Navigate+3(+5 to intuit direction and discern location), Operate Vehicle+2, Perform+0, Profession: Hunter/Trapper +5, Repair+5, Research+2, Ride+3(+5 on "Horse" and "Mule"), Search+3, Sense Motive+2(+4 vs bears), Spot+6(+8 vs bears), Survival+14(+16 vs bears), Swim+6( +1 with current equipment), Treat Injury+5

Feats –
Simple Weapons Proficiency [automatic]
Personal Firearms Proficiency[Hunter starting occupation bonus feat]
Brawl [starting feat]
Track [starting feat]
Power Attack [Strong bonus feat]
Improved Bull Rush [3rd-level feat]
Archaic Weapons Proficiency [Strong bonus feat]
Rapid Reload [6th-level feat]
Streetfighting [Mountain Man bonus feat]

Talents –
Melee Smash 1
Melee Smash 2

Class Abilities –
Favored Prey [Bear: Skill bonuses and +1 to attack and damage]
Ram Charge [double strength damage on charge]
Prey Sense [DC20 Survival senses prey within 1 mile knows direction for 3 hours]

Animals –
“Horse” [Horse, Draft (Animal)/Size L/4d8+12 (30)/MDT 17/Init. +1/Spd. 50-ft./Def. 13, touch 14, flat-hooved 12/BAB +7/ Grap. +11/Hoof+6 (1d6+4), Spc. 10x10-ft./Rch. 5-ft./SQ Low-light vision, scent/All. Bear Trap/Fort. +7, Refl. +5, Will +2/Str 18, Dex 13, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 12, Cha 6/Listen +6, Spot +6/CR 1] Trained for working and riding.

“Mule or Damn Mule!” [Mule (Animal)/Size L/3d8+9 (22)/MDT 17/Init. +1/Spd. 30-ft./Def. 13, touch 14, flat-hooved 12/BAB +2/ Grap. +8/Kick+4 (1d4+2), full 2 Kicks +4 (1d4+2)/Spc. 10x10-ft./Rch. 5-ft./SQ Low-light vision, scent, surefooted(+4 balance to avoid slipping or falling)/All. Bear Claw/Fort. +6, Refl. +4, Will +1/Str 15, Dex 13, Con 17, Int 2, Wis 11, Cha 6/Balance+2, Listen +6, Spot +6/ CR 1] Trained for working and riding.

On person
Sharps Big 50 (carried most of the time) "Ellie"
Rifle Scabbard (on back)
Bowie Knife (in belt)
Skinning Knife in boot
Pocket Knife
Cartridge Belt with 50 rounds of ammo
Custom Boots
Bear Claw necklace
Total Weight: 29 lbs

On "Horse"
Rifle Scabbard with an addtional 50 rounds of ammo
Saddle Bags and Blanket
Saddle and Bridle
Whiskey Bottle
Total Weight (including Bear Claw): 269 lbs

On "Damn Mule!"
Saddle Bags and Blanket
Fur Overcoat (dependent on time of year)
Buffalo Robe (dependent on time of year)
Spare Buckskins
Comb, Mirror Set
Gun Cleaning Kit
10 yards of Rope
First Aid Kit
Weeks worth of Rations
5" trap
6.5" trap
8" trap
16" trap
Total Weight: 139.5 lbs

In a cabin somewhere in the mountains:
Carpenters Tool Set
2 Lanterns
Medical Kit
Trail Cook's Kit
Bottle Whiskey
1 Week of Rations
Sack of Flour
7 5" traps
5 6.5" traps
3 8" traps
1 16" trap

Background Information –

Jebidiah Williams, know by some as "Jeb" or "Bear Claw" has been trading furs and game meat with towns in the area for the past 10 years. He is known as "Bear Claw" because its said he can smell a bear from a mile away, hunt it down, and either growl at until it leaves the area or wrestle it into submission. Looking at him, you'd believe it, too. Standing over 6' with a busy black beard and hair too match, he has a quiet way about him that says "Don't mess with me."

If you know him though, you couldn't find a nicer guy. Sure he is rough around the edges when it comes to manners and such, but he's happy to share a drink and a tale or help out building a barn. His tales usually are about how great "Ellie" ("Slid 'ole Ellie here up over the saddle. Good thing Elk don't know how many legs a horse has!") is or how stupid his "Damn Mule" is. ("I oughta just put it down.") If you get enough drinks in him he will even start t show you scars. "Got this one from an onery grizzly..." He is slow to lose his temper on most things. But slight Ellie, Horse, Mule (yes even Damn Mule), the mountains, or a lady's honor and he will get to fightn'. Fights don't usually last too long as he has been known to drop a man with one punch. He has only been in one scrape where he had to pull his knife and take someones life (Jeb gets real serious and distant if you ask him about it) and has never shot a man.

As for where he comes from, nobody is exactly sure. Jeb says he is from here and there. Some say he is the illegitimate son of a whore and an outlaw that gained a bit of notoriety 30 some odd years ago. What is known is that at about age 15 a boy matching Jeb's description headed into the mountains (never expected to return) and 5 years later came back trading furs. Rumor has it he has a cabin somewhere up in the mountains where he keeps a bear around thats half tame.

Jeb has heard of Dusty and respects the man. Murder is serious business. "Well Marshal, you know as well as I do the fur trade ain't what it used to be. You need my help here in town for a stretch, you got it."
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First Post
Jean (John) D'Artois

Jean (John) D'Artois was an infantryman who barely survived the War Between the States after his unit fell prey to a Union batallion during Sherman's march to the sea. D'Artois was one of the few survivors. Devestated, he deserted and returned home to Ferriday, Louisiana, and lived on his family plantation for a while. However, he could not stay put for long-- everywhere he turned were reminders of the war. Finally he decided to head west, looking for a new start.

But D'Artois was changed. His experience in the war had left him bitter. He sunk into a life of drinking and gambling, and there was plenty of that out west. Now he drifts from town to town, looking for just enough money to make it to the next poker table.

A gambler type, who is as quick with his gun as he is with his tongue. He can be a true gentleman and is fiercely loyal to those who earn his trust. But, on the other hand, trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes, and so he has earned more than his share of notoriety.

He is sometimes referred to as "The Frenchman," though he is not actually French.

Charismatic 3 / Maverick 5

STR: 10/+0
DEX: 16/+3
CON: 10/+0
INT: 13/+1
WIS: 12/+1
CHA: 18/+4 (+1 at Level 4)

GRIT: 42

Defense: +18 (10 + [CHA3 +1; MAV5 +4; DEX +3])
Flat-footed + 15 (10 + [CHA3 +1; MAV5 +4)]

Initiative +4

BAB +4 (Cha3 +1; Mav5 +3)
- Melee +4
- Ranged +7 (Dex +3; Cha3 +1; Mav5 +3)

Fort +3
Reflex +9
Will +3

Reputation: + 4
AP: 46
Wealth: +16

Allegiances: "Gentleman's code," [still thinking about some more for this guy]

Starting Occupation: Idle Rich
Talents: Charm (CHA Class level [+3] on CHA-based checks vs females)
Fast Talk (CHA Class level [+3] on bluff, diplomacy, gamble)

Class Features:
Poker Face (+2 when opposed by Sense Motive, Gamble)
Ace in the Hole (+2 when spending AP)
Wild Card (CHA Favor: Spend 1AP for favor check)
Improved Evasion (Evasion for purposes of pre-reqs)

Reputation +0
AP 46
Wealth +10

Skills (I am only listing the ones that have non-ability bonuses):
Bluff+16 (+4 CHA + 10 ranks +2 Deceptive); Disguise+6 (+4CHA +2 Deceptive); Escape Artist +7 (+3 DEX + 4 ranks); Gamble+16 (+1 WIS + 10 ranks + Fast Talk+3; +2 Confident); Gather Info +10 (+4 CHA; +6 ranks); Intimidate+10 (+4 CHA; +4 Ranks; +2 Confident); Perform (Piano)+8 (+4 CHA; +4 ranks); Ride+5 (+3DEX, +2 Ranks); Sense Motive +7 (+1WIS, +6 ranks); Sleight of Hand +13 (+3DEX; +10 ranks); Speak Language (English); Speak Language (French); Spot+10 (+1WIS; 9 ranks)

Bonus starting feat: Simple weapons proficiency (I am going off Modern here-- is it changed to personal firearms in S:R?)

Card Sharp [2nd level Charismatic bonus]
Confident [starting]
Personal Firearms Proficiency [starting]
Quick draw [3rd level Maverick bonus]
Quick reload [3rd character level]
Deceptive [6th character level]

Derringer: Total Attack +7; 2d6 damage; Crit 20; 10ft Range; 1lb; ballistic; tiny.
Knife: Total Attack +3; 1d4 damage; Crit 19-20; 10ft Range; 1lb; piercing; tiny.
Colt Thunderer~ Caliber .41 C, Dam 2d6, Crit 20, Range 30, ROF S, Mag 6 cyl, Size M, Whgt 2.5, Purchase DC 16, $28

[Need to get a horse, too!]

Formal suit
Derringer (in boot)
Knife (concealed holster)
Colt Thunderer (hip holster)
Ammo - 2 cartridges x 50 bullets for Colt; 1 bullet in derringer
Silver cross necklace
Gold pocket watch
Deck of cards
Reading spectacles
Hip flask w/ bourbon
Fancy boots
Silver shot glass
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Committed Hero

Michael Sun-Hand-High
Dedicated 4/Brave 4

STR 11/
DEX 14/+2
CON 14/+2 [includes +1 at 4th level]
INT 10/
WIS 16/+3
CHA 15+2 [includes +1 at 8th level]

Grit 58
Defense 19 [10 + 3 Dedicated +3 Brave +2 Dex +1 Armor]
Touch 18 [10 + 6 class bonus + 2 Dex]
Flat-footed 17 [10 + 6 class bonus +1 Armor]
Initiative +2 [+2 Dex]
BAB +6 [+3 Dedicated +3 Brave]
Melee +6
Ranged +8 [+6 base +2 Dex]
Fortitude +9 [+2 Dedicated +3 Brave + 2 Con +2 Great Fortitude]
Reflex +7 [+2 Dedicated + 3 Brave +2 Dex]
Will +6 [+2 Dedicated] + 1 Brave +3 Wis]
Reputation +5 [Dedicated +3 Renown]
AP 36
Wealth +6 [5 average +1 background]
Allegiances: Chumash Tribe

Tribal Background-
Archaic Weapon Proficiency
Class Skill Bonuses: Ride, Survival, Navigate

Concentration +2 [+2 Con]
Handle Animal +7 [5 ranks, +2 Cha]
Intimidate +11 [9 ranks, +2 Cha]
Knowledge (History) +8 [6 ranks, +2 Indian Lore]
Ride +12/+14 with trained horse [9 ranks, +2 Dex +1 Background]
Search +5 [5 ranks]
Listen +5 [+3 Wis, +2 Feral Senses]
Navigate +2 [1 rank, +1 Background]
Perform (Dance) +4 [1 rank +3 Cha]
Survival +18/+20 Tracking [11 ranks, +3 Wis, +3 Skill Focus, +1 Tribal Background]
Spot +6 [1 rank +3 Wis, +2 Feral Senses]
Treat Injury +10 [7 ranks, +3 Wis]

Feats –
Simple Weapons Proficiency [Dedicated core class feat]
Archaic Weapons Proficiency [Tribal background feat]
Indian Lore [starting feat]
Great Fortitude [starting feat]
Track [2nd level Dedicated bonus feat]
Guide [3rd level feat]
Light Armor Proficiency [4th level Dedicated Bonus feat]
Renown [6th level feat]
Frightful Presence [3rd level Brave bonus feat]

Class abilities –
Skill Focus: Survival [Dedicated talent lvl 1]
Healing Knack [Dedicated talent lvl 3]
Tribal Chant (blessing) [Brave lvl 1]
Feral Senses [Brave lvl 2]
Hardy [Brave lvl 4]

Equipment –
Tribal Shield
Excellent Horse
First Aid Kit
Winchester '73
Rifle Ammo (50 shots)
Colt Peacemaker
Pistol Ammo (60 shots)

Michael is a Chumash indian from the highlands east of Los Angeles. He learned hunting in the high passes from an elder who rarely descended to the more populated desert areas. He chose his tribal name to represent the ease with which he tracks, as if the late day sun throws a large shadow from his prey. He agreed to work for white men in exchange for dislodging a corrupt Indian Agent, and was recruited to keep an eye on the movements of the more hostile tribes at the fringes of Chumash lands.
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First Post
US Marshal Dustin G. Colburn
Smart 6/Tin Star 2

STR 12/+1
DEX 13/+1
CON 12/+1
INT 16/+3 [includes +1 for ability boost at 4th level]
WIS 14/+2
CHA 14/+2 [includes +1 for ability boost at 8th level]

Grit 48

Defense +4 [Sma6 +2 + Tin2 +1 + Dex +1]
- Touch +4 [Sma6 +2 + Tin2 +1 + Dex +1]
- Flat-footed +3 [Sma6 +2 + Tin2 +1]
- Mounted +4 [Sma6 +2 + Tin2 +1 + Dex +1]

Initiative +5 (+4 Improved Initiative feat, +1 Dex)
- +8 with Colt Frontier [+2 equipment bonus for shortened barrel, +1 equipment bonus for hair trigger]

BAB +4 [Sma6 +3 + Tin2 +1]
- Melee +4 [Sma6 +3 + Tin2 +1]
-- Unarmed +6 [Brawl +1 + Str +1] [1d6 non-lethal/Crit. 20 (auto. if flat-footed)]
- Ranged +5 [Sma6 +3 + Tin2 +1 + Dex +1]
-- Winchester ‘73 +6/+8 (beyond first range increment) [+1 weapon focus, custom sights +2] [Dmg. 2d8/Crit. 20/Rng. 70-ft./Rate SS/Mag. 17 int.+1/Size L]
-- Colt Frontier +7 [+1 weapon focus, +1 custom grip] [Dmg. 2d6/Crit. 20/Rng. 20-ft. (-10 ft shortened barrel)/Rate S/Mag. 6 cyl./Size S (shortened barrel)]

Fortitude +5 [Sma6 +2 + Tin2 +2 + Con +1]
Reflex +3 [Sma6 +2 + Dex +1]
Will +7 [Sma6 +3 + Tin2 +2 + Wis +2]

Reputation +3 [Sma6 +2 +Tin2 +1]
AP 36
Wealth +17
Allegiances: Lawmen, Government Officials

Starting Occupation: Law Enforcement
Class skills: Diplomacy, Intimidate
Bonus feat: Personal Firearms Proficiency
Wealth bonus +1

Balance +1 [Dex +1], Bluff +2 [Cha +2], Climb +1 [Str +1], Concentration +1 [Con +1], Craft (Structural, Visual Art, Writing) +3 [Int +3], Decipher Script +6 [3 ranks + Int +3], Disguise +2 [Cha +2], Demolitions +3 [Int +3], Diplomacy +17 [9 ranks + Cha +2 + Trustworthy +2 + Occupation +1 + Reputation Bonus +3], Disable Device +3 [Int +3], Escape Artist +1 [Dex +1], Forgery +5 [2 ranks + Int +3], Gamble +2 [Wis +2], Gather Information +7 [Cha +2 + Trustworthy +2 + Reputation Bonus +3], Handle Animal +2 [Cha +2], Hide +1 [Dex +1], Intimidate +12 [9 ranks + Cha +2 + Occupation +1], Investigate +12 [9 ranks + Int +3], Jump +1 [Str +1], Knowledge (all*) +3 [Int +3], Knowledge (Arcane lore) +17 [9 ranks + Smart lvl for Savant talent +6 + Int +3], Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences) +7 [4 ranks + Int +3], Knowledge (Civics) +11 [8 ranks + Int +3], Knowledge (History) +5 [2 ranks + Int +3], Knowledge (Streetwise) +5 [2 ranks + Int +3], Knowledge (Tactics) +5 [2 ranks + Int +3], Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) +8 [5 ranks + Int +3], Listen +2 [Wis +2], Move Silently +1 [Dex +1], Navigate +5 [2 ranks + Int +3], Operate Vehicle (all) +1 [Dex +1], Perform (all) +2 [Cha +2], Profession +8 [6 ranks + Wis +2], Read/Write Language (English, Spanish), Repair +3 [Int +3], Research +3 [Int +3], Ride +4 [3 ranks + Dex +1], Search +6 [3 ranks + Int +3], Sense Motive +13 [11 ranks + Wis +2], Sleight of Hand +1 [+ Dex +1], Speak Language (English, Spanish, Chumash), Spot +13 [11 ranks + Wis +2], Survival +5 [3 ranks + Wis +2], Swim +1 [Str +1], Treat Injury +2 [Wis +2]

Simple Weapons Proficiency [automatic, Smart Hero]
Personal Firearms Proficiency [Law Enforcement starting occupation]
Trustworthy [starting feat]
Improved Initiative [starting feat]
Weapon Focus (Winchester ’73) [Smart bonus feat]
Brawl [3rd level feat]
Combat Expertise [Smart bonus feat]
Knockout Punch [6th level feat]
Weapon Focus (Colt Frontier) [Smart bonus feat]

Savant (Knowledge – Arcane Lore) [Smart – Research Talent Tree]
Exploit Weakness [Smart – Strategy talent Tree]
Plan [Smart – Strategy talent Tree]

Class Abilities
Flash the Badge [+ Reputation bonus to Diplomacy and Gather Information checks]
Round Up Posse [1 Action Point, 1d4 hours, three 1st lvl Tough Ordinaries, formed for 1d4 +5 days]

Worn items: plain spurs, grey stetson hat, black cowboy boots, pocket watch, black wool trousers, white dress shirt (good quality), black vest, dark grey cloth overcoat, cartridge belt with 50 rounds of .44-40 caliber ammunition, pocket knife
Winchester ‘73 lever-action repeating rifle with custom sights (+2 mastercraft bonus beyond first range increment) in rifle scabbard
Colt Frontier single-action revolver with custom grips and shortened barrel (each +1 mastercraft bonuses) in fancy holster

Good horse (trail horse – Riding)
Good horse (pack horse)
Canteens (2)
Plain saddle and bridle
Saddle bags and saddle blanket (mirror, brush, and comb set; straight razor; rain slicker; soap cake; box of safety matches; trail cook’s kit; gun cleaning kit; riding gloves; plain men’s suit; spare trousers (black), white shirts (2, good quality), white undershirts (3, average quality), and socks (3 pr); 3 cartridges of .44-40 caliber ammunition (50 ea))

Background Information –
Dusty grew up in Buttes, Colorado, the son of a well-to-do businessman and a diligent housewife. His father owned many of the businesses in town, which was an important stop on the route between Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Dusty went away to a first-rate secondary school in the Springs, seeing little of his family for those years. He gained an apprenticeship at the courthouse there, and became very interested in civics, law, and government. Upon his return home, he began noticing (or more accurately, realizing, based on a new perception gained from experience) some peculiar aspects regarding his father’s business practices. He never directly questioned his father about these suspicious practices, but would sometimes try to inconspicuously gain information from his mother or business associates. Eventually, when Dusty was about 17 and the family was at its financial peak, things started falling apart for his father. Dusty’s uncle had been helping his father with some managerial aspects of the business, and began getting a little queasy about it himself as he got deeper into the web of money and deceit. He secretly began to divulge this information to Dusty, who had been more focused on the subject in recent months. One day in the office, Dusty noticed that his uncle had arrived particularly upset, but of course nothing could be said in front of his father. Dusty went to the saloon where his uncle regularly took his lunch, hoping to catch him for a private conversation. Unfortunately, his uncle didn't arrive, and would never be seen again. When Dusty confronted his father, he was knocked to the ground and told that he was being sent away to Colorado Springs again, where he could make his own money and be out of the way. Dusty instead brought his information to the Sheriff of Colorado Springs, fearing the legitimacy of the local law. The resulting investigation revealed years of abhorrently strong-handed and illegal business practices, as well as the hired slaying of his uncle. His father was jailed, and he moved his mother south to Pueblo, where bearing no ill will, she still lives today. Dusty soon joined the law enforcement community and eventually became the Sheriff of Pueblo County. He succeeded greatly at this position, relying primarily on his investigative skills and connections to the community, but not lacking a figurative or literal strong hand when necessary. He eventually attracted the attention of the US Marshals Service, and has now been employed with them for nearly three years, focusing heavily on matters dealing with the Indian tribes throughout the West.

Dusty is a quiet thinker and observer, able to see beyond the spoken word to amazing effect. In the time it takes someone to devise a believable lie, Dusty often has a complete and accurate mental map from motive to execution regarding that person. On the rare occasion this can’t be accomplished, he can almost always coax them into revealing their secrets. He doesn’t have any significant weaknesses, typically shying away from the social realm in order to maintain his professionalism. His only close relationships are with other lawmen that he’s come to know throughout the years. Honor and integrity are his most cherished values, and he believes others should be held to the same standard. He has two goals of a single mind – to uphold the law and defend the helpless. He firmly believes that the law is in place to serve the greater good - even if it doesn’t perfectly match his personal beliefs.

Marshal Colburn is a slender man of average height. He is rarely caught unkempt, and tends to dress as well as his duty permits. His attentiveness is always obvious, and his conversation reassuring and intelligent. His demeanor typically remains distant and observant, if not seemingly distracted, until one becomes the focus of his attention, at which point that subject will likely long for his former mood.
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