Release Beach Blanket Bloodbath and Worse Tales [at Miskatonic Repository]


"They think killing's a regular gas! It's the kickiest kick they know."

Beach Blanket Bloodbath and Worse Tales contains five Call of Cthulhu adventures, each more ghastly and nightmarish than the last. A 374 page cyclopean monster of a book, it contains dozens of NPCs and full-color maps. Also spot rules for diving suits, drinking contests and for playing poker. It has rules for drag races and dance-offs too (coz it wouldn’t be a beach blanket bloodbath without them.) Also new spells, new skills, heaps of monsters and a chance for the Investigators to finally get squashed by Mighty Cthulhu himself!

Feast your eyes upon this steaming pile of nightmarish fun and gasp and choke and be amazed!


A lawless pack of delinquents comes roaring through the desert in their hot-rods. They’re on their way to a secret beach party, where no grown-ups or squares can tell them what to do. But a sandstorm is coming and there’s only one place to take shelter. And somebody else has got there first. Somebody hungry, with big sharp teeth. Looks like we’re gonna have ourselves a beach blanket bloodbath! Dig it, baby!


The freighter Andromeda lies 180 feet below the cold and storm-tossed waves of the North Atlantic. That’s thirty fathoms—deeper than anyone can dive safely. But C. Danforth Willoughby wants something that was on that ship, and what he wants, he always gets. Mr. Willoughby has hired a team of divers better-known for bravery than good sense. But while they eat danger for breakfast, this may be a bigger helping than even they can choke down.

For something lies dreaming in the depths by the Andromeda. Something from out of the nameless black eons. And it will be only too pleased to meet them.

BLOODBATH AT TWENTY-THOUSAND FEET: (1930s Pulp Cthulhu Adventure) The zeppelin Atlantis hurtles through the sky with a dead man at the wheel. Can Our Heroes foil a madman’s scheme and save the mighty airship before it plunges to a flaming doom? And where did all those monsters come from? Includes a chance to play Rex the Wonder Dog!

BLOODBATH AT THE CRACK OF DOOM: (21st Century Adventure)

The stars are right. Cthulhu rises in two weeks.

Fortunately, the US government has been preparing for this moment since the 1920s. Unfortunately, the program got canceled long ago and its agents all retired or died. But they will have to do. Can our geriatric heroes stop the end of the world? And what does this have to do with everyone’s favorite series of middle-grade fantasy novels?


A non-stop chase to the far end of the universe, and beyond! It all begins on a foggy night in Kingsport, where a Horrid Old Man snatches a child off the street right in front of the Investigators! They pursue him into his lair, and beyond it, to the far side of infinity. Can they save the little boy he has snatched? Can they put paid to his evil plans? And what awful things will they discover along the way?

Now available at Miskatonic Repository!

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