Beam Me Up: An Awfully Cheerful Preview

Tomorrow I'll be running a demo of Beam Me Up, the fourth adventure in the Awfully Cheerful Engine! series, with a group of professional streamers. I can't wait!

The players are Matt Cox, Quill, Bez, and EN Publishing community/media manager, Sara Elsam. The Director will be yours truly, Morrus. I'm new to GMing on video, so please be kind!

The video will be available to watch soon afterwards, but I wanted to share the characters they'll be playing!


A capricious and cocky character, Leomund has an inflated opinion of himself,
his deeds and is always pushing forward for GLORY. Think Zaph Branagan
with the attention span of a cat. Wisdom is definitely Hubris' dump stat.


Lieutenant Woof (or Wuffles to his friends, amongst which he counts almost everyone)
is a caring soul with an unfortunate aptitude for extreme violence. He treats his
martial prowess as a weapon of last resort, and sometimes must be pressured
into doing what needs to be done - and he'll feel miserable about it afterwards.
He's also somewhat insecure, and in need of a near constant flow of praise and hugs.


Fidget is a goofball/prankster, but with a heart of gold.
They will loyally defend the crew they are hanging with and isn't afraid to
kneecap someone with their giant spanner if someone were to threaten their crew.


Kiara is a hypochondriac and always assumes the worst diagnoses for patients.
In a combat situation, Dr Kiara will worry more about unimportant things (e.g. a tiny spider)
but manage to escape death through sheer luck. Kiara is kindly but has a bad bedside manner
as the neurotic nature will often put others on edge.

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