OSR Beastie: Underclawed Prana


Underclawed Prana
HD 1
AC 18
Atk ML 1d4
Save 13
Move 12
CL/XP 1/100
Special: entangle strike

The underclawed prana appears to be a normal, if somewhat spiky, fish with spindly legs. They tend to live in schools of 5-20 (1d4x5) and lurk in murky waters, stagnant pools deep in dungeons, or in primordial swamps. They can survive for short periods out of water as they crawl to a new body of water.

These ravenous creatures are deadly in close proximity (within 5’) as they can shoot out a clawed tongue to entangle potential prey. On a hit the victim must make a save (add Dex bonus) to avoid entanglement. If the save is failed they will have one round to attempt to beat off the prana, any successful melee attack will do.

If still entangled after one round the rest of the school will then swarm upon the victim and quickly devour it in 2-5 rounds. They may take longer to chew through metal armor (add 2d6 rounds for chainmail or above), but anything less will not deter them.