D&D (2024) Ben Riggs speculates on 2024 D&D and the OGL.


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I added that I think they almost have to do it and could just update the SRD. With the CC though it’s almost a moot point.

If the point was to kill the OGL, it succeeded, and the community around the OGL evaporated or went elsewhere.

Shannon Appelcline responded much the same and made me realize that maybe the inkling of Ben’s speculation is why WotC went with species instead of the more common term lineage.

I am pessimistic about the inclusion of an OGL for OneD&D.

I would like to add here that I am completely speculating, and have no insider knowledge of this, but if Wizards is releasing OneD&D in the spring, and they wanted any 3rd party publishers to be able to have a product ready to coincide with the launch, an SRD and OGL should be available by now.

So why is there no SRD and OGL?

There are two possible reasons IMHO.

1) The rules aren’t ready yet. Again, with a spring publication deadline, that is not an encouraging thought. I will mention that on 4th edition, my sources tell me the dev team was given plenty of time to work on rules and research, and then told from on high that they were publishing in a mere six months. This imposition of an artificial deadline led to problems in the rules. Is that repeating here?

2) There will be no OGL for OneD&D. Perhaps, as with 5th edition, the OGL will simply follow later on, but I am very pessimistic about that too. Clearly, there is a faction at Wizards that wants to kill the OGL. Revoking the original OGL is much different than not providing one for a new edition of the game. It is easy to imagine that a possible compromise worked out at Wizards was that 5th edition could enter the creative commons while the juicy new edition was kept for the exclusive use of Wizards/Hasbro.

If you find me interesting, my history of the fall of TSR is now available in paperback. Link below!

Obligatory link to Ben’s book. I think it’s awesome.

As always there is great commentary and feedback to the Facebook post.

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Several flaws in the reasoning here. The main one is...why would WotC care about the timing of third party products, even if they are cool with them existing? The 5E SRD was certainly not released in a timely fashion.

However, he fails to consider a third explanation: the existing SRD allows for making options compatible with D&D'24 already, which is precisely what Kyle Brink and Jeremy Crawford have gone on record to say. A Subclass made for a 2014 Fighter will work with the 2024 Fighter, as can be seen from the Unearthed Arcana playtests, and Crawford has been consistent on thst. Any Adventure made with '14 Monstera and encounter assumptions will still work. O do think we will an SRD fairly soon, but it's not needed for third parties to design for D&D'24.


I suspect "1)".

As of now, the 2024 rules are still fluid. What 2024 rules will cover is already in place. But precise wording and clarifications can still change.

If I recall correctly from the context of the ap-OGL-ypse, WotC will continue to update the SRD when necessary in the future. So, I expect WotC to update a new version of the SRD after the 2024 rules crystallize.

I also suspect WotC wont release propriety content, such as subclasses or species, unless part of some larger product strategy.


@darjr about Lineage vs. Species: Crawford went into that in detail during the content creator event earlier this year. Lineage was what the D&D design team thought would be appropriate, but their sensitivity readers Noped Lineage and suggested Species instead, which tested well apparently. Others adopted Lineage based on WotC early moves toward using it, IMO.

In terms of CC Vs. OGL...it does help WotC to have a tiny bit of distance put between them and 3PP. People understand Creative Commons, but"Gane License" sounds super official to the uninitiated. If someone comes along and makes some weird political 5E clone under the OGL...it could reflect on D&D. If it is a Creatice Commons product...easily denounced as unrelated.


Are we talking about any SRD, including one under CC, or specifically one under the OGL? I assume the former…

I am not sure they will release one under OGL. On the one hand, if they create a new SRD, the effort to do so is minimal, on the other there is no point in it any more. They basically killed the OGL with the CC release, the only ones still caring are the ones using older SRDs. As far as 5e is concerned, it is obsolete.

As to a new CC SRD, I am not expecting one to be available when the books go on sale. Would be nice to, but I don’t think WotC sees it as a priority.
Will there be one at all? I hope so, but I am far from convinced…

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