D&D General Best Adventure Path (spanning 10+ levels) of all time?


Large but straightforward question: what is the best collection of pre-made adventure content that follows a full story arc from small-time local heroes (preferably starting at level 1, no higher than 4) to world-hopping legends (preferably reaching 20, no lower than 14)?

Not just in 5E. Any edition, including 4E, PF, 13A, or any other system similar enough to translate.

YMMV, but my personal criteria for "best" are:
  1. well-written plot with logical motivation & consequences,
  2. well-written NPCs who merit emotional investment,
  3. well-written scenarios, preferably organized like instructions not like a novella,
  4. well-balanced & interesting challenges, and
  5. not overly complex to DM (Zeitgeist gets dinged on this last point).
I don't know what my answer would be. I have fond memories of (TA)GDQ but I know it doesn't stand up well by modern standards.
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Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal
That was a feature not a bug for me and my group.

It creates a feel of danger and needing to find your footing in this new dangerous place the PCs have found themselves in.
I can and have enjoyed non-level specific sandboxes myself, but "well balanced" was one of the criteria that the OP laid out for how they were rating them.

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"Curse of Strahd" runs to 10 levels, and is probably the best of the 5e paths. Though you should be aware that it includes various problematic material (some of which is fixed in later printings).
Also, I found online walkthroughs and supplementary material that makes CoS even better and more fleshed out in ways I wouldn't have been able to do on my own.

Enrico Poli1

1) Age of Worms
2) Savage Tide

Age of Worms is the most iconic "save the world" D&D adventure, a love letter to D&D tradition
Savage Tide is the most cinematic I know, you have the distinct feeling of acting in an action movie
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