D&D 5E Best boss fight (invs and tel)

so over the last 8 years I have run several campaigns that ended at a variety of levels... last night I had my players tell me it was the best climatic fight of there experience (one saying dating all the way back to 2e)

what caused it? a real low Hp (for there level) legendary/mythic that had at will misty step, also a bonus action 'disintegrate' that delt 1d10+2 force damage but save negates to choose from, his actions had an at will cantrip and a melee strike, BUT he also had a reaction (at will) when hit to turn invisible and teleport up to 60ft. His 2 legendary actions could be a teleport or summon help(cost both actions) (low level soldiers) giving them still something to deal with when he was invisible... and when his mythic trait kicked in he rose from the dead as a vampire got a 3rd legendary action to use and gained a new use for (cost all 3) of the disintegrate completely like the spell... but he lost his reaction teleport invisible

so round by round more enemies were being summoned he could not be nova'ed by melee classes (teleport after first hit) and mult times the main spell casters could not target him and had to go for the lackies... the fight pre mythic went 6 rounds then 2 after (meaning I got off 2 disintegrates)

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